Movies of actor John Wayne.

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I would like to know about the movies of John Wayne, what are some of his famous western movies, can you tell me about the name of some of his famous movies.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The real name of the great actor John Wayne is Marion Mitchell Morrison and he was born on May 26th 1907. But he is mostly known by his stage name which is John Wayne. He was a famous film actor, director and a producer. He was an American icon. He was known for his personality and also for his voice, talk and height. He had conservative political views and his support begin in the 1950s for anti communist positions. There was a poll conducted and released on January 2011 which placed Wayne on the third position in Americas favorite film stars. The American Film Institute named Wayne among the Greatest Male Stars of all time in 1999.
    There were lot of famous movies which were released and in which the actor John Wayne performed as an actor. His movie Brown of Harvard was released in the year 1925. He performed in the movie The Drop Kick in the year 1927. Similarly his another famous movie name is Hangmans House which was released in the year 1928. His other movies are Words and Music, Speakeasy, Salute, Noah’s Ark. His movie The Forward Pass was another movie which was released In the year 1929. Salute was the movie released in the year 1929.The Black Watch movie was released in the year 1929.

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