Is annulment allowed in Philippine?

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I want take annulment from my wife in Philippine and I want to know that whether annulment is allowed in Philippine or not. As divorce is not allowed in Philippine so whether I can take annulment or not.

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  1. Philippines Guide

    Annulment is a individual conclusion that should not be taken lightly. While divorce is not permitted in Philippines, the detail that the regulation presents for annulment entails that there are meritorious examples that would support the annulment of marriage. The Solicitor General is the primary regulation agent and lawful protector of the land. His intervention in the proceedings double-checks that the concern of the State is comprised and defended in proceedings for annulment and affirmation of nullity of marriages by stopping collusion between the parties, or the fabrication or suppression of evidence. This is the articulate statement of the Supreme Court. The SolGen may or may not apply an annulment conclusion, and such conclusion is inside its authority. In other phrases, it’s not factual, and unjust to state, that the SolGen is the origin of delay. The whole method could take less than a year or, if you’re regrettable, years. There are so numerous components that could hold up the proceedings. You and your solicitor should be vigilant in producing certain that the proceedings proceed smoothly. If you have wholeheartedly restricted assets, you could document the appeal as a pauper litigant (for filing fees) and request free lawful aid. If you enlist the services of a personal solicitor, the whole method may cost you not less than Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP50,000).

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