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What movie was James Cagney in when he said the words you dirty rat. Help me out and tell me what was the name of that film when he used these words. I just forgot the name of the movie I have seen, in which he used these special words.

I hope you can easily search out the answer and let me know.


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  1. John

    My favorite and most outstanding actor James Cagney, I think it was in Public Enemy. He was holed up in a room, looking out a window and cops were coming from all directions. He yelled down to them come and get me you dirty rats

    or in another movie Whiter Heat. One of them, he was on top of a water tower, and yelled down at the cops coming at him from all directions. Just have a close look at these

    In one of them, he yelled something to his Ma

    Actually I think he said it in a lot of movies. LOL

    He seemed to have cops coming at him from all directions in a lot of movies, and I do not think he ever went quietly. So, it is quite obvious that he uses different slangs and words like that in situations like this. Go and check the following portal as I went to and got a lot of stuff related to James Cagney.

    Sometimes there is a lot about the personality, sometimes not much.

    It is a good site to look up bios.

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