Is it possible to get paid on recycling of different things?

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I want to know on which things I can get paid to recycle. Many people told me that they actually get paid to recycle; could you tell me the list of those items?

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  1. kate

     Recycling is a useful process and one can obtain real money through this process. Here is a list of items that you can recycle
    • You can recycle your cell phones and there are many online sites that will buy your phone from you to recycle and sell to another customer. They pay range lies between $5 and $200 per phone.
    • You can recycle your cardboard boxes and there are online sites that actually pay you for your cardboard boxes.
    • Another thing which you can recycle is old computer software. If you have any old or extra software or programs in your home or office then it would be better to sell them and recycle them than to just throw them away and get advantage in terms of cash.
    • You can recycle old golf balls and get paid from your local golf balls recycling agencies.
    • Recycling of cans is very useful because few states pay five to ten cents per can. To get paid for recycling of cans, check your local recycling agencies and make them a call. Take your cans to the company that is offering you the most per lb or per can. You can get advantage in terms of cash.

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