British Occupation of Israel and Imprisonment of Jews

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Was Israel ever occupied by the British and were the Jewish people ever imprisoned by them or sent to concentration camps by British troops. I have been told about this in a discussion and I am researching some factual information on this. Kindly help me, if you have answers!

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  1. John

    After the First World War more powerful countries were allowed to take charge of the deprived or underdeveloped countries. This was named as a rule of Mandate which was granted by the permission of League of Nations. In this way British rule was not formed by occupation of Israel through war but it was given to it by the consent of League of Nations.
    Under the Mandate received from the League of Nations, British ruled Israel until 1948. In 1918 more Jews entered Israel during the British Mandate awarded to the British by the League of Nations. In late 1929, a commission sent to Palestine (now called Israel following Arab riots. It was concluded that increased invasion of Jews into Palestine and Jewish land purchase was causing a growing population of landless Arabs. This was the cause of chaos in the country.
    The solution suggested was that Jewish immigration and land purchase should be restricted. Various policies were set in place by the British rulers to bring a consensus to Arab and Jewish Conflicts. However, there are different controversial perspectives on this.
    One perspective states that during the British rule in Palestine, the Jewish people were subject to great tyranny and violence imposed upon by Arab civilians or forces of the neighboring Arab states. During World War II, the n**i regime in Germany destroyed about 6 million Jews synthesizing the great tragedy of The Holocaust.

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