Is there any physical therapy for Osteoarthritis?

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What are the preventive measures that can taken in order to stay away from Osteoarthritis, how effective physical therapy Is in order to help in the muscle growth and strengthening of the bones.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Exercise helps in maintaining the joint and overall movement. You can ask your health care provider for the recommendation of an appropriate home exercise routine. The water exercises such as swimming is helpful.
    The other lifestyle recommendations are:
    Applying heat and cold.
    Eating a healthy, balanced diet.
    Getting a rest
    Losing weight if you are overweight
    Protecting the joints
    Some people whose work results in stress in certain joints should find ways for reducing the trauma. You might also need to adjust the work area or you can also change the tasks of work.
    Physical therapy plays an important role in improving the strength of muscle and the stiffness of joints. Some of the therapists have many techniques for treating osteoarthritis. If the therapy does not make you feel better after 3-6 weeks, then most likely it will not work at all. Splints and braces can sometimes support the weakened joints. Some prevent these joints from moving, of these braces cause hindrance in movement, while some of the others allow movement. When your doctor or therapists recommends the braces only then you should use it. Improper usage of braces can result in damage of joints, stiffness and pain.
    Severe cases of Osteoarthritis might need the surgery for the replacement or repairing the damaged joints. Some of the surgical options are:
    Arthroscopic surgery to trim torn
    Changing the alignment of a bone for the relieve of stress on the bone or joint
    Surgical fusion of bones is usually in the spine.

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