Have any idea about the Jailhous rock?

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I need to knoe about the Jailhouse rock and also about the some history about it.Please! cane someone share your information with me?

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  1. Judi

     Jailhouse Rock is a song composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller that former became a beaten for Elvis Presley. The tune was freed as a45rpm single on September 24, 1957, to coincide with the release of Presley's motion picture, Jailhouse Rock. Composer Mike Stoller can be sighted performing piano within the picture presentation of the song.
    The single, with its B-side Treat Me Nice, was a US number one hit for seven weeks inside the drop of 1957. And also a UK no. one hit for three weeks forenoon inside 1958. In assistance, Jailhouse Rock expended one week at the peak of the territory charts and come to the number two ranking up on the R&B charts. The song was re-released within the UK and reached #1 for a single week in 2005. The tune, which is an example of simple verse form, ultimately sold four million copies within the US, hence incurring a Double Platinum certificate via the RIAA. The TV of the tune via Elvis is known as the former melodies video.
    Jailhouse Rock was played commonly in a medley along with more old rock and roll hits by Queen and was the unclasping piece of music on Queen's 1980 North American expedition for The Game. It was the last piece of music in the motion picture The Blues Brothers. Some character in this song is real people. Chris Brown covered the song at the 2007 Movie's Rock. Jailhouse Rock has furthermore been noted by: The Residents, Jerry Lee Lewis, Miranda Lambert, Merle Haggard, Mötley Crüe, and Brownsville Station.


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