Jacob Doll upright piano and value. I found a Jacod Doll New york in a a second hand store I

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I found a Jacod Doll New york in a a second hand store
I think the Cer. # was 48042 not 100% but it plays .
Is it worth $150.00

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  1. Guest23179995

    I have a Jacob Doll piano and a potential buyer. I want to sell but do not want to cheat the buyer or myself.

    It is a dark wood with lots of carvings. A small part of the veneer in the lower right side is peeling off but is all there. The keys look like they may be ivory. The serial number is 27402.

    The piano is in good shape but not excellent. It needs a tuning and some hammer adjustment.

    Can you tell me the approximate value? 

  2. Guest13790899
    The Jacob doll company was est in 1871 and was sold to wurlizer in 1915 this piano is depending on it's grade a wonderfully priced piece jAcobs pianos were well renowned cod their superier pianos

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