Is lucky star a Horrible or good anime?

by Roy♪  |  8 years, 8 month(s) ago

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should I watch lucky star?

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  1. Guest22804897

     I've tried to watch some episodes of that show and it honestly isn't that interesting.The characters are cute and some parts are funny but there isn't really any plot to it witch is why it gets so boring,and your sitting there watching a show about some school girls talking about witch end to eat a pastry from.There are a lot of other anime like Lucky Star that are actually interesting though.Try watching Azumanga Daioh,Pani Poni Dash or Ichigo Mashimaro.

  2. Guest22709125

     Its a terrible anime. Don't watch it theres so many better animes. The story basically goes threw the lives of 4 highschool students (who look like their 8 ) with one of them being an otaku. Its really boring. Theres no climax no events that even happen. It may be real life but its so boring and if you want real life i highly recommend "welcome to the n.h.k". To summarize, its a slice of life but instead of a regular guy its a guy who thinks everything is a conspiracy and he gets involved with otakus, hentai games (you don't see it so don't worry they just show his reaction), gold farming, etc. Hes a hikkikimori meaning hes afraid of people too :D it was entertaining.

  3. Guest11811755
    yes it is a good anime. It may be boring, but at least u could see the real essence of a story you`ve never seen before. I recommend for those anime fans that are looking for something diferent for a story.

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