Romantic comedy in the year 1960 of Peck.

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I am looking for a name of a film. It was an early 60''s comedy with a leading man like Peck. it started in Milan in the Perrelli building. The leading man gets in his Bentley and gose to his villa on the Italian Riviera. When he is away his staff rents out the villa as a hotel.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think the movie you are talking about is named “Come September”. Come September is a movie which was released in the year 1961. It was a romantic comedy movie. It was directed by Robert Mulligan. The cast of the movie included Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. Rock Hudson was casted as Robert L.Talbot. He is a very rich man and he has a luxurious apartment in his Italian Villa. He is an American millionaire. He had a girlfriend with whom he had a long time relationship, her name is Gina Lollobrigida and initially she was planning to get married to Rock Hudson but after waiting for a long time, she gave up and decided to marry another man.
    The movie had a very long and unique script and it was written by Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin, they both started working on the script from the year 1959. The film was in pre-production phase while Shapiro spend a lot of time working on the script. In the beginning actors Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigisa were casted but later Marilyn Monroe was also casted and included in the cast.

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