Is amtc auditions a scam

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Is amtc auditions a scam

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  1. Guest28386378
    Those warning you against this company are right. In all my experience I have never had to pay a dime up front and no where near as expensive as this outrageous amount. I'd start complaining to and warning your local Christian Stations NOT to run ads for this place. Also in the fact of them NOT being a Christian organization is that their casting calls are for programs and tv series and movies that are NOT fit atmosphere for the young at all. Like for the immoral Disney show that has the ahem Raven Symone utterly ungody actress who is playing a mother now on some new show coming up. [if you've seen her on the view you know what I'm talking about] no fit person for your teens and younger to be around at all. When you complain to the company they send you a statement that says it's okay with God because a Christian who walks by a child offender and leaves them in the dust is a bad person but the atheist who stops to help them in their misdeeds is the most Godlike. ??????? wt? so NOT do not fall for this SCAM at all.

  2. Guest28136114

     This company is not a scam - I've contacted several of the major agencies they claim who attend their conventions and all of them confirmed they do indeed attend their conventions twice a year. I then proceeded to ask whether they've signed any talent through SHINE (Performance convention name for AMTC) and all confirmed they typically find several to sign at each SHINE convention. It may be expensive, but in the long run it is well worth your money. You get professional training and coaching, professional headshots for whatever talent you're pursuing (Acting, Modeling, Singing, or Dance), you get the amazing experience and exposure, and last but certainly not least, you get to showcase your talents in front of HUNDREDS of industry leaders and agents. My cousin went through this program as an actor/model and signed with three different agencies so I assure that this is a legitimate company

  3. Guest28134335

    <p>I just registered for AMTC but now I've changed my mind, so I got my refund. The company is actually a very great and wonderful company in my opinion, they help you get heard or seen by great agents that may get you somewhere in the media world. But it is very Expensive!! They should charge around $2000 + expenses!.. NOT $5000 + expenses per person!! The funny thing is that they tell you to invest in your dream and to take this awesome opportuniy, but they don't want to invest in you!! NOT a single penny! that should tell you that it's probably not worth investing on this company!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

  4. Guest28132714

    AMTC is an incredible opportunity to get your name out there, to show off your talent to glorify God. There have been countless stories of people not being able to afford SHINE conference and by praying and trusting in God the money has been provided. Money truly isn't an issue because its all Gods money anyways right? the point is, if God has given you a talent AMTC helps educate, train, and market talented people of God to be lights in the industry. The 3,500 covers the cost of bringing these agents to the Orlando to see what kind of talent/models are out there. The reason why these top agents come out to this Christian conference is because they know that as Christians we are hard workers to reflect Christ, and will be trusted with the work. Amtc is even a non-profit organisation, my trainer who gave me the "callback" owns his own model agency in LA and flew out to Seattle to work for the auditions all for the sake of Volunteering!! that's money he could be making back home, but they all volunteer because they know the true calling to God. After all the media is a HUGE missions field and needs the gospel and Gods workers. I am currently waiting for SHINE winter 2015 to come by. I have so far met a ton of amazing talented Godly people and have enjoyed my time auditioning and training. On the way to auditions there were SOOO many obstacles from Vancouver to Seattle and God helped get us there on time as we were running short on time. Everything happens for a reason, make sure you are going into this for the right reasons and make sure you are being lead by the spirit! God bless all who go through with it!

  5. Guest28127817

    I auditioned as an actress on February 15th and received a callback at 11:42AM 02/16/14. The representative for AMTC described how Carrie Lewis applauded my performance and how she believed it to be refreshing for Christ, and how she thought I was an articulate, cute, intellectual, and spunky individual. The representative continued with the following: “Which one of our available time slots are most convenient for you?” or something like that, and “Will you be making the $500 or $250 deposit today? We can always postpone registration for another time if you’re unable to make the payment at this time.” I told her I would call my father in charge of business ploys and call her back during the day. I never did. AMTC is a scam and a rip-off, in my opinion. I could attend acting classes in New York that will guarantee my being enlisted with a casting director as opposed to the $3895-$4995 event to meet all of those people in the face of adversity where I’m not guaranteed a job, had I stayed with AMTC. There are more economical routes for the middle-class and lower-middle-class, including those who don’t have a readily available $5,000 in their pocket. Discover what works best for you in these difficult times. God bless and don’t be fooled! 

  6. Guest28078070

     oh my!

  7. Guest28077957

     It seems like AMTC Auditions are a many people complain about this! Even big blogs report this fact.,82992/

  8. Guest28072722

    AMTC is the furthest thing away from a scam!! I just recently had my audition, and was given a callback. My excitement quickly turned into fear and worry that I would not be able to come up with the funds that were required, I prayerfully spoke to God and returned the next day after the audition WITHOUT my $500.00 (required) deposit. After going through an initial session with the CSO of the organization, I went to registration where I explained my circumstance and expected to be meet w/ a repremiand or some sort of plea for "whatever I've got" instead she instantly started REDUCING MY TUITION... I received $300.00 off because I had an immediate family member in the military, and I received $2,800.00. My admissions director believed in my talent, and believe in me and was willing to help me. So it is NOT all about the money, AMTC is not a scam, but it's important that you realize what it is their doing, and most importantly WHAT YOU ARE DOING THERE! If you're looking for a career opportunity it doesn't get better than "SHINE" -- Many of the above comment reference "going to audition" on your own, but the VIPs of "SHINE" are not accessible without established connections or exisiting representation. What "SHINE" does is allows you to do 75-100 auditions all at ONCE. There is nothing else like it. As for those skeptical of the training, there difference between something "at school or community" is that you're not being trained by industry professionals with insider tips and do's and don'ts. 


    Overall, I hate to see AMTC get a bad rep, and I know their mission is clear, so I figured I'd provide some hard hitting facts that the company ROCKS. 



  9. Guest28051664

     MJ Brunette 

     I went with my adult niece to the auditions here in MN last Saturday, April 13th. They PRETEND to be Christian-based. They advertised that their services are aimed towards people of ALL ages and so my niece, who's 50, signed up, after hearing about this on KTIS, our local Christian radio. She has a BA in music and also has performed major roles in many plays, as well as writes her own Christian music. They PROMISE to either phone with results of acceptance or send a denial email. They didn't do either. They LIE. Would Christ LIE? No! Therefore, they are NOT Christian-based; they are a SCAM to get kids into this, as the only people they obviously allow to attend their convention are kids up to, perhaps 30. They show this lengthy video of mainly children and young people performing on stage and NOT one single ADULT is included in their video, although they stated they cater to people of ALL ages: I believe they advertised child to 83, which pretty much states everyone who breathes. They obviously WANT MONEY, is their bottom line. They are definitely a scam! DO NOT EVER USE their services! 


  10. Guest27868569

     hello i just read this and have to say i thought they were legitamite also.

    I am sad to say that its really not. I did my research in various arenas to see and came up with the 

    same answer. In life anything worth having takes time, and sacrifice. Its sad that God has been dragged into this. 


  11. Guest27588471

     I have been working in the entertainment industry for twenty years and I have never had to pay someone to tell me whether I was good enough to be cast. You simply go to an audition and hone your skills as a performer. Unfortunately there are those out there who prey on the hopes and dreams of young people wanting to make it in show business. My advice to you is if they are asking you to pay exorbitant amounts of money to "train" you in six days, beware. It takes a lifetime to accuire your skills and talents and going to a week long, expensive camp is not the answer. Why don't you research how many people have actually made it from one of these AMTC conventions. The proof is, as they say, in the pudding. And parents, please do t get roped into these things. Do your research too. Get your kids into a good theater program at school or within your community. That is the best way for them to learn and it should cost you little to nothing. 

  12. Guest27468331

    I know soemone who is about to go through this company. I wouldn’t say that they are actually "scammers” but it bothers me that they use God’s name to sell their product. Here's what happens. After you’ve decide that this is what you want to do, they will walk you through the contract, after collecting your “$500.00 registration fee”. Which only ½ of that is refundable, if you change your mind within 3 days. While signing their contract, they will explain everything to you. Here’s basically what they tell you in a nutshell. You give me $3,500.00 and we will teach, train and/or assist you in how to talk, walk, act, or whatever it is that you want to do and maybe you will get noticed by someone in the industry. Now keep in mind, we’re not promising or guaranteeing you anything. If you can afford to pay the $3,500.00 in one payment, great, but if not, we have an easy payment plan. It will take you a year to pay this off with 12 easy payments of approx. 267.00 a month and a 7% handling fee. And, in one year, you can attend our SHINE convention but while you’re paying for this trip to the convention, here’s what you get….2 FULL days of training, daily devotional emails and a newsletter….nothing more. And, at the big 6 day convention, you will get 2 tickets for the participant and a guest to attend the convention, 2 tickets for the Banquet and 2 tickets to the wrap party. And you must stay at the hotel where the activities are being held.

    Now, if you are bringing your child and both parents want to attend, then you get to pay an additional $200 (for the other parent) to attend the 6 day workshop at the convention or if you choose not to attend the workshops on a daily basis; then you can pay $50.00 a day for only those workshops that you would like to attend. You will also pay $65.00 for the banquet and $25.00 for the wrap party, for the extra parent. Did we mention that, in addition to paying for your trip to the convention (wherever it is), paying for your meals, paying for your hotel stay for 6 the entire 6 days, at the hotel of our choosing, if you get hurt or God forbid die at this convention and it’s completely our fault, no one can sue us because signed a Release, releasing us for being negligent?

    Wow! Basically this is what they’re telling you. Now, you decide.

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  14. Guest23284575

    Read what many others have to say about AMTC. Some are previous workers, while others are past attendees. In this link, you'll find other links. Some of the comments go into great detail on what goes on behind the scenes with this company. The very few positive comments are from what appears to be well meaning people, but do not have the facts written as does many of the other ones unleashing the truth about this company. I think after reading these, checking the validity of the comments ... I suppose you can simply call their office in Tryone, GA and out and out ask them. Their phone number is on their websites at and

    If after investigating this company you still choose to participate with this company, then chances are you must be just looking for a place to throw your hard earned money away. Please don't. I wish you the very best!


    Exposing The Truth

  15. Guest22832224

    I dont really thing is a scam but, for a company to talk so much about God is ridiculous for how much money their asking for. I mean, like if your eally a legit company alkl bout god why all that money!

    AMTC does not claim to be an agency. If they did claim to be an agency then yes it would be a scam. You should not ever be told to pay and agent until after they have gotten you work

  16. Guest22771502

    If anyone is considering AMTC, you can learn everything you need to know about showbiz by purchasing Acting for Dummies.&nbsp; Don't be brainwashed.&nbsp; Don't waste your time and money unless you&nbsp;want to attend one of their conventions just for the experience.&nbsp; While they are honest in that they do not guarantee success, this is a hook.&nbsp; Don't go for it.&nbsp; Your fee is going toward paying their&nbsp;staff and accomodations for the agents and directors who do attend.&nbsp; Do your own research.&nbsp; It costs nothing to sign up with a legitamate agency.&nbsp; AMTC fills in the cost gap by telling almost everyone that audition that they have talent potential.&nbsp; They also factor in God advising contestants to pray in the name of God's will.&nbsp; You can do this on your own by asking God to give you discernment.&nbsp; The staff is nice, very nice people.&nbsp; Again this is a hook.&nbsp; Their management figured out this niche and used it to the company's advantage - profit.&nbsp; It is also pitiful that some of the staff is also being mislead.&nbsp; Some of the coaches are talented, but makes me wonder why are they working for AMTC and not pursuing their dreams.&nbsp; That's because they know a luck is a factor too.&nbsp; Good luck in your decisions and pursuit.</p>

  17. Guest22771502

    If anyone is considering AMTC, you can learn everything you need to know about showbiz by purchasing Acting for Dummies.  Don't be brainwashed.  Don't waste your time and money unless you want to attend one of their conventions just for the experience.  While they are honest in that they do not guarantee success, this is a hook.  Don't go for it.  Your fee is going toward paying their staff and accomodations for the agents and directors who do attend.  Do your own research.  It costs nothing to sign up with a legitamate agency.  AMTC fills in the cost gap by telling almost everyone that audition that they have talent potential.  They also factor in God advising contestants to pray in the name of God's will.  You can do this on your own by asking God to give you discernment.  The staff is nice, very nice people.  Again this is a hook.  Their management figured out this niche and used it to the company's advantage - profit.  It is also pitiful that some of the staff is also being mislead.  Some of the coaches are talented, but makes me wonder why are they working for AMTC and not pursuing their dreams.  That's because they know a luck is a factor too.  Good luck in your decisions and pursuit.

  18. Guest22673742

    you know what, I'm doing the program right now and so far a see no sign of scamness at all. I agree it costs alot, but they have very profesional teachers and i've googled them, I know they r real profesionals, and they have real agents at the conventions and I know this because I've seen many of their works in the biz. They don't promiss you an agent, but they give you a chance to get one. There are other ways to get into the biz but this is the easiest.

  19. Guest22598697

    Ok i really want some clarification. Im getting two completely different point of views. I am leading towards the idea that this is in fact a scam. Is there any other online source that proves that AMTC is a scam?

  20. Guest22582115

     AMTC is a confirmed scam.  They use serious pressure by pitting parents against their kids to make them cave in to their ridiculous $3,500 conventions.  Avoid AMTC like the plague!  Then go and report them to your state senators and representatives.  And, as for the BBB, they are the subjects of numerous lawsuits and negative news as they have been cught extorting businesses in states like California and running a shady business where ratings are for sale 100% and if you don't buy their ratings you cannot get any higher than a C rating for a business.  AMTC is a 100% scam!  Let me repeat that again - AMTC IS A 100% CONFIRMED SCAM!

  21. Guest22539194

    AMTC is not a scam, and in doing any type of investigative work on any company, one of the first places you go is the BBB, in which they have an A+.  AMTC is not an agency, but rather a school that prepares you for a possible career in the entertainment business. The company is based on God's principles to assist other people who have a calling on their life to be in the industry. 

  22. Guest22539194


  23. Guest19887236
    AMTC does not claim to be an agency. If they did claim to be an agency then yes it would be a scam. You should not ever be told to pay and agent until after they have gotten you work and they should never force you to pay for classes. What AMTC does is offer you classes if they think you have potential, you are then able to go to the conventions and compete in front of scouts and agents. This is a way to get your foot in the door, and to learn more about the business. Acting classes are not free any where and now a days you can't just walk in and expect to get a job, you have to have experience. AMTC gets you that experience and also gives you the chance to show your best talents in front of agents. AMTC is not a scam. If you did not recieve a callback from an agent at the conventions you obviously weren't good enough and need to get more training or experience.
  24. Guest19350877
    h**l no bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  25. Guest15618823
    AMTC is absolutely a scam! In fact, I'm investigating them. If you really want to become a model you do not have to buy your way into it. The most terrible thing about AMTC is that they use GOD in their hard sell! A really sick company in my opinion. The hosts that they have at the auditions have no experience yet act like they do and try and judge you. Do not listen to them nor go to their convention-you are wasting your money and spoiling your dream. The fact that they try and mix GOD into their company is one of the worst concepts I have ever seen- such as if you do not have the money to participate in a convention GOD will provide. Provide what, $4000 to them? Such a joke!!

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