Is the Alexa Toolbar watching everything I do?

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I’ve installed Alexa toolbar, but now m concerned about my internet security. Is it harmful to keep Alexa toolbar? What activities does it monitor?

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    When the Alexa Toolbar is turned on, Alexa collects and stores the URLs you visit as your Toolbar requests data to display about these URLs from our servers. These URLs may include information about the Web pages that you view, the products you purchase online, and the data you enter in online forms and search fields. (Please note: Alexa does not collect information entered into forms while you are on a secure site, so they do not record your credit card information when you are making a purchase online. You should never enter your credit card information on a non-secure site.) Although some of the information collected by the software may be personally identifiable, Alexa does not attempt to analyze Web usage data to determine the identity of any Alexa user. Instead, they aggregate and analyze the "usage paths" of all Alexa users so that, among other things, they can improve Alexa features such as "Related Links" by determining relationships among Web sites within those usage paths. You may review Alexa’s Privacy Policy at You may also turn Alexa off by un-checking it in the View menu of your browser, under Toolbars. When the Toolbar is off, no information is sent to Alexa.

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