James A. Garfield the Dark Horse.

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In school, we were learning about president Garfield and his
dark horse presidency. However, I was getting mixed messages
from my teacher and the text book about whether or not he
actually wanted to be the dark horse candidate. I wanted to
know what your opinion was about Garfields feelings towards
being the dark horse.

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  1. kate

    The 20th President of the United States was James A. Garfield. He was born on November 19, 1831 in Orange, Ohio and his parents were poor. Garfield's father has been died before young James was two years old. In 1856 he graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts and start teaching in Ohio as a classics professor. James A. Garfield was nominated to the Ohio Senate in 1859 as a Republican. During the secession problems, he advocated coercing the seceding states back into the Union. In 1862, while Union military successes had been few; he astonishingly led a brigade at Middle Creek, Kentucky, against Confederate troops. At the age of 31, Garfield became a brigadier general. During 1862 Ohioans selected him to Congress. President Lincoln influenced him to resign his commission: It was easier to find major generals than to get a good Republicans for Congress. Garfield continuously won re-election for 18 years, and became the one of the eminent Republican in the House. In the 1880 Republican Convention, Garfield remained unlucky as he was unsuccessful and no win the Presidential nomination for John Sherman but on the 36th ballot, Garfield himself became the "dark horse" nominee. He defeated the Democratic nominee; Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock by the margin of only 10,000 popular votes. A "dark horse" candidate has very less chance to be elected and being the Congressman he did not think that he had a chance. And because of the same thinking he supported his friend during the convention, but after the convention, when he got a chance he openly accepted it.

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