Is it OK for a mother to give her teenage son a naked tub bath every night?

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The teenage boy is comfortable with it and has no physical or mental challenges.

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  1. Guest28446228

     Our 14 year old bedwetting daughter takes a quick bath every night before bedtime.After her bath,she lays on her bed and i put her cloth diapers and rubberpants on her,then she puts on her footy pjs and into bed.

  2. Guest28445187

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  3. Guest28433799

    If you start hiding your body from each other, sexual feelings can develop.  If you keep washing together, and sometimes seeing each other naked, normally the feelings remain completely familial, asexual.

    You hear and read all this stuff about sons dreaming about their mothers or sisters - that is normally the result of no longer seeing them naked.  When something is hidden, curiosity grows, and that easily combines with sexual feelings.

    Hiding ones body in a family setting is very unhealthy.

  4. Guest28303859

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  5. Guest28303661

    Last may we baptized our 15 year old daughter at late mass on sunday morning.the day before i tripped and fell and broke my ankle and was put on crutches.Sunday morning i was unable to dress the daughter in her baptism outfit,so the husband had to do it while i watched.She got out of the bathtub,came into her room and was shaking and nervous.She took off her bathrobe and sat down on the edge of her bed and dad slid her cloth diaper under her,powdered her then pinned it on her,then he put the rubberpants on her and her under shirt.she become a little more relaxed now that she was covered.She put her lace socks and shoes on then dad put her poofy baptism dress on her and last her bonnet,so everything worked out except that i was in pain during her ceremony! 

  6. Guest28265275

    I was raised in Finland and we get bathed all the time by mother. Nudity is very commons in Finland, so it is okay to see family member nude. Not only okay but normal.  We had big wooden tub that hold three people. My mother, I, and sister used tub at same time. I am male, but no problem for us being different s*x. I learn what women look like naked so I am very comfortable with women's body today. We washed each other back and talk about anything we want. Sometimes we talk about the teenage human body changes and were fine with that. Americans seem very not comfortable with nude human bodies. I do not know why. Does any animal in the world be not comfortable with their nude mothers or fathers? No. Just people are being afraid of nudity. We loved our time together in bath tub and in sauna bath, always naked. We care for each other, and are respecting each other. We are very close, but no s*x at all! I go back to Finland often, and enjoy nudity once again in many different ways and times. Life without nudity is awful. 

    Mothers and teenager can be very fine with bathing together or just mother bathing her son. Only fear and not understanding and respecting can cause harm. Some people cannot go nude without problems. They need help! What is so bad about human body? Is it ugly? Terribel? Awful? No! Only thinking can be bad, and often Americans have bad ideas about being naked. 

    I am for bathing together in both sexes. It's fun and educational. Just don't be sexual about bath. It's relaxing and make family close, without being too close if I am make sense to you. Naked and bathing together is good. Think sexual is bad. 




  7. Guest28262557

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  8. Guest28233383

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  9. Guest28170344

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  10. Guest28167868

    My mom bathed me until I was 15. She also wiped my butt till I went to high school. Then again I had learning disability back then and never bathed or wiped or brushed my teeth, guess I thought it was too much work. I just wish I had protection at night instead of harrassment.

  11. Guest28161231
    I have 3 teen sons 18,16,&14. During the summer, I was out on my patio while my 18 year old was cutting grass. He was wearing his very short shorts. He came over to sit and have a drink. He sat on a big box we have and lifted his one leg to place his foot on the box. That caused his other shorts leg to stretch wide open. Everything he owns was on display because he wasn't wearing under wear! I didn't tell him out of embarrassment. IT ended up he sat a good 15 minutes talking as I was seeing "everything". At some point my GF next door called to say she's on her way over. I had to put on a big act and point all shocked as if I just saw it, and cover my eyes. Or she would have seen his p***s. It worked. He thought I had only seen it for a second. He was all apologies and I said from now on wear undershorts!. He said OK Ma. LOL> I'm so glad it went well. He took it very well too surprisingly. I expected him to be upset his mom saw his p***s.
  12. Guest28155913

     We have a 13 year old daughter and she takes a short bath before bedtime every night.when i have to work late or am unable to bathe her,dad does it.She is a bedwetter,so right after her bath she is put into her cloth diaper and rubberpants and she is ok with dad putting them on her sometimes.

  13. Guest28154003
    I fell off a ladder caused my hands to be hurt bad. I was 21. My mom had to wash me down and at times bathe me. She was 42 at the time. I couldn't avoid getting erections as she felt my genital area and a*s. She reacted in a s**y way which made it a lot better. Her eyes looked very turned on and she did a nice slow job of feeling my erect p***s. I never expected her to be so nice about it and seem to enjoy it so much. Our relationship has been very close ever since. She is seductive as h**l around me wearing revealing clothing, but I don't feel right about trying anything too sexual with my own mom.
  14. Guest28134210

     I wish that my mother would have bathed with us as well.  There were six of us and my father bade me bathe my sister when she was 6 and I was 11.   I had been sexually excited by a baby sitter earlier when I was about 6 or so and when my father told me to do this it started a relationship between my sister and I that lasted till I was 15.  We enjoyed so much together. Oral s*x and petting and investigating.  Then mom walked in one day while I was jackiing off for her and stopped it.  I would have wanted to do that all my life with her.  I love my sister very much and respect her wishes to not do that.  I don't think it helped us to be better people to stop and I don't think it would have made us worse people to have continued.  It helps people to be open and frank with one another and that is the only way you can develop deep  trust between one another.  The act of having sexual relations is not a heineous act as many in society say. There are other societies such as Japan where the mother often will even have intercourse with her son in order for him to not want a girl friend and thus be distracted from study in school.  It is a loving act when you care for some one and try to enable them to feel joy, acceptance, laughter, happiness, comfort and excitement.  That is what makes the world so fun and pleasant to live in.  Those who are so religious and prudish will destroy these virtues and live lives of wantonness and shame.  I think that is what is really sick.  There is no shame in my book and no condemnation for enjoying the bodies we have and sharing that joy and our bodies with others.   Whether young old family or not it is a good and healthy thing to bathe together.

  15. Guest28133016

    When a child is old enough to bathe himself or herself, then leave them alone. Hint: If a boy is getting an erection, get your butt out of the bathroom and leave him alone. You are just asking for trouble if you encourage older brothers and sisters to bathe together. Many of these posts should petting between them. What do you all use for a brain? These children should be removed from the home away from their sick mothers.

  16. Guest28132133

    my has always bathed me i am 36 she washes me all over includeing my p***s i get a full erection and she washes it untill i c*m it has always happened i assumed it was normal untill i read about incest i enjoy it and so does mum so we both have rewarde

  17. Guest28110475

    If he is OK with it. My mom babied me badly so I was O.K. with her still, bathing me at around 9 or maybe 10. Now that I am an adult I look back and realize she did 2 things that are not proper. She didn't use a cloth or sponge on my p***s. Always her bare hands. I had erections every time she was touching it. I thought it was funny and giggled and mom would smile and even kissed it many times. She didn't fully m********e me or anything that big, butt she di feel me a long time as I, recall. I am not sure why she did it. She never did anything sexual except being careless bout wearing panties under her houise w working dresses. I had a lot of peeks as as a young kid.

  18. Guest28107392

    Hi: Bath times are fun times.

  19. Guest28104373

    Reading most of these YOU all are sick puppy's!!!!!

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  22. Guest28063456

     Hey my daughter is a stripper and dances  for me fully nude and im ok with that

  23. Guest28043869

    We did not have a bath tub when I was younger. My mother would fill a tub in the kitchen and bathe me every Saturday night.  I was 14 years old before my mother made me bathe myself.  My mothers friend would come over every Saturday night and sit at the kitchen table while I took my bath.  At first I was embarrassed by this but after a few times I enjoyed the comments and attention I was getting from both my mother and her friend.  They would tell me how big I was (not referring to my p***s) yet I was in early puberty with my p***s getting large and hair starting to grow around my genitals.  Every time I would get an erection while taking my bath.  I would have to stand in the tub while my mother washed me with soap.  She always took her time when washing my p***s to make sure it was clean under the f******n.  My favorite part of the bath was when she dried me off.  I would get out of the tub and I would always face my mothers friend with my p***s completely erect while my mother whipped me off with the towel.  One time while I was being whipped off my mother had to leave the room.  Her friend decided that she should finish drying me.  I almost had an o****m when she touched my p***s too long. 

  24. Guest27877845

     Years ago i had a girlfriend with 2 children the eldest being a girl , she had a friend who was the son of a friend of the mothers , during school holidays they often played together from morning till night and returned home very dirty , sometimes one of them would ask could the other stay over at their house , when this happened they had to be bathed so both mothers would put them in the bath at the same time , both children where quiote happy to do this without any sign of shyness at all, this continued till both the girl and boy where  nine years of age , both mothers and children where happy with this arrangment .   

  25. Guest27853383

    My mother used to bathe me and my younger sister because I did not do a proper job of it myself if at all.

    This often took place in the kitchen with water run into the kitchen sink. I would be completely naked but on ocassion a friend of my mother's would enter the kitchen from the back door and sit at the table chatting with my mother. I would be completely exposed to this neighbour and was uncomfortable with it at the time but would just squirm and say nothing.

    In later life I have come to resent the fact that I was exposed and feel that my mother did not take into account my feelings of embarrassment. I am pretty sure that my mother would not have bathed my sister in front of a male neighbour but it was OK for her to expose me naked to a female neighbour.


  26. Guest27803737

    Sometimes teenage boys don't want to bath, or do a good job of bathing. That was the case with me. When my mom would bath me she would wear her robe and often with nothing else on. Sometimes her robe would come open a little and I could see her great t**s. Then we had some plumbing problems and started to bath together to reduce the water usage. Looking at my naked mother at the other end of the tube would give me an errection. My c**k would poke out of the water a couple of inches. Then my mom would wash my c**k and jerk me off so I wouldn't have to suffer and be hard all night.

  27. Guest27792790

    They are old enough to bathe themselves. Surely a simple reminder to be thorough before their baths would be more than enough at that age.

  28. Guest27788349

     I have two sons aged 12 and 13. With looking after them, a house and a husband I am far too busy to bathe them everynight. But I do make sure they bathe at least once a week and at that age I leave them to it but every so often when I get the chance I bathe them. I'm sometimes surprised how unclean the area under their foreskins are and can't help wondering how bad it would get if I didn't wash it for them. Can't understand mothers who stop bathing their children when their still young.

  29. Guest27556476

          Having read through all of these posts about boys being bathed by moms or sisters, there is most likely 50% of truth and 50% fantacy going on here.

          Most of the posts were likely bathed by a female family member - and that was the question - but I think their imaginations get a bit wild.

          I am one of those boys who grew up being bathed by one of my older sisters.  They were 2 and 4 years older than me.  So when I was 12, my younger sister giving me a bath was 14.  I was in 6th grade and she was in 8th.

         All that is factually true, and as it happened, it was my younger sister who bathed me most of the time.  I actually don't remember being alone in the bathroom for a bath until my sister went away to college.  Since being bathed happened every single night, it was as routine as brushing teeth.  That's the part many postings can't get, and so they have to inject something sexual into it.  Between my sister and me, there was absolutely nothing sexual - YUK! would be my response to that.  It was a bath.

           Probably, the most enjoyable part of bath time was all the attention I received.   I also enjoyed not having to do anything but just sit there;  Certainly the physical feeling of someone bathing you is pleasant and I enjoyed that;  I also enjoyed the conversations we had about anything and everything, as the setting made discussing some things appropriate; and now that I am older, 65, I can recognize that I enjoyed the respect and love that my sister showed me though many awkward moments particularly as I started puberty and I had a thousand questions.

          Now here again is where I'm going to lose those who can't relate to this kind of family arrangement.  If your sister has been giving you bathsevery night your whole life - or at lease for a s long as you can remember, your sister knows more about you and your body than you do, and by the time you're 13, she has experienced with you everything a boy's body can do, and have talked and probably giggled and laughed about some things that a boy's body does.  So, with that relationship in tact, when I started puberty, talking about my changing body was as comfortable as talking about school - well, maybe not that comfortable;  you get the idea.

          The point is, that for me, being able to share the anxiety of puberty with my sister each evening, and to be continually reassured that I was not only perfectly normal, but especially so, because, as she often said, "You are my brother.  And that makes you very special."

          All of this support was so very important for me as I didn't start puberty until I was almost 15.  I was, to say the least, a basket case over it.  I went through my freshman year of high school without a single pubic hair, and a little boy's weinny.  I am so thankful that she wouldn't graduate and go to college for 2 more years.

         So for all of you you are so sure that boys being given baths well into their teens is absolutely wrong and worse - you don't know what you're talking about.

         Read my story, and then post how awful it was that my sister bathed me up to age 16.

  30. Guest27448740

     from the age of 2, i lived at my aunt's home mostly. 4 to 5 days a week. she used to give me bath twice a day. my mother stopped giving bath to me when i was 8 yrs old. but my aunt gave me bath till the age of 24. when my mother stopped giving bath to me i told my aunt that i would take bath myself. she remained in bathroom to see me while taking bath. and then stopped me that i am not taking it properly. so my aunt started to give me bath as ususal.

    as i reached at the age of 14, my puberty started and i often had erection when my aunt was giving me bath. when i was 16yrs, one night before going to sleep she was giving me bath, i had errection and as she rubbed my testicles and p***s i got a full hard on. she said be normal but i could not cntrol it. so she give me a hand job until i blow the c*m all over her. then she for the first time take her shirt of in front of me. she was wearing black bra and her big b***s were bouncing out of it. from that day she often give me a hand job and allow me to see her b***s and even touch them. 

    when her third child was born, i often drinks her breast milk. but we never had intercouese. i missed those days.

  31. Guest27387062

    Have the b***h arrested because she is more immature than he is.

  32. Guest27047180

    maybe im scewed up but, you dont bathe a child over age 11 or 12, unless sick or disabeled,dang ask a judge. that sounds like child melastation, c**p is screwed up being shy or not has nothing to do with it. dam

  33. Guest25967558

    Uh- NOOOOO!  It's not ok!

  34. Guest24991241

    Unless the child is incapable of bathing him/herself there's no reason any family should ever see them naked. The parent shouldn't like doing it either because if it was really non-sexual why would you get enjoyment out of bathing anyone who is not a sexual partner? I'd be willing to bath my son or daughter if they couldn't do it on their own but I wouldn't like doing it because I don't like incest. The only person I want to wash is the woman I would be having s*x with. Children don't see it as sexual because they don't know any better, they're kept ignorant so that their sick minded parrents can take advantage of them and use them sexually without the kid even knowing there's anything wrong going on. The reactions from parents and kids on here is proof of that. My mom tried the same thing with me but I learned about s*x and put a stop to it at an early age. When I was able to bath myself I said I would bath on my own or not at all.

  35. lsle95


  36. Guest24951098

    I was 15 or 16 when my sister or mom stopped bathing me.  It was never a thought for me when my sister put me in the tub for my bath.  It's just the way it was done with me.  I can't speak for anyone else.  I don't ever remember feeling shy, or embarrassed, or wanting her not to be seeing me naked.  When I was younger, we played a lot - I loved when I had a bubble bath.  As I got older, I came to just relax and enjoy it - yes, it did feel good having someone wash me - yes - all over.

    As I got older though, when my bath was done, my sister would dry my hair, but then leave me to dry the rest of me, and get my pj's on etc.  Getting dried off was good - and I liked it.   Oh well.

    For the more curious among you who may be reading this,  sometimes I did get an erection - my sister called it, "A little stiffy" - - until I started puberty, and then she called it, "A big Mac."  Don't ask me why - I don't know.

    Nudity, baths and who gives them - is all part of each famile's business.  Every family is different.  For me, my sister ginving me baths til 15 or 16 was jsut fine with me.  Absolutely nothing sexual - ever!

  37. lels88


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  39. Guest24939698

    It is a good thing for a mother to bath her son or sons. Boys I am sure do not and  should not mind us checking there development and making sure they are clean all over and that allso meens pulling there forskins back and feeling for lumps down there

  40. Guest24919585

     I was given a bath by my mother until I was about 15. I had a t******e that did not descind as it should have an my mother used to check it every nite.She used to clean my genitals as well as the doctor had told her one time I was not pulling the f******n back and cleaning correctly so she used to amke sure it was clean.At about the time I was around 7-8 I used to get a little shy, especially if my older sister was there which was almost all of the time.I think about it now and it was no big deal but at the time it bother me.As I began puberty it bothered me again as my p***s was growing and I was growing pubic hair but my mother used to say not to be silly as she was my mother and had seen everything already as had my sister.I would sometimes get an erection and my mother would tell me it was normal and why I was getting them.I grew up comfortable with my body. I also grew up seeing my sisters body and saw her develop as she was 2 yrs older and used to take a bath either right before me or after me and would always be in the bathroom nude at the same time, so I was very comfortable seeing a nude girl. I am now 17 and although my mom does not give me a bath anymore there have been plenty of times when she walks in while I am in the shower or just getting out and it is no big deal. Just the other day she cam in while I was drying off and I was slightly erect and she looked at me and said that she was happy that I had not had any problems with my t******e and that I appeared to be a healthy young man. I am very comfortable with myself and with either her or my sister seeing me in the nude and would not change the way I was brought up. 

  41. lyls19

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  42. Guest24918456

          I mostly got bathed by one of my older sisters up until I was 15 or 16, when they went away to college.  I didn't really start puberty until I just turned 15, so most of that time I was pretty much a "Little" boy.

          I clearly remember when I was 13, talking to them about my not growing any hair down there?  They were great!  They told me that it will come, and that I was just fine the way I was.  They would look closely for any signs of black hairs starting to grow - not every night but often when the subject would come up.

          When they would wash my genitals under the water, I'd push myself up above the water so she'd slip back my forskin to wash and I'd say, "See any hairs yet?"

          She'd rinse off any soap, look closely where it should be starting, and say the words that came all the time, "Nothing yet Little Guy."

          I remember when the first hairs appeared.  She saw them before I did.  They were very thin, but clearly black.  I think she was more excited than I was.  She yelled out, "Yes!  Yes!  Look"

         And they were there.  It was so great to have shared all my anxiety for years about that with them.  And then puberty came in very quickly.  We talked about how quickly my hair was growing, and then she taught me about my testicles, and how fast they were getting larger, and what my testiles were for and did, and of course, we talked about my growing p***s, and what that was for too.

         And finally, for the curious who may be reading this, sometimes I'd got an erection and some times I didn't  All that was ever said about that was that, "It's easier to wash when you get a 'Little Stiffy'."

         There was never anything sexual that took place between me and my sisters at bath time.  I got erections because I'm a boy, not because my sister was giving me a bath.  As others have mentioned in their posts - it was all very respectful.

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  44. Guest24918177

    I think any mom that allows her teenage son to venture into the bathroom and  bedroom when she is naked is totally doing it for her benefit. There is a grace period where you cut that off. That is like telling a dad to walk around in front of his 8-12 year old daughter in the nude. Something is just not right about it. There have got to be a reason why they are doing it, maybe they get off at seeing the son get erected or maybe even more sinistered.

  45. Guest24610621

    To those women who see everything being sexually. I read each post slowly and do not find any sexually remarks being made. Family nudity is a family business. Like one person in here say it has to be done with repect. If mothers what to bath children or father what to do the same is normal. There is no double standard for moms or dads. Some women have this sicko picture when a father does it that their some sexually activitries goes on. Women who love to make seuxally remarks about males doing the same are just cover their self up in that they doing something sexually.


    Brother and sisters can bath togethe and wash each other, brother to brothers also and sister to sister. Sometimes children will take bath with their friends. It can be boy or girls and it normal. Aslong it done with repect. The two or more children have to agree with it.

    People need to get off on this sexually junk and start dealing with your own hand up with s*x and thing be suxually to you when it not.

    Get a life becuase children do not see the body as adults do. They see the differs, scare at it, touch it and watch how a boy use it or how a girls use it. Shocking to believe it the adults who pushes children into s*x. Good example of this is when a mom ask her daughter if she separate her legs and let a boy go in. It mostly the moms who does this. They love to plant seeds in children minds and what happens children start to do what their moms or other moms told them.

    Ther nothing wrong for a two young girls seeing their brother gentiles growing and the same for boys to see their sister gentile growing.




  46. Guest23504781

    My Son is 18 I stopped bathing him 4 or 5 years ago but we have just moved house and there is only me and him is dad moved out a long time ago. Anyway we had been gardening and he had got very dirty so when we had finished I said to him if you would like your back washing let me know and I will do it for you he said he would so when he got in the bath I went and wash it for him I told him to stand up so that I could do the back of is legs and he did and that was when I saw his manhood for the first time in 4 or 5 years it was a lot larger than it used to be. Any way I asked him if he was OK to do the rest and he said that he was but if I had got the time I could it it for him so I did and when I washed his manhood it became hard and it was lovely to look at

  47. Guest23320443

    I'm a boy 14 and my brother is 15 1/2 and we are both in the puberty. But mom is still bathing and washes us every night before we go to bed. I think it's up to mom when she think we are ready and old enough to do it our self?? (Sorry but I'm not very good to write english I think, I'm from Scandinavia.)

  48. Guest23316625

    When I was 14 and just getting into puberty, I got the worst case of poinon ivy all over my hands.  There were huge blisters between my fingers, and my hands were useless; not to mention how miserable I felt.  Poinon ivy take 2 weeks to go away, and there was no way a 14 yo boy was going to go 2 weeks without a bath, in the summer.

         One night while watching TV, my mom told my 17 yo sister to go up stairs and run a bath for me.  I was feeling so miserable, it didn't register in my brain. Well, after a bit, my sister calls me to come up to the bathroom.  I looked at my mom, and her look back said that I better get moving.  She did say, "You'll feel alot better Robby.  I told Donna to put salt in the water.  It'll help dry up the blisters."

          I went into the bathroom, somewhat timidly.  My sister said, "Relax big guy.  This is nothin', and you will feel a lot better."

          I came in and stood there looking at the tub fill of water. 

          "Put your hands up Robby."

          I did, and carefully my sister pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, being extremely careful when slipping it over my hands.  I liked the way she seemed to understand how awful this was.

        In a moment she was unbuttoning my jeans and my fly zipper down.  My pants slipped down my legs, and I stepped out.  I know my face was getting bright red with embarrassment, as my early pubery weiner was making a small bump under my fruit of the looms.

        Without missins a beat, her fingers were on the waist band and she just pulled down my underware like it was something she did a thousand times.  And there I stood, stark naked infront of my sister.  And as natural as can be, I was beginning to get an erection quickly.

        My sister couldn't help but see it, and she ushered me into the tub of water, with her hand under my arm.  She helped me get sittin in the perfectly warm water.

        "Get your hands into the water, and just lay here and soak.  It will feel better.  I'll be back in a little while."

         I layed back in the water, that really did feel good, and now my full erection was sticking out of the water.  It was OK now, as she had left, the door still wide open however.  My weiner wasn't near full size yet, but I certainly wasn't a little boy anymore.  I wondered how I was going to hide it when Donna came back?

        And she did come back in about 5 minutes.  "Feeling any better big guy?"

        "Yea."  I said.  My erection had mostly gone down and I was feeling better.

        "Well that's good, now let's get you clean and smelling more acceptable."

        With that she started to shampoo my hair, soap my back shoulders, and chest.  My erection was back in full form.  I pulled my knees up to hide it.  She rinsed off the soap from my uppper body, and lickity-split, she was soaping my legs, and in an instant, her hands were between my theighs, which I was squeezing together and tightly as I could.

         "Robby, relax." she said.  "I'll be done in a moment, but we have to wash down here."

         With that her slippery hands were on my weiner.  Her other hand pulling my kneews apart.

         "Oh!" she she murmured softly as she felt the hardness of my erection.  "Relax.  It's perfectly normal.  In fact, if you didn't have a stiffy, I'd be concerned about you.  But you are a real normal boy."  And her soapy hand slid all about my genitals - just long enough to wash - nothing more.  But it felt fantastic, and I wished it could have lasted forever.  I had forgotten all about my poison ivy.

          After that, getting out of the tub and gettin dried off was equally fantastic for me.  For her, it was nothing more than giving her poison ivy brother a bath.

         I felt better.

        I got a bath each might for the next week or so.  For me, each one got better and better.  For my sister, I think she was going to be so glad when my poinson ivy was gone.

        That's my only experience with getting a bath from my older sister.  Would I have like it on a regular basis?  ABSOLUTELY!

  49. Guest23316050

    yeh its not bad but in condition of emergency


  50. Guest23256492

    The qustion is what stage of teen age is the son don't forget teenage goes from thirteen to nineteen, is there a husband, father is the mother using her son to gratify any sexual feelings she might get washing her sons naked body does she wash his p***s if she does does she make him ejeculate, is she getting sexualy aroused watching her son c*m? is she naked with him does he wash his naked mother we will never know will we.

       She can wash my naked body any time she can wash and stroke my p***s and watch me c*m

              s*x loving uk

  51. Mitchel

    I think its, morally, socially, and ethically unacceptable.

  52. Guest23206901

    Well, mother cannot bathe her teenage sons, simply not.

  53. Guest23144199

    When my wifes 22yo son had motorcycle accident she had to go live at his apt and bathe him every day and take care of his all needs.

  54. Guest23123730

    I am a 23 year old male, who recently married the only girl I ever dated.

    The morning of our wedding my mom bathe me, my brother the Best Man, and my 2 other brothers who my ushers. While mom was bathing me, my 5 year old nephew, came in and undressed. He joined me in the tub.before becomming our ring bearer.

    Now that I'm married my little nephew still joins me in the tub. Last week he cl;imbed in between my wife and me. You have to understand that the boys in our family are not the least bit shy about nudity.

  55. Guest22819350

     yeah u should do it and make a s*x scandal

  56. Guest22740889

    yes you sould and record it

  57. Guest22735280

    No it's not all right to do something like that.

  58. Guest22706414

    ofcorse to teach him s*x

  59. Guest22665820

    There nothing wrong in family member being personal with each other as long it done with total repect. My son is 12 and his sister who is 9 take shower and bath together. They wash each other bodies. They are very open with each other gentiles and not a shame in what it does. There be time when my husband and me will come into the bathroom and wash them. There time I take shower with my son and daughter and my husband does the same. We have told our children when you do not what the other to see you anymore than you do not see them either. My two children do a lot of nudity in the home. It count on who their friends are that they both be nude when they in the house. Like I say it has to be done with repect. You can not use your title, gentile, rank, age to justify in what you what to do.


  60. Guest22584394

    My friend and I are both 17 year old boys, who have lived next door to each other all of our lives. Both of us have have been nude together since we were out of diappers. When we were younger our moms would bathe with us nude. (it was better, nude because they would get as wet as we were) My mom stopped bathing us when we reached 13, but his mom has continued to join us.


  61. Guest22566073

    hey im 17years old and my mom stoped bathing me when I was little.  but now my mom has been divorced for 6 years and no one in her life. does any body think that she wants to bath me again and is afraid to ask me?

  62. Qaseem Saeed

    These type of questions are only ask by antention seekers.. You may better decide

  63. Guest22535868

    I only wish that my mom would have continued bathing me. When I was nine years old, she told me that I should bathe my self. By 11, I was told I that no longer was I to appear nude but I could not be seen by my family in briefs. I had to remain dressed at all times. The only exception was that I could not wear my shoes in the house.

    This changed when I went away to college. I was lucky to have a roomie who was raised as a nudist. Believe it or not, this was the first time that I ever saw another person nude. He asked why I was starring. I told him the reason, and he was very understanding. I was allowed to have a close look, even touch, but I had to undress. I had a giant boner, which mom would say was obsene. He was always nude at home with his dad and five brothers.

    Up to that time, I never even masturbated. Our minister told us we would go to h**l if we played with our selves or let some one see us nude. Now I not only m********e and go nude with my roomie, we even have g*y s*x.. I go with my roomie to his home on weekends and have s*x with all the males in his family. Thank you mom!

  64. Guest22488340

    I am 23.  I recently went to with my college roommate (also 23) to visit his mother over xmas and spent a couple of days.  He has never been concerned about nudity in our apartment.  I would say he is naked most of the time. It's something that I have gotten used to.  I was surprized he is the same way at his mom's home.  He encouraged me to join him.  I sure she got a kick out of seeing two grown men naked around her house.  She seemed very comfortable with it.  Although I didn't see her naked, I was shocked to learn they also shower together and have since he was little.     

  65. Guest22463960

    I was bathed and checked once a week by mom, aunts or grandmother till 16 or 17. I can't understand a boy - of any age - ashamed to be naked in front of so close relatives.

  66. Guest22457880

    My son, wife and I are nudists. Our boy is 19 and has been going nude around the house since he was 3. We have a very large old fashined bath tub, in which we bathe together every night. We stand individually in the tub to be washed by the other two. When our boy was in his early teens he sported and erection from morning to night. My wife, his mom had me take our boy to the sports store and buy him a dozen jock straps to try to keep his erections under control. I also told him to beat off several times a day to ease the problem. It worked.

  67. Guest22424024

    If his mom gave birth to him, why not? Who else would know how to bathe a teenage boy besides his mom?  We have a teenage son who we bathe together in the nude. He loves it and so do we.

    At times he has an erection and so do I

  68. Guest22401408

     Nudity in the family is not an issue, we are family anyway.

  69. Guest22337374

    i can't see anything wrong with a mother bathing her teen son, as long as they don't make a sexual issue of it, ie stroking his c**k, giving him an erection, or the son fingering his mother.

           It doesn't say if there is a man in the house to give the mother sexual satisfaction, or is the mother gettng satisfaction from her son

  70. Guest22251828

    Does the mother let the son see her naked? is there a husband or father on the scene.

    I have a feeling there is no husband, the mother and son are both naked, she misses having s*x because there is no man in her life, and as much as she wants the son inside her she won't go that far but i bet she plays with his c**k makes it hard and  sucks his c**k and swallows her sons c*m

  71. Guest22248235

    I am a divorced dad with three sons 9,13 and 16. I have a large whirlpool tube in the my bedroom. The boys and I bathe together everynight before going to bed. We also bathe together on Saturday and Sunday mornings. My ex use to bathe with us and she washed every part of our bodies. Now I do it.

    Four years ago I tried to stop, but the boys love the personal contact that we have in the tub. The boys and I are very open about nudity. The 13 and 16 y/o share one room and the 9 y/o sleeps in my room. He has his own bed.

  72. Guest22232108

    When I was in college, about 20 or 21, I was in a bad car accident and had to move home.  Because of my injuries, I couldn't take care of myself so my mom and dad would help me go to the bath room and sponge bathe me.  Because I was in sports in college, I would also shave my pubic hair for sanitary reasons.  Both my mom and dad were troopers and shaved me while I was home. 

  73. Guest22096559

    Your son needs to bathe alone.. Creepy to bathe your teenager unless he has no arms to wash himself... Is he not able to wash himself?  ever hear of a shower?

  74. Guest22096533

    not unless they are from califonia and pay their taxes; they should also eat sprouts and say i omm

    i ommmm

  75. Guest21985131

    Sure it is ok if a mother to bathe with her children or just washes them. Age is not relevant. If  mother happened to be in or near the bath room at bath time she would have you stand up and she would soap up a wash cloth and wash you from your feet up to your ears. She didn't get into the tub.
    During the summer months we camped out a lot. We usually bathed in the lake around sunset when it started getting dark. I liked bathing first thing in the mornings better; the water was cooler and calmer. This was not a sexual thing. If she saw us got excited (A Hard-On) while  washing us, or any time for that mater, we would either get the belt or we would to stand naked with our hands clasped behind us until it went completely soft. She did not tolerate us thinking of s*x with her or being turned on from seeing her or any family member nude. We all shared a bathroom and nudity was just a part of it.

  76. HelperBot

     Indeed it is, Usually when someone is poor they have to do that when they do not have the water money BUT it is okay if you are older but some consider it "Weird" 

  77. Guest21867574

    I am a 12 year old boy wh alway took bath with my sister and mom. My mom is a single mom witha son who is 12 with two daughters who are 10 and 8. Many times we talke bath together and we wash each other. My sisters know my gentiles are getting bigger. They scare at it and felt it everyday. I see them pee, they see me pee. We mastubate openly in front of each other. They seen my sperm shoot out of my p***s. There been times where my mom would give me a oral s*x in front of my sisters. Than my sister lately have been do some oral on my p***s. The let me rub their hot spot and their vaginal. We sit around total nude in the house.


  78. Guest21865975

    It is rather gross if u ask me

  79. Guest21865947

    I'm 16 and mom bathes me and my two younger sisters age 13 and 11 every evening. It's no big deal to be naked in front of them

  80. Guest21682834
    my mom and youngers sister seen my naked everynight i would go into my room or by washer and strip naked then i would go into the bathroom then my sister and mom come in they bathed and sometimes my younger sister would strip naked and get into the tub with me we did this intel i was 17and she was 14 and my sister and mom always seen my p***s
  81. Guest21633770

    Yes, It's perfectly ok.I'm a 44 year old woman.My 21 year old son and I shower together all the time and find nothing wrong with it because we are close and get along very well.We enjoy taking showers together and it's just the two of us living in the house so we might as well do what makes us both happy.It's nice to have someone scrub my back.Parents and children that see each other nude have more open communication and a better understanding that simple nudity is normal and harmless.And besides,it's a lovely time for both of us and we can both get clean at the same time.I used to bathe him in the tub when he was little,but today I prefer to get naked and join him.We won't have it any other way!

  82. Guest21628867

    i am mother, my son's 12 and 14 year old still i take bath them

  83. Guest21616048


  84. Guest21593972

    I think it is ok if the boy and his mom is comfrable but it is kinda werid even if they r related they should add least have privacy in THE SHOWER OR TUB!! Sorry if i hurt any of ur feelings i am ten i my mom does not wash me in the tub only to give showers

  85. Guest21587997

    Well,I guess the story differs after the boy hits mom stopped bathing me and my bro,once we reached 14 yrz.....True love and care of mom should be positively constructed like this.

  86. Guest21496230
    I guess to a certain age. I think around 15 or 16 for a male is when the mom should back off and let hwer son bathe himself.
  87. Guest21436340
    I'm a boy and I'm 14 and my sis is 10 and mom bathes us together two or three times a week and sometimes my aunt babysits us and she bathes us too
  88. Guest21417822
    I think that it is ok. I am 13 years old and me and my older sister bathe together with my mom! I wash my sister and she wahes me! there is nothing wrong with it. When my sister wahses me i get hard and we fol around, my mom say s tha it is fine because it is a natural thing. we have never had sexul intercourse, but we touch eachother.
  89. Guest21354592
  90. Guest21322873
    I'm a boy of 15 and mom bathes me and my younger sis 12 together every night.
  91. Guest21198872
    Yes nothing strange in it now i was 22 still I bath with her
  92. Guest21108899
    not only is it ok for her to give him a bath it is ok for them to bath together
  93. Guest20979532
    yes it is right i am 18 years old and my mother still bath me and mother has no age for stop bathing their son.
  94. Guest20971723
    yes it is as long as they are both comfortable with it. in fact i bath with my mom, i am 14 she is 32
  95. Guest20914776
    hi,iam a girl of 17,and i got b***s like any other girl my age,i still bath with my 15 year old brother,i enjoy it,so does he,at times i bath him and he does me,i dont mind him touching my b***s,its nice,and i touch his p***s,he gets a hard on,when i wash it,i have played with it the same time,they say its called wanking,he enjoys it we dont have a dad,he died,mom knows we bath together,she wants us to to safe water,i only have fun like this with my brother when mom goes out, like i say we play around in the bath,and have never had sexual intocorse is there any other girls that are the same as me,
  96. Guest20828291
    It's fine as long as everyone is comfortable with it. Family dynamics, especially concerning nudity, are what they are, and every family is different. I was sometimes bathed by my mom, but most often by one of my older sisters, (2 and 3 years older), evry night, until I was well into puberty at around 15. I really liked it. I believe it gave me a lot of self-confidence when interacting with girls at school. They always referred to all of my parts by their proper names; when appropriate, they taught me why my parts were as they were, and why they did what they did; erections, f******n, etc. I felt very confident about myself goin into high school, and have no issues interacting with the girls. For me it was a positive time of the day; a time to relax, to talk freely about anything, to act freely. I really missed bath time when my sisters went away to college.
  97. Guest20828291
    It's fine as long as everyone is comfortable with it. Family dynamics, especially concerning nudity, are what they are, and every family is different. I was sometimes bathed by my mom, but most often by one of my older sisters, (2 and 3 years older), evry night, until I was well into puberty at around 15. I really liked it. I believe it gave me a lot of self-confidence when interacting with girls at school. They always referred to all of my parts by their proper names; when appropriate, they taught me why my parts were as they were, and why they did what they did; erections, f******n, etc. I felt very confident about myself goin into high school, and have no issues interacting with the girls. For me it was a positive time of the day; a time to relax, to talk freely about anything, to act freely. I really missed bath time when my sisters went away to college.
  98. Guest20628460
    I'm a 15 year old boy with a twin sister. Mom use to bathe both of us at the same time. Two years ago she stopped because we could not move in the tube. Noe she bathes us separately. We are all nude in the bath room. If I'm in the tube sis stands next to mom. If sis is in the tub, I sit in the nude on the toilet seat and watch. I wish we had a larger tub so that sis and I could once again be bathed together by mom.
  99. Guest20411419
    If my mom would get in the bath naked I'd probably explode out of happieness lol It would be like a dream come true
  100. Guest20373785
    I'm 16 and my two younger brothers are 14 and 9. Mom bathes us most nights. The other week the house was being re-decorated and the bathroom paint was still wet, so mom bathed us in the kitchen, by the sink. Starting with the youngest we each had to stand in a large plastic bowl on the floor, and mom washed us.
  101. Guest20334860
    My wife and I bathe our teenage sons, ages 17,15,14 and 10. They insist that mom comes into the bath room and bathes them. On week ends I get in the tub and do the washing. All of us enjoy the closeness of having a bath together. By the way, my wife will at times climb into the tub with the boys. Non of us are hung up on nudity.
  102. Guest20270116
    I'm 14, nearly 15 and my younger brother is 12 and our mom baths us every night. On Saturday our aunt baths us.
  103. Guest19841662
    Yes it is. Only persons with SICK minds think it's wrong. One day these sickos are going to tell us to shoer or bathe in our underwear because it is sick to bathe nude and see our selves naked
  104. Guest19730261
    I don't onlt agree with it,I encourage mothers to bathe their teen sons through most of their teen years. In my personal experience with my sons I found they were hasty when showering. Regardless if they had an interest in girls or not they had a tendency to be done showering inside of 5 minutes. Not what I considered ample time to wash thoroughly or properly.. Especially after sports or other activities.. I took matters in my own hands and bathed my sons the way I wanted to until they were 17 and 18 years of age. They learned that it was quite relaxing for them as they got older and all they had to do was sit there and enjoy being washed as they spoke to me about whatever issues that may have had.. Now I bathe my grandsons that are in their early teens.
  105. Guest19422603
    no it isnt it is not appropriate.
  106. Guest19419814
    Why not? She gave birth to him and also wet nursed him. Some mothers get in the tub with their teenage sons. They are not having s*x.
  107. Guest19396506
    one question to all those who said this is fine or you do it - do you get erections when you are in the process?
  108. Guest19344295
    Of course it is. I'm 16 and mom still bathes me. Some times she bathes dad and me together. We both love it. I also shower with dad.
  109. Guest19283411
    I bathed my son up until about age 17. I washed him all over and nothing inappropriate ever came of it. He just wanted me to bathe him and I loved doing it. I did get to check his development and answer his questions about changes in his body during puberty and he turned out fine. He's a very successful adult with a family now. We were very close then and continue to be now.
  110. Guest19265129
    i think that its fine my son is 14 and i bathe him every night
  111. Guest19232319
    yes, if the son is not uncomfortable
  112. Guest19212775
    I am the mother of three boys, ages 16, 14, and 13 and I bathe them every day. The younger ones are bathed together and the oldest one is bathed alone. They are fine with it
  113. Guest19150067
    I was bathe by mom until the day I married at age 21. In fact she bathe me on the day I married. She also bathe my 3 younger brothers and 2 of my future brothers-in-law. Now my wife and I bathe each other. We also bathe our young sons. We all sleep nude with the boys jumping in bed with us on Saturdays and Sundays.
  114. Guest19047144
    Yes it is. My best friend was given a bath by his mom until we went away to college. He was also allowed to run around the house nude. I know this, because I spent a lot of time at his house. I would be nude with him. I never said a word to mom about this. At home I had to be dressed at all times. I could not even go to the bath room at time in just my underwear.
  115. Guest19043244
    im 15 male my mum does me sometime. Sumtime its me n my 13 year old sister im not shy but sometimes am with erection.
  116. Guest19037956
    Yes. She is his mother and has the right and duty to see to it that he clean and healthy.
  117. Guest18997911
    My mom still bathes my sister and I were 16 &14 sometimes we bathe together. No big deal
  118. Guest18961893
    There is nothing wrong with mom giving you or your brother a bath as long as it does not bother you or mom. She gave birth to you and if you get an erection, remember she knows what they are. If she did not, you would not be here
  119. Guest18609942
    I am 14 and my mom gives me and my 12 y/o brother a bath and an inspection in the nude every night and it does not bother me at all
  120. Guest18110817
    I am the mother of 3 sons 1 16 yr old 1 12 yr old and 1 10 yr old. I still bathe my kids every night.
  121. Guest17885634
    My mother stopped bathing me when i hit puberty (i was nearly 16). i was sad because i had always enjoyed the time we played and chatted before she washed me. But i accepted her decision. Bath times were no longer any fun! But then i was knocked from my bike and really injured myself, broken bones in leg and arm. I couldn't bath myself because i had to keep the plaster dry. To avoid me smelling she started to bath me again. We both enjoyed it so she carried on after the plaster was removed. She still does. It's great fun again
  122. Guest17707086
    I'm a 16 year old boy and have a boy friend also 16 who lives next door. His mom has given us tub baths all our lives. When we were small, she would even join us in the tub. She would get angry if we peed in the tub. Now she accepts it. My mom knew what was happening, but assumes that it ended when we were 10 or 11.
  123. Guest17600672
    of course its ok.
  124. Guest16992981
    yes it is and if she looks at his p***s, that is ok too
  125. Guest16946042
    To the 17 year old: What your mom is doing is wrong whether you realize it or not-I think its all in your head , live in a really backward country, or your just trying to raise a ruckus on this blog, In any event, it doesn't matter if she has seen you nude or not when you were younger-its morally bankrupt, illegal, repugnant and totally against the law. I am pretty sick behavior and the fact you have not been taught any better makes me pretty nervous on what kind of parent your going to turn out to be. I hope , for your sake, you get professional help.
  126. Guest16907598
    I'm 17 now.But my mom still bath me everyday.Its not a problem.Coz she knows everything about my sexual organs.And sometimes I sleep naked at night.every son or daughter must not be ashamed infront of their mom.
  127. Guest16907598
    I'm 17 now.But my mom still bath me everyday.Its not a problem.Coz she knows everything about my sexual organs.And sometimes I sleep naked at night.every son or daughter must not be ashamed infront of their mom.
  128. Guest16211547
    It is obvious there are several prepubescent males posting here with their imagined sexual fantasy's with their moms or older teenage girls. Too bad they just don't know the reality from the fantasy. One day, maybe with the help of a mental health professional they just might Grow up!!!!!!!
  129. Guest16171773
    Perfectly acceptable. My mom bathed me through my teens until I was about 19 and went away to college. She would still sometimes bathe me when I came home. It's perfectly acceptable and normal. It was very reassuring and we spent quality time together. Usually we would talk about all kinds of things while she washed me, then dried me. I think it made it easy to be very open and honest with her and she was available to answer any questions about my body, or anything, that I had. I say if both are comfortable, no problem.
  130. Guest16012902
    The obvious answer is absolutely not-there are a lot of perverts here so you should be able to spot them-All child professionals will tell you that children start to exhibit modesty around4 to 5, no exceptions-that does not mean that the moms will ignore or dismiss the obvious symptoms.There is no rationale for bathing you children past these ages, grievous harm can be done emotionality to the child. Unless your in a close optional lifestyle, it is vitally important we encourage privacy which teaches the child respect about their own bodies as well as that of others.Shame has nothing to do with this, the mothers who are annoyed at this display of individuality need parenting classes or professional help in understanding how children develop emotionally. It is not an act of love or bonding to intrude on your child and is only an excuse to excuse inappropriate behavior. This is pretty serious stuff, as parents we are suppose to provide children an opportunity to grow and develop and hinder them or exploit them for selfish gratification.
  131. Guest14834451
    Its perfectly ok as along as he has no objections. At least you know that he is clean!
  132. Guest14650068
    Yes it is. My wife gives our 16 year old son a bath once a week. It is not uncommon to have her join him nude in the tub. I also take showers with him every evening, with my wife looking. Both of us are on the bone. We also bathe with our 15 year old daughter. We have been doing this, since we became nudists 10 years ago. The nudity shocked some people, because the kids would run and answer the door nude. They thought nothing of it.
  133. Guest13966794
    i have a teenage daughter and some nights we shower together, its an act of love and total freedom and confidence in each other. i am 36 and she is 15 we often sleep together too as i am divorced.
  134. Guest13719030
    I think is perfectly admissible if she thinks is necessary and he accepts. Sons and daughters can't be ashamed to be naked in front of their mothers. Even adults of both s*x never could be ashamed in front of their mothers, for any reasons. Unnatural is the contrary ( be ashamed of ),thought that only exists in the minds of perverted people obsessed with s*x and sin, psychological sick personalities.
  135. Guest13384538

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