Is Iraq a terrorist country?

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I am an internee journalist and needs to write an article on the topic Is Iraq a terrorist country? Is there anyone who can help me please regarding my query with complete and comprehensive details?

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  1. Angelina

     No Iraq is a pleasant homeland acutely was a pleasant homeland but then Saddam Husain came and decimated everything which made some of the infantry terrorists other than that no.
    Iraq is the homeland most at risk from terrorist attacks for the second directly year, as asserted by a grading by international analysts Maplecroft, while Thailand has connected the nine nations most in hazard for the first time.
    Terrorism has shot back up the international agenda since al-Qaeda asserted a Dec 25. Bid to down a US airliner and insurgent aggression continues a pushing anxiety as both Iraq and Afghanistan face milestones in 2010 in their seek for stability.
    The risk consultancy’s Terrorism Risk Index displays that whereas security in Iraq has advanced, the scale, human influence and frequency of attacks still makes it the riskiest homeland for political aggression with almost 4,500 citizens slain in 2009. Violence in Thailand’s restive Muslim south, for example Oct. 6 2009 blasting apparatus attacks in Sungai Kolok that slain two and hurt 42, mostly account for the country’s ranking of 9th, a increase from 11 the year previous, the catalogue of 196 nations shows.
    The Foreign Minister of Iraq said that the Iraqi constitution does not permit the reality of any "terrorist" association on Iraqi territory, encompassing the People's Mojahedin Organization, worrying that the Iraqi government is very resolute to enforce its sovereignty in the homeland and no other principles will be permitted to be imposed.

  2. Guest5056034
    is iraq a terrorist country

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