Is she justified? Or just mad?

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I have a 9 month old daughter and me and my fiance both work. While we work our daughter is being babysat by his mother. I found out a week ago that his mom has been feeding our baby hamburger + other meats, giving her pop in her bottle and giving her both Starbucks and homemade coffee to drink. It upset me right off the bat and I looked up the effects of giving babies caffeine and foods like hamburger etc and none of the things I seen were good so I brought it to her attention. I sent her a few texts, not in a disrespectful tone I just simply said I wanted to express a concern to you about our daughter and I told her it's not a good idea to be giving her soda pop, coffee of any kind or meats. I'm fine with fruits and veggies like corn, carrots, green beans because they make these in baby food too but the stuff she was feeding her was unhealthy and potentially damaging to her still developing organs. I got no response from her. Well I have her bring her home to me for the couple days I had off and I go change her diaper and find she had a severe diaper rash to the point of it cracking snd bleeding. I went and bought some cream for it and it has since cleared up greatly. She was also feeding our baby whole strawberry milk which caused her to get a pinkish irritated diaper rash (this one was before the cracked rash). But the cracled rash and me catching her on the 4th feedibg her grape pop is when I spoke up and said something. She hadn't responded back until today over Facebook when she messaged me and my fiance saying WE need to step up and provide essentials for our baby and she asked about the wic I get cause she said she's been buying diapers formula and wipes etc etc. I messaged her back and told her that I've used the wic vouchers for this month to stock up on her formula, baby food and she has diapers and wipes here and these things will stay here so when she's home she has what she needs. I pointed out instances where I've sent clothes I've bought for her and other necessities with her numerous times before and we never see her things again, even when we go to his mom's house she'll be done put up the clothes I bought ger and necessities and then when they bring her home we have nothing for her. I sent the package of diapers to her house we had bought and in two days she claimed they were "gone" so she brought her home and near had to plead with her to loan us some diapers that she all of a sudden had. Even bottles ..we started out with six bottles here at home now they are all at her house but one and she hides those too so I can't find em to take em back. So after these instances i started keeping things i buy for her here and whatever things his mom buys for her can stay with them ...she didn't start acting this way until I called her out on giving our baby pop, coffee etc

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