Is my thumb broken or just badly bruised?

by Elizabeth  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I put my son in the playpen today and he kept trying to get out, I went over and was going to catch his foot but he moved too quick for me and I ended up hitting it on the top bar of the playpen. It instantly swelled up and turned black and blue. It also sent shooting/stabbing pains through my whole hand. I have broken a finger before but not near the knuckle. Right now its swollen to the point where I can not bend it. I have been icing it for about an hour now and its not helping any at all. I feel nothing but pressure and pain in my thumb when I do try to bend it. So what I'm wanting to know is did I brake it or just really badly bruise the knuckle?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I have broken my fingers before, and they turned blue/black within the hour. I was in so much agony. It hurts much more than when you break a limb! I broke my ankle and that didn't hurt at all compared to my finger! I'm guessing you've just badly bruised it. To reduce the swelling, keep your arm elevated (above the heart). If the swelling does go down by itself it's unlikely that you've broken it. The hospital can't really do anything to broken digits. They put a splint on it and create a sling to elevate it above the arm. Hope it gets better soon :)


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