Is it necessary to wear a skirt while dancing ?

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I am been doing ballroom dancing for almost 2 years. My instructor always tells me to wear a skirt while dancing. Any idea why wearing skirt is necessary. What type of skirts are available ?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are mainly two types of skirts which are available and by wearing those skirts a women can perform daily activities by wearing a proper fit.
    First there is a mini skirt. These skirts are best for bending down, negotiating stairs and some other activities like dancing can also be performed with this type of skirt. It is very difficult for a women to perform certain activities under normal clothes, especially if she is to bend down and pick up something. These skirts are designed in the manner so that she can easily bend down and move her legs freely without the tightness of her thighs. Similarly this type of skirt is also useful in dancing as it frees the movement of her legs, especially if she is dancing on the ice floor. We have seen many times female skate dancers wear these type of skirt and also cheerleaders who represent many schools wear this type of skirt for their physical activities.
    There is another type of skirt known as full skirt and it is used in performing various tasks. They help in sitting in a couch comfortable and also help in adopting many positions that is required under the circumstances. Skirts for dancing is a must as it allows the free movement of your body especially legs that are involved in various steps.

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