What is the meaning to the word JJF?

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Good morning, what is the meaning to the word JJF? Actually I am a student of Music; we all students in the class have been given the assignment of writing an essay on the topic JJF. Is there anyone please who can help me with complete and comprehensive answer of my query?

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  1. Angelina

     JJF stands for Java Jazz Festival; Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is one of the biggest swing carnivals in the world, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The yearly swing carnival is held every early March and was conceived to be one of the biggest swing carnivals globally. It was held for the first time, in 2005, roughly 125 assemblies and 1,405 creative individuals presented in 146 shows. The carnival was come to by 57,800 tourists, throughout its three-day stretch.
    Up until the seventh Festival in 2011, there were 170 Indonesian and worldwide groups. 150,000 permits had been traded for this year's festival.
    JJF’s motto, “Bringing the World to Indonesia”, is applied through the act of inviting for many worldwide creative individuals to the festival. This is not only proposed to heal the public with a feast of worldwide gifts, but furthermore as an opening for worldwide creative individuals to glimpse the gifts of Indonesia’s swing instrumentalists, as well as swing improvisations paired with Indonesian customary melodies and furthermore arouse collaborations on JJF's stages.
    During the four years of the carnival, collaborations conceive a new melodious harmony. People of varied backdrop (nation and culture) rendezvous in harmony through jazz.
    Peter F. Gontha, the controller assertions that instrumentalists are the befitting ambassadors to vocalize peace.

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