Is it possible to extend Indian employment visa?

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I am making an assignment on Indian visas. I want to know about employment visa. Is it possible to extend Indian employment visa?

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    Employment VISA holders may apply for extension of their visa at the office of the FRRO/FRO/Superintendent of Police concerned where he/she is registered along with supporting relevant documents. The State Govt./UT/FRRO/FRO is empowered authorized to extend Employment visa on year to year basis up to a total period of Five years from the date of issue of the initial 'E' visa subject to good conduct, production of documents in support of continual employment, filing of Income Tax Returns and no adverse report on the foreigner. Dependent Spouse and Children of such foreigners holding (X) Entry visa, can also be granted extension on Co-terminus basis i.e. up to the validity of the 'Employment' visa holder, subject to production of supporting documents. As per the modified guidelines, a foreign national being sponsored for an Employment Visa in any sector should draw a salary in excess of US$ 25, 000 per annum. However, this condition is not applicable to: - • Ethnic Cooks • Language teachers (other than English language teachers) • Translators and staff working for the concerned Embassy/High Commission in India.

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