Is jay sean pakistani or indian?

by Guest1158  |  12 years ago

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i want to now and if you can plz prove it if you cant prove it then just tell me if he is pakistani or indian

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  1. Guest28152935

    he is an Indian

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  6. Mike richard

    Yeh i agree with him he is from Pakistan.

  7. Guest23266301

     He is both.

    Stop argueing and being raciest!!! Who cares what country he's from!!!!!!!!!! His singing and songs are awesome, way better than justin bieber.

  8. Guest23094606

     Being English, I hate Pakis, but love the Indians. So hearing this bit of news makes me happy.

    India 1 Pakistan 0

  9. Guest22909063

    he's indian.

  10. Guest22866521

    why you guys argueing for that simple metter..JUST THINK OF A WAY WHICH CAN MAKE OTHERS TALK ABOUT YOU..:D
    this is our attitude..,SRI LANKANZ

  11. Guest22723976

     Pakistani's and Indian's are not the same thing at all! it's like saying Canadian's, American's, and Mexican's are all the same just because they're all next to each other. and it doesn't even matter what Jay Sean is, he's brown/asian just be proud of that (: and i mean his music is all good so we all should just concentrate on that instead making Pakistani's look bad by you ignorant Pakis and Indian's look bad by you ignorant Indian's like grow the h**l up! it's no big dealll

    you guys are all sooo immature!

  12. Guest22650976

    chabbewal punjab india

  13. Guest22650976

     he is from punjab village chabbewal. search on wikipedia chabbewal. and u will see f*****g pakis

  14. Guest22646881


    this is from his blog 

    "Born and raised in London, England and of Indian/Punjabi heritage, Jay Sean started rapping at 12 and credits rap with helping him structure, produce and write songs. Inspired by R&B stars Jodeci, Brian McKnight, Joe, and Musiq Soulchild, Jay Sean started singing hooks and then stepped it up"



  15. Guest22609986




  16. Guest22609986

    JAY SEAN is a terrorist... he carries AK-47s and blows trains, buses, buildings, etc..

    Punjabi Indian and Pakistani stinks like h**l....

    some also say that JAY SEAN is g*y and had his d**k removed..

  17. Guest22609986

    JAY SEAN is a terrorist... he carries AK-47s and blows trains, buses, buildings, etc..

    Punjabi Indian and Pakistani stinks like h**l....

    some also say that JAY SEAN is g*y and had his d**k removed..


  18. Guest22556687

    I think Jay Sean is half pakistani and half indian. no one would have cared but now that he is making headlines in the USA - all of sudden the india vs pakistan c**p starts.

  19. Guest22488100

    he is pakistani. too bad f*****g indian c***s go f**k a cow

  20. Guest22457362

    okay so like you dont have to offence pakis cause they want to know what his nationality is. i am p**i. akso, for the other indians if you want to know his nationality than dont let people  say bad stuff about you. i am from pakistan . okay he is punjabi. i dont know if hes hindu punjabi or pakistani punjabi but ya all i know is hes punjabi.

  21. Guest22443481

    guys? what difference does it make ...... as long as you all enjoy his music i don't think it matters where he's from ! i'm sorry but it clearly states that he is pakistan but shik ,

    lets just go with that , maybe Jay sean will confirm it one day becuase this is such a big argument . but until then just stop with this whole drama ..why does everyone have to over react

  22. Guest22383284

     Oii Guest22162938 Shut ya mouth my dad and brother iis a niiga !

  23. Guest22198447

     hez p**i u indianzzzz fuckerzzzz y not accepted....

  24. Guest22169254

     indian doubt, proof: he said it in an interview for KRBC. I met him in LA and i got his autograph and stuff, i asked him wat his nationality was, he said indian. i m not goin to say anything against pakistanis like all those other retarded indians(no offense), but all u retarded pakistanis(no offence)dont argue. PEACE Y'ALL!

  25. Guest22162938

    jay is chinese his mom is n***a and  dad  is  chinese u are  indian  and  pakistani mother f****r dont even  think  that he  is  one  of  u  a*****e  indian  and pakistaninew

  26. Guest21998270

    Omfg!! f**k U ALL!! just go on google n click search!! he is a sikh..Brainless idiotic ppl!

  27. Pj Dropdead

    PAKISTAN IS INDIAN, you're an idiot.

  28. Guest21819447

     he is punjabi

    nnd he is hottttt

  29. Guest21796738

     wtf is wrong with u ppl on here! NO ONE CARES IF HE IS PAKISTANI OR INDIAN! i am pakistani and i just love his songs! U GUYS ARE ALL RACIST! AND STOP CURSING! U STUPID IDIOTS! and no, wtf is not cursing.

  30. Guest21795148

    he is pakistani...why indians think that only muslims live their....hindu and sikh are also live their and they are also the son's of pakistan like us

  31. Guest21760644

    he is indian duh i mean i no alot about indians so shut the f**k up u idots who thinks he is p**i

  32. Guest21759080

    a p**i blood cant be that much talented, f**k off jealous pakis...... indians rulessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  33. Guest21702177

    He is indian stupids. That is true.

    Dont be jealous p**i's.


  34. Guest21685242


  35. Guest21659028

     He is a total pakistani punjabi.So u indians why don"t u shut ur f*****g mouth up!!

  36. Guest21623186

    jay sean is indian indian indian indian so why dont you shut the f**k up

  37. Guest21555391
    Maybe he's both
  38. Guest21555391
    Maybe he's both
  39. Guest21310848
    He looks like a fu6king p**i
  40. Guest21192104
    you idiots jay sean is punjabi lol!!!!!!!!
  41. Guest21128194
    on wikipedia it say's the following: Jay Sean was born as Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti in Harlesden, Northwest London[25] to Sharan and Bindi Jhooti, Punjabi Sikh immigrants. His year of birth is uncertain, with different sources giving dates ranging from 1979[26] to 1983.[3][27] He was raised in Southall,[28] and displayed musical talent at an early age. At age 11, he and his cousin Pritpal Rupra formed a hip hop duo named "Compulsive Disorder". His stage name at the time was MC "Nicky J", with the "J" being derived from the first letter of his last name "Jhooti".[29] He eventually came to be known by the nickname "Jay" among his friends.[2] He was a student at Latymer Upper School, the same private school that Hugh Grant, Heston Blumenthal and Lily Cole had attended.[30] He left the school in 1997.[31] He finished his GCSEs as a "straight-A student" and then completed his A Levels with an A grade in Biology and B grades in Mathematics and Chemistry.[30] He later enrolled in Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London, to study Medicine before he dropped out in 2003 to pursue a singing career. For his music career, he chose the stage name Jay Sean; "Jay" was the nickname his friends knew him as (derived from his previous stage name "Nicky J"), while "Sean" is derived from "Shaan"—a nickname he was called at home by his grandmother—which means "shining star" or "pride" in Punjabi.[2][32][33]
  42. Guest20962563
    he is pakistani he lived near my house in jhelum his famly was really poor so thy send him here and now he is the one of the bst singer
  43. Guest20935125
    people...he is indian...his last name is Singh!! how do u not know??
  44. Guest20787206
    mother fuc kers pakistanis pls understand that he is indian okay bloody p**i biitches
  45. Guest20787206
    mother fuc kers pakistanis pls understand that he is indian okay bloody p**i biitches
  46. Guest20709896
    ofcourse he is indian..pakis beleive it already they just dont want to admit to it..whats wrong w, u guyz just beleive hez indian therz so many proof out here, WHY do u NOT beleive it? goshh darnn stop hatingg on his race so what if he isnt p**i, enjoy hiz d**n music
  47. Guest20705950
    C'mon now evry1..This is how wars start! Is this how you want it to go down in history? Over Jay frickin' Sean?! Surely there's betta things to do with our time, huh? His origins may be Indian but he's a British citizen; where there's a melting pot are all kinds of cultures, races and religions. And, where most people don't argue over trivial things like where your parents came from! Now I'm sure there're loads of just as famous pakistanis - can't tell you many right now - they're mainly out doing jobs like social scientists, judges & heads of government...
  48. Guest20657237
    why are all indians so possesive for such a *******...................actually they r jeleous ov everythin' that is in Pakistan...........let them burn their blood ..they r born to do so
  49. Guest20632146
    Jay Sean is Indian his name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti he is Punjabi Wichita is a type of ethic group in India
  50. Guest20582747
    hes indian duhh
  51. Guest20546815
    lmao pakis be trippin cuz jay seans indian
  52. Guest20483892
    jay sean is pakistani. its on wikipedia as well.. he was born in UK how ever his parents are from Jehlum Punjab, a state in Pakistan. jsut cause hes Sikh doesnt mean hes indian. indian pakistani same thing in my opinion
  53. Guest20279840
    Jay sean is indian , he belonged to sikh family from punjab but he born in uk . He vist india many times . Just search on jay sean in new york on indipendence day of india. you will get the proof.
  54. Guest20180835
  55. Guest20008765
    hes punjabi so technically indian. his name is kamaljit singh jhooti. he's from britan because we punjabi have our share of history from that part of the world.
  56. Guest19982999
    yes jay is indian bcoz he attend the indian day prade in london.ok
  57. Guest19866486
    who care he is Pakistani or Indian,,,,,,,,,,, just enjoy his musics ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  58. Guest19739508
    jay is Bangladeshi...........lolZ
  59. Guest19735626
    jay is indian,basically his religion is sikh,hes punjabi his real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti he is an indian but born in uk nd lived there
  60. Guest19709782
    indians are b*****d GO PAKISTAN..... btw if pakistna choose all he trede in the south east asia will top coz pakistan has karachi
  61. Guest19682372
    ok d pecimist persons who can only c d bad side india they really totally suck.............jay sean is born in uk....he belongs 2 uk....
  62. Guest19665696
    jay sean is indian.
  63. Guest19662525
    Jay sean is a indian. he is not a female dog so stop callin em 1. Who eva says bad stuff bout em i will call 999 fank u ppl
  64. Guest19582569
    if you people want to curse people out abt their religion(a religion you barely even know abot)then all ur doin is makin ur own religion look bad... What ever religion Jay Sean is jus except it...don't argue with anybody abot me nobody knows jay sean as well as he does...the person who posted this question is probably regretting it..haha..
  65. Guest19564057
    @Guest19283114 okay wtf is wrong with youu?? Its just a question! so what if someone wanted to know? you dont have to write an essay on how s**t u think Indians are thats really rude and quite racist. And you contradicted ur self you told all indians to f**k off and that they would never acheive wht he did but ur forgetting tht hes indian so if u dis indians you diss him. next time try not to swear as much and make sense!
  66. Guest19531617
    p**i, indian - who cares. only difference is, indians stink a tad more, and cause financial instabilities wherever they go, they really are the weeds in a flowerbed. all have the same F***n job, the most un-original copycat nation I've ever come across. Look at "Bollywood", was that name taken from Hollywood or somethin? Lol. And for the clowns outthere who are claiming Jay Sean was their neighbour... Please... Oh, and Jay Sean sounds like a b***h. :) Shout out to everyone who agrees with the above statement, please leave a thumbs down. :)
  67. Guest19422337
    Guest19283114 you're an idiot!! bigg ups to the indians :) love
  68. Guest19422337
    Guest19283114 you're an idiot!! bigg ups to the indians :) love
  69. Guest19299680
    indian. you know, if you have a question about anything then you could just google it instead;
  70. Guest19283114
    U indians need to shut the f*k up bicthes who the h**l do u F***n think u are soo wat if jay seans indian it dnt matter cuzz none of u F***n indians r gunna achieve anything i think he wazz the first cute indian guy i ever saww cuzz u F***n indian sikh or watever r always hella F***n ugly dark and s**t and u guyzz need to goo worshipp ur mother F***n cow thats ur maaa anyways and u F***n indian girlss u guyzz be dieing for p**i guyzz but u neva can get them soo shut ur trap and go wroship ur daymm maaa u ugly dark a*s mother F***n people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Guest19242759
    if he's definitely and indian so tell me one thing hes frm Jehulum and theres no other Jehulum in the world besides Pakistan so if u hav some proof like that so bring it on
  72. Guest19242568
    no, he is deffinately an indian
  73. Guest19147057
    You dumb b******s how the f**k could you think he is Pakistani he is Sikh he wears a kara and his Birth name was Kamaljit SINGH Jhoothi and the SINGH represents the fact that he is SIKH Hes proud to be Jaat so don't go roung saying hes pakistani cus he aint Hes Sikh and FIT! End of Discussion x
  74. Guest19091860
    INDIAN =] end of discussion.
  75. Guest19014362
    If you people want to answer someone thn b my guest but you don't have to b racist over a religion u barly even know about! >=(
  76. Guest18910267
    Every1 here i wonna tell that Jay sean in a true indian his name is kamaljit singh joothi.and all other pakistani f**k you all coz jay sean is not pakistani
  77. Guest18560737
    jay is pakistani hes a pakistani sikh and btw rishi rich is not pakistani hes indian whts true will remain true no one can deny it jay sean used to be my neighbor in england you ppl r just sick asses he told me that himself tht hes a Pakistani no offence but its the truth ask him urself and btw dont think tht im in favour of pakistanis i myself am i Britisher
  78. Guest18395442
    The two flags in his music video "eyes on you" are on the door of Rishi Rich's studio. Rishi Rich is Pakistani & Jay Sean is Indian.
  79. Guest18208191
    f**k ur idian mums u wate a*s nigaah c***s my name is jason derulo nd imma f**k ur damned mothers becuz jay shean is sick blad fuckers suck my big fat p***y d**k waste damns c***s waste man
  80. Guest18153330
    u f*****g indians really do you think if he was indian he would be this famous... ur own bollywood is controlled by Khans... me being a khan f**k U all... seriousely... u just go open ur shop and say thank you more work u dont have to do... go watch the simpsons and be happy tht ther is an indian carracter in it...
  81. Guest18093862
    every1 who is fighting over jay sean? ->> ur g*y man! seriously. grow up man! stop fuking being racist you indian's, sikhs and whteva! hu gives the f**k wht he iz? wht yu gna do? ask for rishta (his hand) or summat.... lmfao.... stop being big fishes, sado's!!!!!!!... And GROW UP!!!!
  82. Guest18003900
    i dont knw why people care abt that where jay sean is from........ go f**k man......... can't u just enjoy his songs.?
  83. Guest17924991
    but if he waz born in india so y would he use pakistans flag in hiz video lolx im not a pakistani im a britisher myself but jay sean used to be my neighbour so he told me that lolx Well he knows he a Pakistani so wht ever u ppl say it doesnt matter to him
  84. Guest17911592
    well he was born in england but his parents are both indian
  85. Guest17890130
    he is indian.because he is born in enlgand buh he is punjabi.
  86. Guest17851072
    i hav authentic proof tht jay sean is Pakistani see thiz video there a flag of PAKISTAN ON THE DOOR if he waz a INDIAN wouldnt he put on the Flag of india there r only two flags one is a British Flag where hiz mother belongs and a Pakistani flag where hiz father is frm and btw jay is a pakistani sikh punjabi hes frm jehulum pakistan. heres the link
  87. Guest17809890
    Okay ppl please listen punjabi are people from Punjab which is a state in India k and said before jay Sean is a punjabi understand he is a Indian and sikh is a relgion from Punjab he is and Indian pls believe me
  88. Guest17790091
    jay sean is india he is not pakistani
  89. Guest17759276
    he is india u mothe f****r pakiz salo kitni video dikaye tume f**k u
  90. Guest17708277
    he is definetly indian. he is a Sikh which is a group of punjabis
  91. Guest17691533
    Everybody who replied sure must be the most f*****g STUPIDEST PEOPLE on earth each and every one of you FUCKERS how in the h**l would you know anything about him hes this stupid prick anyway
  92. Guest17636277
    Jay Sean is Pakiston stupid idiots IlOVEEHIMSOMUCH(l) HE IS A PAKISTAN YOU IDIOTS
  93. Guest17605577
    Doesnt matter. Hes a curry autotune f**k. He could sing jason derulo songs and people will think jason derulo was singing it. THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. JAY SEAN JASON DERULO THAT c**t WHOS IPOD IS STUCK THEY SHAMEFUL
  94. Guest17599361
  95. Guest17599041
    he is pakistani but pakistani is in india so he is both so SHUT DA f**k UP U DUM a*s BITHCES
  96. Guest17571483
    Omg! Why are you people fighting over if he is sikh or p**i! stop being racist!And btw i dont care if he is p**i or indian all it matters is that he is a good singer! And give respect to each other!
  97. Guest17311524
    mother fuc ker p**i bitche s HE IS FROM INDIA end this dicussion
  98. Guest16989617
    some fuking dump a*s n***a tat doesn't no s**t that hes talking about said and i quote......... "he is pakistani. so what if he is sikh, he is from pakistan. if he's father wears a turban that good. wearing a turnban is part of the Islamic and Pakistani traditon, wearing a turban started of from Islam. come on man face the realty, you dont have to be jelouse Indian's dont even know how to speak urdu how do you expect them to speak punjabi"...... ur a dump a*s. 1st.... wearing a turban isn't a Pakistani tradition its part of the Sikh religion. also, wtf r u goin on about Punjabi's not able to speak Urdu.... we dont need to..... for example, thats like telling a person the they can't speak english cuz they can't speak Spanish.. b4 u answer u should no wat u r talkin about.. oh yea btw hes from Punjab, India
  99. Guest16964703
    You Motherfuckin Indian retards, Pakistanis can kick your f****n n****r a*s anytime anywhere., U ppl dont deserve to live on the face of this earth as ur hypocrites and really stink, f****n freaks of nature! Go f**k ur hindu mothers.. b*****s! A die hard p**i!
  100. Guest16885204
    What is the matter with Pakistanis? What psychological affliction do they have that they have to try and convert an Indian into a Pakistani, just because they are jealous of an Indians success. Jay Sean is a British Sikh. He is from London England. But his parents are from India. He has said this about a thousand times in interviews on the internet. Why can't Pakistanis get that into their heads? If you hate the face that he's Indian, don't listen to his music. But stop trying to associate him with Pakistan. You make youselves look like fools when you do that.
  101. Guest16743320
    he is from india
  102. Guest16692330
    he is pakistani. so what if he is sikh, he is from pakistan. if he's father wears a turban that good. wearing a turnban is part of the Islamic and Pakistani traditon, wearing a turban started of from Islam. come on man face the realty, you dont have to be jelouse Indian's dont even know how to speak urdu how do you expect them to speak punjabi
  103. Guest16691800
    Well he is Pakistani. So what if he is Sikh, he is from Pakistani and if he’s father wear a turban That’s great because it’s a tradition in Islam and Pakistan to wear a turban. Wearing a turban was started from Islam in the first place. Indians don’t even know how to speak Urdu, how do you expect them to speak Punjabi
  104. Guest16569553
    jay sean is from pakistan lahore well (his parents are) he is sikh from his religion, which doesnt prove that hes from india because there are alot of sikhs also in pakistan. You can search up his biography or his interviews in which he says hes from Pakistan
  105. Guest16476025
    lol why should we be proud of him of hes asian....hes a f****n disgrace...maybe if he made some senesible music...hes no different than the other f****t a*s singers.....fookin guys...
  106. Guest16367525
    he is indian sikh to prove it he wears a kara(iron bracelets for sikh) his middle name is singh which only sikh people have.those of you hoo say hes half p**i and haf punjabi pakis cant change their religion. his dad wears a turban. pakis r phukin jelus. lol........... hes punjabi sikh
  107. Guest16344907
    im not indian or p**i.. first of all WHO CARES 2nd of all ive read the comments and indian ppl are disgracful.. no respect
  108. Guest16289308
    jay sean is not pakistani. he himself said that he is indian, and there are not that many sikhs in pakistan. 99% of all sikhs are from india, pakistan treats sikhs very bad.
  109. Guest16288623
    he is pakistani he said it himself on the radio
  110. Guest16287958
    f**k u people he is so a sikh,punjbi smart a*s
  111. Guest16141913
    jay sean man he iss f*****g hottt listen yh what du u get if u argue he is @least asian and leave him alone anyways i h8 sikh they make me bleurgh they smell 2 jokes proud to be p**i ;}
  112. Guest16027835
    a lot of people say that jay sean is indian
  113. Guest15984987
    HE IS SIKH PUNJABI, go cheak it up on wikipedia. And people stop swearing, seriousley grow up.
  114. Guest15961077
    another one-hit wonder, total fraud, loser
  115. Guest15892823
    OMG he ia so HOT i dont think it really materrs what he is but i know he is sikh [indian] and im p**i!!!! so other pakis and indians dont worry about it MOVE ON besides he admits it in so many of his vid's. but we should all be proud HES ASIAN!!!!!AND HOTT
  116. Guest15881418
    all u lot lol jay sean is my cousin he is a jhooti which means he is sikh. His parents and family is sikh.
  117. Guest15865247
    HE IS SIKH PUNJABI. If you don't belive me go and look it up on wikepedia.
  118. Guest15863331
    hahahaha mother fuckers chill out yeah? niggas be like f**k you hes p**i and im a muslim so suck a d**k wtf??! hahaha first of all im p**i why it doesnt matter to me weather hes indian or p**i? cause hes punjabi and whos hundo percent punjabi? i am keep hatin haters hahahha btw dont curse, its haram ;]
  119. Guest15713828
    u guys don,t know s**t ok jay saen is the cute boy in this world and he is handsame and he is nices boy and good look and hot s**y so what u know about jay sean notthing shut f**k up and he is indian b***h i love so much jay sean come to me and melt with me love u baby.
  120. Guest15637561
    Jay Sean is Indian, he even went on the show Showbiz India and talked about life as an Indian artist. But both Pakistanis and Indians should be proud that he is South Asian, rather than arguing over which he is.
  121. Guest15607957
    To be honest, I don't really give a $hit about whether he is Indian or p**i; he is just an excellent singer. But it looks like he is from Indian background since his full name is Kamaljeet SINGH Jhooti...
  122. Guest15449335
    Guest15276815 im with you not the bull s**t yhh so dont dissss pakis a;rite pricks
  123. Guest15440258
    Guest15422100 look hu the f**k is tlking ur making him look even more bad acutally i dont even know wat the f**k ur religion so p**s offff and leave jay sean my baby alone alrite f*****g dip s***s PROUD 2 BE p**i OFFF OFFF OFFFF <3 IM WITH YOU Guest15305710
  124. Guest15422100
    f****n pakis dont know what ur on about. Jay Sean is indian-sikh jatt, and you pakis just want to make him look bad. p**s off and stop being wanabe indians-bloody soovrs-bund mara
  125. Guest15377535
    jay sean is axtually both so dont be disssin ppls religion cos of it alrite plus i am proud to be a p**i too u dissssss face me
  126. Guest15305710
    he is indian & i love him & want to marry him
  127. Guest15276815
    who give a s**t all i carries is that he sings great and so wat hes Indian and 4 u who's Guest13982290 f**k on this s**t |\./| | | | | |>~<| | | /'\| |/'\.. /~\| | | | | =[@]= | | | | | | | | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` ) | / \ / \ / \ _____ / |--//''`\--| | (( +==)) | and im muslim proud to be one
  128. Guest15246348
    jay sean is a p**i cause his dad was p**i and his mom was indian so he is p**i cause of his mom
  129. Guest15231635
    why are people arguing jay sean wheres a kara are u blind pakis dont wear them andy would he be speakin panjabi if he was a p**i he is not engish or p**i or hindu he is a sikh for proof go to youtube and jay sean funniest interview he says am sorry if anyone is offended but i m a sikk and my whole family talk like this and his name is kamaljit singh jhooti only sikh boys and men have the middle name singh
  130. Guest15211390
    You all think your sooo awesome coz u swear about other people! just shut the h**l up if u arnt gonna answer the question. He is Indian BTW!
  131. Guest15198536
    you all are MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!......who dosen't care about jay sean.YOU all are KUTTA!!!!
  132. Guest15196901
    wat ever f**k off, Wat I like is his voice and the way he sings
  133. Guest15060414
    is jay sean indian
  134. Guest15016213
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