Isnt the local government and police also responsible of Osama's prescence. It is also failure of go

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Isnt the local government and police also responsible of Osama's prescence. It is also failure of go

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  1. ZZ

     Well if we want to think positively then things will be different and if we want to look at things negatively then things would be else way. 

    I don't agree that there is any sort of intelligence failure at Pakistani ISI. When they are gathering information about any one they use to gather information first by visiting the house but they are not supposed to enter the house. They as k different question from the person who receive them at the door. They ask about that how many people live in the house where do they work and things like this. Next thing they do is ask from the surrounding people about the same things that how many people are living in the that house. 
    Now the place where Osama was living is that area where almost every house has the same kind to structure like tall fence and covered houses because they don't like strangers to look into their house as the area is Highly Islamic. 
    So the normal and routine intelligence can tell that there are few children living in that house who are school going kids and their mothers. But Osama never left the house so no one is permitted to enter into any house with out any sort of complaint or any thing else like this because its the Islamic Republic of Pakistan not America. In Pakistan shyness is the real beauty where as in America Nudity is the real beauty so things are bit different here in Pakistan. 
    In America there belief is this that have fun and f**k as this is your life. But a Muslim knows that the real word is hereafter and this world is just a battle field of good and evil. So now thing is this that ISI or Local Police or any other can locate some one if he appears someplace in public. If American intelligence was so strong then why did they let the 9 11. 

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