Is it true that Mike Lablue house burned down and he lost 3 of his kids

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was asked to say prayers for Mike Lablue and his family that his wife was in icu and child and he lost 3 children in the fire.

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    Guys, PLEASE READ!!!! The name is Mike LEBLEAU not LABLUE. THAT is why is wasn't "in the news" because his name was spelled wrong! Mike LEBLEAU lost his four children Kamryn LEBLEAU, Keiley LEBLEAU, Kassandra LEBLEAU, and Adrinne LEBLEAU. The last name is NOT LABLUE and this fire DID happen, so stop saying it didn't!!! It's bad enough that Mike lost four of his children, so stop saying it didn't happen!!! Get your facts straight!!! It is not LABLUE it is LEBLEAU!!!
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    NOT TRUE I don't think this story is true patrizzia. I searched it and it says Associated press which is truley reputable but the url is not AP so I went directly to AP web site and the LA times and nothing came up with the search MIKE LABLUE... People are screwed up. I had a sneaky supicion with the way it was written I found this link but it is I believe part of the scam. I cannot confirm this tragedy on the AP site. Weird isnt it?
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    4 children die in La. house fire all girls — were identified as 11-year-old twins Kamryn and Keiley Lebleu, 8-year-old Kassandra LeBleu and 1-year-old Adrinne LeBleau
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    It is absolutely true and the there are a number of news articles on Google to document this. Someone said they didn't find anything.... might I suggest you look for LaBleu family fire at Google. His last name is circulating with the wrong spelling. The family home was in Louisiana and Mike was working in Texas at the time of the fire, which was last week... the 11th, I believe.
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    There have been rumors talking about a Mike LaBlue house fire. Although official reports are still scarce, there is a report from the Associated Press currently circulating that seems to confirm the tragic news. It seems that as a result of the fire 4 children of Amy and Michael LaBlue lost their lives and couldn’t be saved. Their 3-year-old-son Michael was able to escape the fire along with his mother since they were sleeping together. According to AP: “The victims — all girls — were identified as 11-year-old twins Kamryn and Keiley Lebleu, 8-year-old Kassandra LeBleu and 1-year-old Adrinne LeBleau. All four sisters were pronounced dead at area hospitals.” According to information from the police, Mike Lablue was out of home, working in Texas.
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    This is nowhere in the news, not online as any fact that can be proven. But a prayer never hurt anybody.
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    Yes..and four girls were lost..

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