Is it normal that my little brother wants me to have s*x with him?

by Joshua  |  7 years, 4 month(s) ago

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Recently my little my aged 8 (I'm 14) asked me to put my d**k up his a*s to see what it feels like. I understand that his hormones are kicking in and that he needs to learn these things, but I'm not sure what to say or if I should do it. Any advice?

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  1. Guest24265275

    its  perfectly    normal     go  ahead  and  do  it  all  brothers  have  done  it  just  a  part  of  life  its  ok    and  might  i  also  suggest  is   ya  face  each  other  and   you   put  your    d**k    between  his  legs   under  his  balls  and  you   stroke  between  his  legs   until  you  c*m    its  call  dry  stroking     i   dry  stroke   between  my  friend  legs      and  im  16   

  2. Guest22685291

    Well i believe that you should tell your parents or a adult you trust and tell him that he cant have s*x with you


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