The existence of Isenland.

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My question is about what I have read in the story of Siegfried and just trying to locate Isenland as it was mentioned in the tale. The places Worms and Burgundy is mentioned, but I cannot locate Isenland in any ancient maps so I would like to know the exact location of Isenland. Besides, are Sigurd and Siegfried supposed to be the same character in the story?

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  1. Harry

    There is not much about the existence of Isenland even after searching thoroughly on the web. Most of the times when the search is made by entering the name is the search box, it gives the results which are the results pertaining to Iceland which is ofcourse a very famous place in the world. There might be a possibility that in the story of Sigurd and Siegfried, this place was a supposed one instead of Iceland. This is because the story infact the poem is originally written in German language so there is a big chance that the word Iceland has been pronounced as Isenland. This is because there are many words in the English Language that are translated quite differently in German as they are in English. Besides, the characters as described Sigurd is a legendary Norse hero referred as Siegfried in the German epic poem. All legends describe Sigurd as a great warrior who killed the dragon Fafnir with his sword Gram, ate the dragon’s heart and received the gift of wisdom. After killing the dragon Sigurd saved Brunhild, a valkyrie (minor deity) who was cursed to sleep on a couch until a man would rescue and marry her.

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