Is someone making money off of appulous?

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Is someone making money off of appulous? well yes, the traffic being generated is allowing the app sellers to make money but the appulous itself claims to be not for profit.

This is what they say: No. Absolutely no money is generated by this web application. If you feel the need to spend money, use it to purchase your favorite iPhone applications, showing developers your appreciation and encouraging them to produce more excellent work. Absolutely no donations will ever be asked for in this web application, and no ads will ever be placed on the application's pages. Appulous does not believe in generating an income from links others have submitted, to content Appulous does not own. Furthermore, Appulous does not approve or otherwise condone any website or individual who does solicit donations or ad revenue on link-sharing sites. The programmer of Appulous gave his time freely to the creation of this web application and will not accept any form of payment for the service.

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