Is it OK for a teenage boy to bathed by his mother?

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He has no physical or mental challenges, is comfortable with his mom bathing him and he has always enjoyed the special time he has had with his mom when getting a bath.

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  1. Guest27879960

    I have reported the majority of you to CPS and other child endangerment agencies. If you are indeed bathing your older children, that constitues child abuse and more. Your a bunch of sick individuals!

  2. Guest27569103

    When I was 11 or 12, (I'm a boy), I was allowed to take my own baths.  I loved baths because I could play with my boats and other toys.  One night, after spending lots of time in the tub playing with my boats, I realized that the water had gotten cold, so I got out, dried off and pulled my pajama bottoms on - having never even touched the soap to actually wash.

         Just then, the door opened and my mom was there.  She looked in and saw that the water in the tub was still basically clear and clean - not cloudy with soap etc. as it is after a propert bath.

          She went sort of nuts!  "You didn't take a bath!  That water is still clean and your hair is still dry!"

         Then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward her and the tub and yelled, "Did you take a bath?"

          "Ummmmmmmm, yes, yesssssssssssssss"  is all I could come up with.

          "You're lying, and you know it."  She yelled.

          "If you can't take a bath on your own, then I'll bath you myself."

          (Note, that I have been taking baths by myself for years up to now, and at 11 or 12 was certainly aware of my body and was not about to have my mom see me naked or give me a bath.  I was in 6th grade!  d**n!)

           She gripped my upper arm hard with one hand, and with the other, pulled my pjs down to my ankles - my little weiner bouncing about in front of her. I was mortified and screamed and tried to pull away with no success at all - not a chance.

           She pushed me into the tub of cold water; pushed me down onto my knees, and pushed my head into the water to wet my hair.  Then proceeded to wash my hair and rinse it.

           Then she stood me up right in front of her, pushed my hands away from my genitals which I was trying to cover, and soaped my whole body; her slippery, soapy hands going everywhere on my not so little boy body, extremely embarrassed.  I was crying.  

           The bathroom door was still open from when my mom first opened it, and with all of my mom's yelling and my crying, my older sister, ( 2 years older than me), showed up in the doorway to see what was going on.  I was beyond mortified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My hands instantly when to cover my privates, but my mom took advantage of the moment to further enbarrass the h**l out of me, (She hated lying.)  , and pushed my hands away and proceeded to soap up my medium sized little d**k and balls right in front of my sister.

          My mom turned to my sister and said, "Your little brother isn't old enough to bath himself yet.  Do you need me for something?"

          "No,"   She said sort of caught off guard with what was happening in front of her.  She stayed there, watching, and my mom didn't tell her to go away.

           Then my mom pushed me down into the water to rinse the soap from my body.  In my head I was crying for all of this to stop and be over -  But it wasn't. 

           My sister was still watching;  I was still crying.

           Rinsed off, she pulled me out of the tub, and standing there naked, she dried every inch of my body, then said,  "Do you think you can put your pajamas on by yourself?"

          I just stood there, my hands covering my weiner;  my sister was STILL there.

          "Well, I'm waiting."

           And I realized that I was supposed to get my pjs on with her watching.  So I reached them from the froor and stepped into them, one foot at a time, and stood there, still sniffling through my tears.

           "From now on, I'll be giving you your bath every night young man - like it or not! And if I can't do it, your sister will do it for me."  And she turned toward my sister and said, " You can do this for me if I'm busy can't you?

           And my sister really smiled, shaking her head, 'Yes,' Looking straight at me.

           I looked at her through my tears, not believing what was happening to my life; Every night!   c**p!  I might as well be dead.  My first thought was that she was NEVER going to give me a bath;  NEVER!

          My mom gave me a push toward the door saying, "Go to bed."

          I ran out and to my room, slamming the door as hard as I could. 


            This is an absolutely true story.  I am 65 now and I remember that night as if it were yesterday.   My mom and more often my sister, did give me baths every night for quite awhile. I guess it was my puberty that allowed me take baths by myself again, but I do remember that I was into puberty, not just starting.   That certainly is another story, particularly the first time I had to get a bath by my sister.  That was quite a happening, for lack of a better word.

           You can email me at:  if you have a similar experience, or would like to know what happened after this.



  3. PAUL

    Well after all that water was pushed into my a*s,I was told to hold it for 5 minutes.The clicks of the cameras and the whiring of the movie cameras gave me an instant erection.Finally mom said to let it go.My a*****e opened and out shot all the water and other stuff I had in me.Then I was told to get out and she toweled me dry.We wnet back inside.The crowd left.Since that day I get bathed on a regular basis by mom and somestimes her frieds are present so they can see me nude.I dont mind anymore and I am not bashful.My c**k is a nice size and mom says i need another c**k shoved up my a*s.That would teach me a lesson.

    The next day I went with mom to the mall.We shopped for some underwear.I needed briefs one size smaller then i wear.New rules in the town were now in play.All boys age 12-20 were to remain naked in the house and school and at the pool.Other times they must wear white cotton briefs one size smaller then needed so our c***s would show.Another tactic so we wouldnt be modest.

    Anyway we bought the briefs and i was standing there in my briefs and sneakers and another of her friends stopped and talked to her.I got impatient and interupted.WRONG.She turned to me and yanked my briefs to my feet,bent be forward and spanked me right there in the mall.The other ladies son watched and he got an erection right there.The other women said "That excites you",and she yanked his down and spanked him.Some others stopped to watch.Then mom told the other boy to come behind me.She grabed his p***s and pushed it forward near my a*s.She guided it into me and i got fucked right there.The ladies loved it.They made up a time later in the week for more s*x between he boys.

    My day at the pool will follow.

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  5. PAUL

    As I was standing in the kiddie pool,naked,cars passed by and pulled over to watch.There were a group of people at the fence including some childrem.One kid asked his dad what the women was doing to that boy.He answered "She is giving him a bath".The kid replied "Right here in the open".H told the kid yes and if he misbehaves he will also be bathed in full view of all.The bath continued.My mom washed by entire body standing,my c**k very hard.Then she had me turn with my a*s facing the fence.She soaped her fingers and inserted them into my a*s.The crown grew and some photographed it and recorded it.Then after she took the hose and put on a fine stream.She brought it to the opening of my a*s and pushed the stream inside giving me an e***a.The crowd loved it.The police also stopped by and said hello and moved on.

    My email is would like to hear from all of you on what you think and send some of your own stories.

  6. PAUL

    To continue,Daisy took the washcloth and came forward.She took my c**k in her hand and began to soap it,getting hard.I stood there without saying a word.Mom looked at her and guided her along."Would you like to do his rear end now".She didn't have to say anything,but told me to turn and bend forward.She lathered three fingers(which I did nor realize) and shoved them up my (pardon my language)a*****e.She pushed in and in fuccking me.Finally when she was thru,I was able yo sit down.Now mom prepared the e***a for me.She took the big red bag and connected the tube and nozzle.

    She filled the bag with hot soapy water and abrought it to the tub and hung it up.She brought down the tubeing and put the nozzle up my a*s.she flipped the clamp and the hot soapy water rushed down into me.Daisy asked about this and mom explained it was so I would clenaed out inside.The water was making my belly full.I said I couldn't take much more,but mom said I have to.Finally after 4qts,it finished and the tube removed.

    I stood and stepped out of the tub and mom dried me while Daisy watched.I sat on the toilet and expelled the e***a.i would ask mom to bathe me each night if that was possible.I also now walk around the house naked and even work in the yard naked.

    There are many friends of Daisy and she brings them over on occassion to talk and look.

    Last Saturday,mom pulled out a kiddie pool to the yard and filled it with steamy water from the hose.She called me out and said its "bath time". "Right here in the yard",I asked.She said yes and get moving.I stood there in full view of the street,naked and being washed by mom.

  7. PAUL

    To continue the thought I satrted earlier,my cousin was satnding outside my room when I came out wearing a bath towel.She wanted to see mom bathe me.I said I didn't care so she followed me in.Mom had the washcloth and soap ready and the water was steamy."Hi Daisy" mom said.

    I approached the tub and removed my towel in front of bothe of them.My c**k was in full view.

    I stepped  into the tub and tried sitting down.It was hot but I sat.Mom took the cloth and lathered it fully.She began with my hair and chest and continued till it was time for the "reverse".I raised up on my knees and she did my back and made her way down.

    She said,"Honey please stand so I can wash out your r****m".I stood dripping wet and she soaped two fingers and found the my a**s.She pushed them thru and fingered me till I had an erection.Then she said turn and there I was in full view.Daisy asked to touch it,so mom gave her the cloth and she came forward.

    Want more,email with comments,pictures of your bath time and stories.


  8. Guest25175041

    I am a teen boy age 18,and each Friday night,my mom calls me up to the bathroom.The tub is running and I notice its hot from the steam.I know its for me.She says to undress in the bedroom and come in with a bath towel around my waist.My cousin is living with us and shes 16.I go into my room sna dstrip down to my bare skin and wrap the towel around my waist.I walk into the hall there she is."What are doing here,Daisy?" She says she wants to see me get a bath.

  9. lsle95


  10. Guest24951125

    I'm a 34 year old single mother.with two children a boy of 14 and a 16 year old daughter.         i still bathe both my son usually gets bathed after i have done his sister.i allow my son to be in the bathroom the same time as i bathe his sister,i've have noticed on many occasions when my daughter is stepping out of the bath for me to dry her she faces her brother but trys but not properly to cover her pussey with her one hand over it,but at the same time she spreads her pussey open with a finger while her brother is sitting in front of her.shes got  32a  b***s which she does not try hidding,after drying her she usually sits on the toilet seat with a towel rapped over her son gets into the bath and i bathe him,i wash his whole body including his f******n he kneels in the bath when i wash him there,my daughter asked me befor what i was doing and i explained to her about pushing the skin up on her brothers p***s so i can clean  him there,she has asked me if she can wash  him there and i've allowed her to do it so she can learne.i always bathe after both children are done allowing both of them to stay in the bathroom while i  get done,i stand up to shave my pussey in front of both kids and my son has seen my pussey clearly.we are not nudest or porno stars,just a mother and 2 good kids,i have seen on many occations but have never said anything to the children they would be in the bedroom they share my son would be sitting on his sisters bed where she is laying on her back after coming from the bathroom with her legs open wide and her brother sitting there talking to her

  11. Guest24266136

    I have a son just turning 18 and I still bathe him when he asks and that its about 3 times a week..

  12. Guest23145736

    My mom still bathes me, even though I am a 16 year old boy. My p***s is usually erect, but it does not bother her. She also use to bathe her younger brother until he left for college.

    Last month I visited him because mom and I are looking for a college for me next year. While visiting mom used her brothers bedroom, while uncle and I shared his sofa bed. I was delighted to find thast he too sleeps in the nude. Mom found us nude in the morning and commented that we looked more like brothers than an uncle with his nephew. She recalled how we loved to be bathed together when we were younger.

  13. Guest23139201

    We have identical twin teenage boys, age 13. My wife and I still bathe them. We had tried to stop when they reached 10, but they insisted that we continue. We agreed to continue untile the boys become modest. One of us would get in the tub with the boys. That of course changed as the boys got older. We still bathe the boys together, but we remain out side of the tube.

  14. Guest22712791

    bathing with the mom after age of 4-5 with out underwear is child abuse!!!!!!!!

  15. Guest22444809

    I am a 21 year old male. I only wish that ny mom were still alive. She did not bathe me after I was 13, but would come in and wash my hair every night, while I was in H.S. She even washed my best friends hair when he slept over. We of course were nude and most of the time hard; not because mom turned us on sexually. My friend and I are lovers, but I think that mom closed her eyes to that.

  16. Guest22354935

    My best friend's mom bathes him. We are 16 and at first I thought it was weird but I have changed my mind. Now I wish my mom would have continued ti bathe me. She stopped when I was 10. Maybe my friend's mom will bathe me the next time I stay over.

  17. Guest22184001

    Yes, it's ok. My wife bathes our two boys, 13 and 16 most nights and at the weekend.

  18. Guest21686397




    I am a teenage boy who is still bathe by mom. I am 16 and mom is 31. We live in grandma and grandpa's basement. When I was younger, I use to sleep nude in bed with mom. Now I sleep by

    my self, but still in the nude. Mom also sleeps that way..

    I love it when mom's younger brother comes home from college. He loves to bathe with me; mom dries us both and allows us to be nude. I would love to indulge in g*y s*x with him, but am afraid that I would ruin our special relationship. I often go to sleep beating off thinking about my uncle's d**k in my mouth and butt. So far it is nothing but a dream. I'm still virgin in every sense of the word except for my hand.


  19. Guest21108899
    yes it is
  20. Guest20904495
    all teen boys should be bathed by their mothers,and have all body hair removed at the same time using a depilatory cream.
  21. Guest20568031
    I can't see anything wrong with a mother bathing her son whatever age. In my case, my mother bathed me until i was nearly 16 when i hit puberty. i s=used to love bath time. We would chat while i soaked in the water then she would bath me and get me ready for bed. Bliss!! When i hit puberty she said that maybe i should bath myself now, i never asked and, honestly, bath time became miserable. Where was the fun? A couple of months later i had a bike accident which was very serious and involved both an arm and a leg in plaster (as well as other problems). the plaster had be kept totally dry. For a couple of days i just washed myself. But then mummy said that i really (REALLY!) needed a bath (a shower was quite impossible of course) and that she would ask a man friend to come and help me. I didn't want that (i have a very small willy and didn't want a man laughing at me! Mummy said "Well what shall we do? You can't smell!" i asked her to help me. As i said, she had bathed me until recently so she could do it again. She asked if i was sure and i said i was. So she did. And still does! Bath time is fun again!!!
  22. Guest20334860
    Yes; she gave birth to him. It is also alright for dad to bathe him. Dad can even get in the tub with him, if it is big enough. They can both make sure that his p***s and testicles are O.K. They should also check his a**s and r****m.
  23. Guest20321751
    It certainly is O.K. My teenage sons are still bathe by their mom. On week ends the boys and I bathe together. At times my wife will come in and wash our hair. It is common that all 3 of us have erections.
  24. Guest20280711
    Yes, why not? I'm 17 and my brothers are 15 and 13 and mom bathes us every night
  25. Guest19992217
    Of course it's O.K. for mom to bathe her teenage son. My college room mate was bathe by his mom even when he went home on semester break. Once when I went home with him, I said that I wished my mom still bathe me. His dad said it was O.K. for his mom to bathe me. She did. It was super! She also bathe his little brothers; a total of five boys. My room mates family was very open when it came to nudity. I found the whole experience very relaxing.
  26. Guest19364178
    yes it is, i am 25 and my mom still baths me when i visit during the holidays
  27. Guest19283411
    Guest 19107323, thank you for being honest and truthful. I hope the situation arises soon for you where you have the opportunity to bathe your teen son again. You should take the first step and initiate the subject with your son.
  28. Guest19107323
    I'm the mother of 2 teenagers.. a girl of 18 and a boy of 16. I bathed my son till he was 11. I stopped bathing him at that age though he never asked me to. I often miss the sweet moments we shared during those baths. If he ever asked me to bathe him again, I would seriously consider doing it.
  29. Guest18959924
    My wife bathes our teenage sons, age 17,15,13 and 9. They stand in the tub so she can do a good job. Erections are common. She also bathes me, but when she does we are both naked. The boys see us, since they come in to pee. I shower with the boys on week ends, when we remain nude
  30. Dave6446
    No, I wouldn't recommend this at all unless in exceptional circumstances, i.e. If he has a disability or has an injury which prevents him bathing himself. He would more than likely be going through puberty plus at that age he should know how to bathe himself. I can understand the parental bathing of boys up to age 11 but any older wouldn't be right at all. David
  31. Guest17941711
    Oh and by the way. Get them to keep their pubic hair shaved or trimmed. Some of the odor that is present from a hasty boy in the shower is from the groin area. So Moms..Get rid of the bush if you can! He will be much cleaner and appreciate the effort from you.
  32. Guest17915883
    I am a mother of 3 boys..My eldest being 15 and my youngest 9.. I bathe all of my kids also. If you anyone wants to percieve this as being perverted than I hope they dont have kids. Sick minds breed sick intent!!
  33. Guest17741141
    Yes it's ok for a mom to bathe her teenage son I'm 16 and I enjoy it when my mom bathes me
  34. Guest17724897
    i think that its ok for a mother to bathe her teenage son. I am a mother of 4 kids ages 16-10 yrs old and I still bathe them all.
  35. Guest13716875
    The first reply to my question must have be done by one of those western ignorant talibans of United States ( it seems something thought by the sick brain of the now famous CaDad, as allways anonymous and known by his intolerance ).He even doesn't know or heard the history of his country concerning the slaughters of innocent women burned in the stake in Salem, Massachussets, by the end of the 17th and begining of the 18th century, perpetrated by the puritans against the "witches". He doesn't know either Oliver Cromwell, the puritan general, winner of the civil war against the royalists of England. That butcher, the most cruel tyrant of the 17th century,reduced 800.000 catholic irishes into slavery, many of them sent to United States and sugar cane plantations of the caribbean islands, where died by thousands, by the only "crime" of being catholics.The puritans were expelled from England to United States ( to create there a land of intolerance ) because of the crimes perpetrated by that monster ). By some books of history or go to a library to study a little, ignorant owner of the truth, as all fundamentalists. Bill Plowes, MSc(*),Ph.D (**),LL.D (***) (*) - Master Of Science in Politics (**)- Doctor of History (***)-Doctor of Laws
  36. Guest13341120
    well aren't you special-I personally think you have something definately wrong with you. Equating the Teleban with North American Puritans? Are you serious? Your obviously damaged good in all probability because your mother bathed you !!!!!!!!!!You need more help than can be given in these discussions. I have my suspicions ab out you anyways. And I might your discussion on the issues of your p***s is pure unadultrated c**p. My parents are doctors and your completely ignorant, have no basis for the representations you stated, and are trying to justify the illegal, sick relationship you had with your mother. Get help as soon as you can.
  37. Guest13297931
    I have been all my life astonished with the awful sensation of guilty and sin that these sick puritans put in the mind of the majority of the north-americans about nudity of boys in front of mothers and fathers. A normal son never could be ashamed to be nude in front of parents. That is a sick and abnormal feeling that only exists in the mind of north-americans ( usually of puritan descendancy ) and those troglodits of taleban countries and other ignorant fundamentalist that are, till today, in the dark ages of obscurantism. My mother used to bath me till the end of my teenage years. When she couldn't do it, that job was done by an old maid servant who had been my nanny till my childhood. At that time, I was still uncircumcised and suffered of balanites ( irritation on the p***s head and internal f******n) and not yet operated because the pediatrician thought that to achieve a perfect "low & tight" circumcision, taking of all the f******n ( in my particular case, almost 50% of all skin over the shaft ), necessary to resolve my chronic irritation on the glans, was indispensable the full growth of the p***s around my 19 y.o., as was done later. Those assisted baths continued till my circumcision at 19,5 years of age. My mother who was a little obsessed with cleanness didn't have, I suppose today, the necessary confidence on me to do that washing perfectly.That usage never bothered me at all, even because, they gave me a very good sensation of pain relief, and, on the future, she or the nanny, did the same with my younger brother, who suffered of the same irritation, till his circumcision several years later, exactly as happened to me. That's why I wasn't surprised with the stories that many female babysitters have the custom to bath teen boys as I have read in many forums.I think that many of these cases happened due to penises with phymosis, uncircumcised irritated p***s, very excessive foreskins ( the called "elephant trunk" - my case ) and balanite ( inflammation of the glans and internal f******n ) or even obsession of mothers with cleanness. Any way,I think that boys and even adult men never could be ashamed to be naked or take bath by their mothers if necessary.That is absolutely annormal and only happens in puritans and fundamentalists countries like United States, Afeganisthan, Iran, Arabia, etc. Bill Plowes

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