Is it bad to spank your children?

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Is it bad to spank your children? I mean I mean I know there is a law that says that you can not hit your children but is spanking considered hitting?? Because I am sure some of you can relate to me when I say that my 8 yr old is UNCONTROLABLE Ive tried everything, grounding, taking away stuff that she likes,, I mean everything the only thing I can think of know is spanking but I think shes too old but she does get a little scared when I tell her am spanking her. What should I do??

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  1. Guest12405654
    My husband did and CPS is investigating us, so beware.

  2. Guest1962
    i believe in spankinking as long as you are not taking it too far.
  3. Guest7826
    No, good parents spank their brats.
  4. Guest3954
    im pretty sure its okay . its also a way of loving your children if you hit them . if ur lill girl was smart enough she would know that too . if you keep scaring that you might hurt your children or its against the law then your child will never sucess in her future
  5. Guest9703
    As long as you don't beat the child it is OK-spanking does work.

    But only use it as a last means.
  6. Guest1096
    dont leave marks that stay for more than a day and only on the legs and bottom and you will be fine. the only law that I am aware of says its abuse if there are bruises or marks on the back and face of the child for being hit in anger, but as long as you let your child know that its out of love then your good in my opinion.

    I did some spanking when mine were smaller (little hellions) but now they are 12, 12, 9 and 7 and I do the sentences (which they hate) and I dont have to even threaten a spanking
  7. Guest2633
    Spanking works when it is done right. First of all, never threaten unless you mean it and are prepared to do it. Kids know an empty threat when they hear it. Say it once, the next time, DO it. Do not spank when you are angry. If you have to, set a later time, such as "you will get your spanking in an hour." Cool down, then return to the situation. You will hurt a child if you spank in anger. Third, spank on the appropriate place. It's not a bad idea to have the child bend over a chair with hands gripping the chair bottom. That way, you know their hands are out of the way and will not get hit by mistake.

    My son was spanked from the time he was small, but only had to have about 4 spankings his entire life. If you are consistent, you won't have to use it much.
  8. Guest1832
    there is a difference between discipline and abuse.
  9. Guest1723
    The only time it is bad to spank your children is when you do it with the wrong attitude and intent. You need to explain why she is getting a spanking before you do it. Then afterwards, give her a cuddle and ask her to say sorry.

    I don't think grounding is suitable for an eight year old. I would leave that until she is closer to becoming a teenager.

    Even though I do agree with a spanking, I believe you should explore all other options before you come to this. Perhaps look at what you are depriving your child of - if you choose the wrong things then it will not have the desired impact. try to relate the consequence as closely as possible to the crime for the best results. And when you announce a consequence or deprivation, try not to react or become emotional. The less emotional you are the greater the impact on her.
  10. Guest8707
    I am not against spanking in general, but I think 8 may be a little too old.
  11. Guest2157
    as far as I am concerned spanking is ok as long as you do not lose your control and an 8 year old could make you lose control.The law says no hitting not spanking. I know people will not agree with me, but sometimes you have to do something you don't like. Good Luck to you
  12. Guest9859
    It is better not to spank kids. If you must punish physically put some Tobasco sauce on the tounge. That will not hurt them but it will make them suffer a bit and not want it again..
  13. Guest8263
    "Spare the rod, Spoil the child." Its in the bible . That is why these children out here nowadays are spitting in their parents face and telling them kiss my a$$. These things were unheard of back in the day becuase every one got that a$$ torn into to back then. What do you teach them? Respect and boundries, which very few of these demons nowadays really know. But they can be saved through time love and discipline if parents would just stop being scared and run their d**n household and dont let it run you.
  14. Guest727
    Spank her bare bottom then.
  15. Guest3633
    You can spank your child. There is no Law in TEXAS saying that you can not spank your kid it say that you can not beat you kid and I guess it really in the eye of the cop that comes to your house or to the call wither you are beating your kid or spanking them. I feel like if you are spanking them on the but with a about two-three inch above or below for those kids that move and you only do it when everything else has failed then go right a head. I feel like that if my parent would have been more will to spank me and talk less then I would not have done half the thing that I did as a kid. I feel that if people to more time to understand there kids and be parents and not friends than why would not have as many kid in the system and I would be out of a job.
  16. Guest3823
    My goodness...what the heck are you thinking??? Yes, it's "bad" to spank children. What message are YOU sending when you're so frustrated by their behavior that you "spank"? This just proves you are bigger and meaner.....get a grip and listen instead of talking so much. If you can't do this then send her off to someone who can take care of her properly.
  17. Guest7142
    i think is ok when they really desever it and its not a form of abuse .

    i have a 13 yr old, a 5 yr old anf 3 yr old.

    most of the time i do time out or take away a favorite toy but when they really dont listen i do spank them

    but only in their hands, or bottoms. never on the face, or back.

    and it works.

    also my mom did it to me and i turn fine.. of couse she never abuse me on any ways.. just the normal spank him on the arm. well actually now that im remembering she did slap me on the face when i as 14!..
  18. Guest3379
    it is not against the law to spank your child, as long as you spank them on the bottom and do not leave marks or use excessive force. not spanking in my opinion is why half of American teenagers act the way they do. we got our a@##es busted and we didn't act like this generation of teens or preteens. My son got his busted on occasion and he knows that even though he is sixteen he will get it if he gets too big for his britches.
  19. Guest6520
    Spank her. At 8 years, she is definitely not too old to have her bottom spanked. If you don't overdo it and don't leave marks, spanking is not illegal in jurisdictions I know. And if the threat of a spanking scares her, going through with it once or twice may work wonders. My younger daughter is 8 years old, and if after a warning she persists in being rude or disrespectful or disobedient, she knows that she will be sent to her room to wait for mom to give her bottom what is due.
  20. Guest5105
    I think to a certain extent, it's okay. I mean, I'd rather spank a child's hand for something dangerous like, almost touching a hot stove than let him. Let's see, second degree burns or a red mark on the hand that lasts a few minutes? But if it's out of frustration, then yeah, it is bad because studies have shown that these children will take it out on their peers.

    Mother above me: Geez, I hope you don't even think about spanking your
  21. Guest7676
    If the kid needs a spanking, whip her ***.. ONLY WAY SHE'LL LEARN.. If you don't take out the belt, she'll end up taking control of everything!!
  22. Guest324
    This is nothing wrong with spanking at all. It can be a good thing if used properly. We rarely spank our kids because they listen and listen more when we threaten to spank. In terms of their ages, they are 6, 8 and 13. And yes - spanking is an option for all 3 of them.

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