Is there any promotion code for TVpad ?

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Is there any promotion code for TVpad ?

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  1. cherry

    They say USD 229 per item(free shipping).if use promotion code will save USD 30 per set. That is to say you can get one for USD 199.

    what is TVpad?
    It’s the best Chinese TV set top box I have ever used so far. So I’m wondering whether buy one more to watch the Olympic Games in London for my parents.

    To put it simply, it was equivalent to a device with android OS. Connecting TV to network via downloading & installing APP, you could optionally watch Chinese live TV shows or other on demand shows for FREE. It was similar to those internet television client software such as BETV, PPS,PPTV or Thunder player. One of the biggest selling points for the device was that watching TVB Jade and CNBC Asia. Besides, easy to use for the elderly. As long as my parents like it, actually I have no any other request for it. As for its good or bad, the elderly calls the shots. “watch the ATV news everyday, I feel the same as before. ” my dad said, “I'm following all of the playoff series and Hong Kong 7s, looking forward to the Olympic Games in London. ” “So much TVB teleplay, it’s amazing.” My mom said.
    1. HD quality. Phoenix TV, ATV, Hunan TV. CCIV5 is worse than cable network a little.
    2. Fast network buffer. ADSL8+, switch channels in a short time (less than 10 seconds)
    3. Videos on Demand. Abundant resource on demand (Manually search)

  2. Guest27492938

    TVpad allows you to install APP to watch live channels from Hong Kong(HDJ,J2,Pearl,TVB NEWS,ATV WORLD,PHOENIX), Taiwan and Mainland China. No monthly fee. There is a promotion code:16512539. Place an order with the code via; you will save USD 30 per set.



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