Is it proven that a big forehead is a sign of cleverness?

by Guest2697  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I just want to know if there is an scientific, or other, evidence which suggests/shows that people with big foreheads are clever.

PS. I am not trying to say that all clever people have big foreheads!

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  1. ZZ

    I don't think that there is any reality behind this Allah created as and he made each and every one free from sins at the time of birth. We choose it for our self's that what nature we want to adopt and what habit's we like to keep so its not about your built.

  2. Guest22691853

    No, although I do believe the more narrow the forehead is, the more intelligent the person may be. This is not proven, although if referred to an evolution chart, you can clearly determine that the forehead becomes more narrow each step of evolution. My forehead is quite narrow, so I do not take offense to this theory. It is quite large as well, lol

  3. Guest22618787
    if you have large forehead and don't think that you are smart, then you indeed are stupid because you could have simply asked yourself.
  4. Guest21703014

    only if you use it. if you dont then no.

  5. Guest19723141
    Big foreheads allow you to do deeper throat maneuvers when you're gobbling. This is especially useful when your boss/bf pubic area might be tickled by your bangs.
  6. Guest19087718
    Big forheads are a community of very special people that are not from this planet. We have strong abilities of mental telepathy and actual mind control. We had large eyes put to fit in we had to change that genetic feature. I hope this helps. ( : )
  7. Guest15142695
    well im above average in intelligence and i have a kinda big forehead.
  8. Guest11447900
    its just something that runs in the family. my daughter has a big forehead and i have a big forehead and everyone on my dads side of the fam has a big forehead now we are pretty smart but i dont think a forehead has anything to do with it.
  9. Guest11286558
    all depends on your bloodline. A large head is indeed a sign of high IQ
  10. Guest1339
    Im on that big forehead boat too, I don't know nothing about that being a sign of cleverness.
  11. Guest8582
    No more proven than the idea that men with big feet are also well endowed.
  12. Guest1057
    no, hair line has naught to do with intelligence
  13. Guest5810
    i dont think so
  14. Guest3188
    So, if a person starts to get bald, does that mean he begins to get smarter?
  15. Guest2973
  16. Guest6108
    No it can also be a sign of a square face or a medical condition.
  17. Guest8242
    I have a big forehead and I am totally not clever. =/
  18. Guest5433
    It's called a Tefal Forehead.

    So called because the boffins in the 1980's Tefal adverts all sported huge foreheads.
  19. Guest5450

    Well, there have been several scientific studies on it.... Unfortunately it's just conjecture. It is not proven to be true. However, if you wanted to show someone "proof" then there are plenty of articles that "prove" it. However, there used to be many scientists who could "prove" that the earth was flat and that when you reached the edge, you just fell off. People were convinced of that "proof" for many years.... although we now know that the earth is, in fact, round.

    So, you want "scientific evidence?" Here,

  20. Guest7887
    no, the size of your forehead has nothing to do with the size of your brain. There is a gene which controls the size of your forehead. Luckily, this gene is in communication with the gene that controls the size of your skull. They decide on a ratio that keeps the brain from touching the sides of the skull.
  21. Guest2933
    I have a big forehead and I'm extremely for the rest of the big forehead community, well, I'm not too sure. :-)
  22. Guest1288
    no that was believed in the Rennasance (apologies for sp.) times, its not true
  23. Guest3247
    no...but keep telling you're self that honey.
  24. Guest7123
    No. It's a myth to make you feel better about your abnormally far back hairline.
  25. Guest4103
    no its a sign of a receding hair line,,,,

    ,lol sorry to good a joke to pass up
  26. Guest6202
    i think its opposite.. lol. ik people wit big foreheads and they are not to bright...
  27. Guest3632
    No way. I have a huge six-head, and I have ADD, and all my life people have said I am and airhead and a ditz... It really pi$$es me off. I always thought I was somewhat intelligient. I just space out around ppl because I am either nervous around them, thinking about what I'm gonna say, or I just don't really feel stimulated by their conversation.
  28. Guest1811
    just a story someone made up
  29. Guest8322
    no there is no scientific evidence saying this...although people used to believe bumps on your head said such things. The n**i's also did lots of studies trying to give scientific evidence to their "theory" that they had a superior race...all of course is not true.
  30. Guest9880
    no, it's not!! the size of your head doesn't matter!!
  31. Guest977
    I guess people think that there is a big, tall brain behind the big forehead.
  32. Guest1563
    Definitely not. However, back in the day, the term dolicephalic was used to describe people with rather long heads and it was also used to group people together as far as ethnic characteristics go.
  33. Guest5290
    ughhh NOOO

    its just a hereditary trait!

    nothing of it has a 'sign'


    [if you had a big forehead,

    you would be clever enough to know that!

  34. Guest9065
    No, but it does allow me to dress as "Frankenstein" on Halloween.
  35. Guest4997
    i have a pretty big forhead... and i'm a lefty! whoohoo! i'm clever now!
  36. Guest8798
  37. Guest8606
    Sure, why not? I guess that means that bald people are smarter than people who have hair, too.
  38. Guest8482

    no im pretty sure thats not true.
  39. Guest2230
    Ummm, well to have such evidence, we would have to define the measurements or proportions that would be classified as a big forehead.

    And we would need an operational definition of cleverness, that is, a cleverness test where the score would be the degree of cleverness.

    Then we could make measurements and perform tests and calculate a correlation between 'big foreheads' and 'cleverness'

    Well, we're halfway there--we have a test which does not test intelligence but rather stupidity, and the opposite is likely to be deemed cleverness.

    Now if you tell me what a broad forehead is, we can go about with a correlation, after a few thousand test subjects.
  40. Guest5702
    LOL My forehead is big too. I would like to believe it's true, but it's probably not lol

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