Would the musical considered a published play?

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My daughter is auditioning for a performing arts high school and is looking for a comedic monologue. She was recently cast as Jackie Scott in High School Musical (absolutely not one of her favorites), but did a tremendous job with the role. Would the musical for theater - not the movie version - be considered a published play? This character is not in the movie version at all. Thank you.

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    certainly a musical for theatre would be considered a published play. What many auditors object to is choosing monologues from plays or trying to write them yourself, or taking them from books or newspapers or other non-theatrical sources.

    However, there is one caution here. Some auditors do not want those auditioning to use monologue from musical theatre. There are reasons for this (the true monologues from musicals are the songs and there is a difference in the way characters and the writing is structured in musicals). And just because she did a great job with the role does not mean that the character has a monologue that is appropriate for an audition.

    I strongly suggest that you contact the school or check their website or audition guidelines (most schools do have some guidelines that they give to auditioner telling what to prepare - what kind of monologues and how long they need to be - and how the auditions are structured) to find out exactly what they want in the audition and if there are any restrictions on audition material other than that it be from a \"published play\". You can certainly ask them specifically if they allow monologues from musicals.

    I wish your daughter all the best in her audition.


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