JVC HD56FH97 blue light aroundt he power button is blinking.

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Blue light (around the power button) is blinking. When the power button is pressed, the tv turns on without any picture. After approx 5-10 seconds or so it shuts off again and the blue light continues to blink.

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  1. Guest23775900

    Thank you so much! I came across your answer and it helped me I didnt even have to follow all the steps to the end my TV came right on after pressing and releasing the power button! I am so happy :o)

  2. Guest22545380

     THANK YOU Guest19996711 IT WORKED!

  3. Guest22423697

    This help option worked great!

  4. Guest19996711
    I had the same problem with my tv, I emailed tech support and this is what they told me. It worked for me, hope it helpes someone else! The following steps should be able to correct the problem: 1) Unplug the TV or remove AC power from the TV 2) Count to ten and then plug in the TV 3) Locate the [Menu], [VOL-] and [Power] button on the TV’s side panel 4) Using the buttons on the TV’s Side Panel, press and hold both the [Menu] and [VOL-] buttons. 5) While holding those buttons, press and release the [Power] button one time and count to 3 before releasing the [Menu] and [VOL-] buttons. 6) The TV’s lower left Blue Power LED will come ON. 7) Wait 30 seconds. Confirm that the blue LED on the Lower Left of the TV (not the iPod dock for iPod models) has remained ON during this time. 8) Press the [Mute] button on the TV remote twice 9) Unplug the TV or remove AC power 10) Count to ten and plug the TV in 11) The TV power should automatically come ON and the blue power LED with be ON 12) Wait 40 seconds and the TV picture should appear 13) You can now continue using your TV. 14) If the picture does not appear, power on the TV manually: · If the LED begins flashing, unplug and power ON a second time. · If the LED begins flashing again, power ON the TV without unplugging If the LED begins flashing again, contact us directly by phone to obtain a local authorized service center for you. If the TV does power on, please reply back with the software version number for us to research this issue. Please follow these steps to obtain the software version number: 1) Press the [Menu] button on the remote control. 2) Using the arrow keys in the center of the remote, scroll over to the "settings" menu and select the [OK] button on the remote 3) Scroll down to "system info" and select [OK] button on the remote

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