Is there any restriction on buying at Duty Free Shops Philippines?

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I want to know that is there any restrictions on buying products from duty free shops of Philippines and also tell that which currencies are accepted for buying at duty free shops of Philippines.

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  1. Duke

    Bureau of Customs directions and guidelines restrict the buy of the following items:
    Cigarettes - two (2) packets 
    Liquor - two (2) bottles
    Wine – two (2) bottles
    Balikbayans / OFWs: Entitled to buy one (1) unit per merchandise class for Electronics and Appliances in addition to $2000 for Kabuhayan devices and Equipment.
    Senior people and handicapped persons are granted one year upon appearance to assertion the shopping card and buy up to $1000 worth of obligation free items. This privilege can be availed of on a one-time buying cornerstone only.
    No tobacco, liquor, electronics for MINORS.
    Regular Filipino Travelers and Foreign Tourists:
    Tax exempt greatest buy in the allowance of One Thousand United States dollars (US$1,000.00) or its matching in Philippine peso and in other foreign currencies.
    Balikbayans / OFWs:
    - Tax- exempt greatest buy in the allowance of Two Thousand Five Hundred United States dollars (US$ 2,500.00) or its matching in Philippine peso and in other foreign currencies. Plus $2,000 for Kabuhayan devices and equipment.
    Duty Free is accepts the following tenders and foreign currencies:
    • CASH
    • US Dollar
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Philippine Peso
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Japanese Yen
    • Brunei Dollar
    • Australian Dollar
    • British Pound
    • Canadian Dollar
    • European Currency
    • Swiss Franc
    • Saudi Riyal
    • Bahrain Dinar
    • Thailand Baht
    International Major Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Diners
    • AMEXCO
    • JCB

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