Is the fashion website using its teenage users to pander its phone app?

by christmas  |  3 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I had received emails from and from Ally Dukkers, its Community Manager, inviting me to join their Community Stylist program since I was always one of their top fashion & accessories finders. The emails said that as a Community Stylist I would represent The Hunt “IRL and on social media networks.” I went to The Hunt’s blog page and looked at the pictures of all the Community Stylists and most of them looked like teenagers. One spotlight article on one of their Community Stylists was of a 13-year-old girl who had over 3,000 ‘Perfect’ points if I recall correctly. In my opinion, there is a higher percentage of teenagers on The Hunt than on its rival website Wheretoget. I am not a teenager and I didn’t want to become a member of their Community Stylist program because I didn’t agree with what they wanted from me.

On social media networks such as Yahoo! Answers there are always people posting replies recommending The Hunt’s phone app, sort of like spam advertising. Are these users also members of The Hunt’s Community Stylist program? Are they also pandering The Hunt’s application on other social media accounts that they have?

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