Is WaterBending possible??? (fire water earth and air bending)?

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i watch Avatar the Last Airbender and is bending possible???
if it is i would love to learn mabye someone has a book on it or something so i can learn it would be awesome to learn water or earth or fire or air bending i think it ould be so cool mabye someone could tell me a link so i can see if its true!!!!

please i want to learn!!!!!!!!

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  1. Guest28029209

     Ask your guardian, can humans bend? If they can did we teach them? I am an ultimate, I have another with me. My guardian has been taken by the humans his mate is searching for him, and my mate and protege are gone. If you know what I'm talking about I need your help. I am an air master by nature, my friend is a fire master by nature. We have not mastered these elements and we need a teacher. Where are the secret tribes? Can someone teach me to control my seeing? I need to know these things to find my family, and more importantly to save our kind. And if you know who ildt Vain is, I would be very happy to know how he plays into my life. I was once ethelia and annabella, if you have helped me or my family before I need it again now, and if you know who I really am, I want our kind to join together. There are many comments on this forum, one of you must be who I think you are and know what I know. Last thing, I believe our cousins are on a search for our fathers to release them into this world yet again, I need to know where my father is, shamsiel. Please if you have any idea what I'm talking about I need your help.

  2. Guest28016435

    I personally would love for bending to be true.but if ur one of those science geeks,to u it wouldnt be true.but if your not a technical geek,it will be.Just always keep ur dreams alive follow your dreams never give might be true.every day i hope and pray that bending is real and that im the avatar.first step for u to even learn if your a bender.breathe in and out with your eyes closed and legs crossed.if u want to be a water bender get IN bender go NEAR a fire.air bender go outside and meditate in a cool bender get dirty and lay on the ground.breath in and out doing these if u feel something anything that you rarely feel or just a little tingle theres a likley chance that ur a bender but heres the catch.u have to be born a cant become a bender.

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  4. Guest23429229

    Chanses are, you cannot, but that does not stop you from trying

  5. Guest23021608

    I am trying to water bend and i found out that tai chi and Qi gong are both very important things needed to water bend. Qi Gong opens up your energy channels and lets chi flow and tai chi teaches you the forms of waterbending. there are teachers everywhere for this kind of stuff.

    I did some research and found out that there is a teacher for both tai chi and Qi gong that teaches five min from my house and i am already taking lessons. If you are destined to be a Water bender and are dedicated then things will work out for you. But also you need purity in life. Do as much good as you can and don't do any wrong. this purifies the soul and lets the energies bend. If you are serious about water bending don't give up!!! don't think that you can't do it because you can, just believe.

    The only person stopping your dreams is yourself.

    And about that SUPERMOON, This will be an incredible sight to see But the moon wont make enough of a difference to cause damage to the earth so we will all be fine.

    Or will it.....???

    I guess we will have to wait until tonight to find out!

  6. Guest22938158

    Oh yeah. I read about that un an article on Here, I copy and pasted this right from the article. You can go to the article if you want to read the rest:

    On March 19, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away. On top of that, it will be full. And one astrologer believes it could inflict massive damage on the planet.

    Richard Nolle, a noted astrologer who runs the website, has famously termed the upcoming full moon at lunar perigee (the closest approach during its orbit) an "extreme supermoon."


  7. Guest22934226

    There is a full moon coming up, this month. It is going to be a rare full moon, one that only happens once every aprox. 2 years. The moon will be abnormally close to the earth. I believe it is the19th, or this friday. Maybe try this friday and look for results?

  8. Guest22773933

    i am maybe a waterbender or airbender or earthbender or firebender and i must training in my house and maybe i must training with Tai Chi :D

  9. Guest22734933

    i want to bend water so bad i think about it non-stop everyday. i have just started out but i am having trouble feeling and moving my chi but i am determined to get it. if anyone can bend water or has any good advice for me please email me at

  10. Guest22720789

    Can someone provide good videos that show it? I would like to see actuall videos. Not people faking it, or like just spinning. Could someone show me how to push and pull, or even lifting it out partially of the bowl? Please no b.s.

  11. Guest22699925
    The act of elemental manipulatrion of molecular particles can be very much possible seeing as science is just about 90% wrong most of the time I have seen bending being down with my two own eyes even though it can sound like some made up story day dream or even roleplaying it is not it has beena well practiced art for well over 5,000 years look up the archieves the 4 chinese styles are baqua = air tai chi = water hungar = earth and northern shoalin = is fire much of thewse are northern and southern traditions like I have said the bases of karate and martial arts are elemental bending principals besides theres mopre then just bending it and you do not dominate it you work with the element of choice in unison and harmony like the yin yang push and pull good and evil tranqual and balanced scientists did verify the very fact of chi though as the mental synapsis in the mind eletrical charges that are caused by constint chemical reactions thus making us live with out it we would not be ^_^! in a matter of speaking ^_^! thats why you humans are sch predictible beings its all about seeing is believing but all that tou see is only half of what there is my friends the show and movie was based on real facts from china just slapped on special effects hollywood did just to get some extra $$ thats hollywood for you one of the only things they value is them $$ signs in their eyes any ways I am on numerious sites one of which would be www.elementalbending.webs just look up moonlight there any time be waiting for all who desire to come and learn the secret arts ^_^!
  12. Guest22684482

    YES its real, Tai Chi is the foundation to bending in general.  Also, purity in life, faith, and perserverence.  Here is a never before seen clip of real water bending.  ENJOY!



  13. Guest22678542

    I have watched avatar many times. I personally would love to water bend. i really love water and i have always had a strange connection to it. I feel like it speaks to me in an intellectual manner. But as well as loving water i also love all of nature. We as humans were made from mother nature and everything we are comes from it. Water is a part of nature and in my opinion i feel to master it you must have a strong connection to nature. I believe water bending is possible and i appreciate all of the comments and advice from the people that believe it too. Im going to keep on trying my best and good luck to everyone who does!!!!!!!

  14. Guest22678542

    I have watched avatar many times. I personally would love to water bend. i really love water and i have always had a strange connection to it. I feel like it speaks to me in an intellectual manner. But as well as loving water i also love all of nature. We as humans were made from mother nature and everything we are comes from it. Water is a part of nature and in my opinion i feel to master it you must have a strong connection to nature. I believe water bending is possible and i appreciate all of the comments and advice from the people that believe it too. Im going to keep on trying my best and good luck to everyone who does!!!!!!

  15. Guest22630013

    It would be really awesome if it is, I have tried a couple times, but have not been able to make ripples. I guess I should try some more, haa... Scientifically, it seems not to be possible, but there is a lot that science can't prove.  If people are saying they can but are lying, please stop. You are getting some peoples hopes up, including mine. Not cool.

  16. Guest22596626

    Here is the site I use it,but I am stuck on meditations:http: //

  17. Guest22587769

    waterbending is real to waterbend get relaxed with water in frount of you push your hand back and froth keep on doing it untill you get. NOTE. always be in a quite place doing this

  18. damon

    i think bending was real but that was long time so maybe all the benders died but if i were a bender i would want to be an airbender some lengend say the the country have to be one of the element earth air water or fire and my grand ma says the us indians were ether air or water so i think it would be real and i wish it was real


  19. Guest22486765

    Yes it's real but both parents have to be from the correct nation.  Ie: If both parents are from the Fire Nation and both carry the gene then you too have two copies of the gene and can therefore firebend.  Unfortunately all four nations managed to p**s off the Flying Spaghetti Monster long ago and he decided to destroy everyone except for a small family of water benders and told them to save 2 of each bending animal.  So there really are no firebenders, earth benders, or airbenders left.  There are a few waterbenders left but they're all inbread, I think most of them live in Kentucky.  Unfortunately for the animals they saved once the waters receded there were no other plants animals and the waterbending family ate them.

  20. Guest22395075

    Oh man. I REALLY wish bending was real. The moon is a bender, but I don't think PEOPLE can be benders. If I could be a bender, I'd be an Airbender. 

  21. Guest22339917

    ya totally! I am a 10 year old and i almost mastered air! Once i pushed air so hard the tree bent the way I pushed it!


  22. Guest21863927

    Look, our world has been changed in many ways, not just any way but this world has changed our mind's adoptation to nature. Technologies and new inventions are being created, meaning that we spend more time in the new world and slowly after generations we tend to forget that the earth was only filled with air,water,earth,fire.Now these elements were also mixed to make other elements. like fire and wood(earth)makes coal and gases. To conclude, It is most likely possible to bend any element if we clearly take in mind that  the movie (the last airbender) is not an inspiration, that technologies like the ones you using now is not inspirational and overall that if you believe somthing that you really want, will come, but in a variety of ways and patience is the key. Do not expect that because you cannot move the elements in the firt try does not mean you cannot at all.

  23. Guest21704140

    Bending is possible.The moon and earth them selves are benders.The oceans move and the land moves,some say its gravity pulling but it just might be more.

  24. Guest21645079

    oh and another thing is it helps that when you bend that you should face the way you live. example: if you live up north (south east west) in your continent then face north (south east west) while you try to make your chi visible. chi is what helps you bend. its the energy inside you. oh and theres a channel on youtube (BendingLessons) that tells you the basics. how i and most everyone started out.

     -lexi (again)


  25. Guest21645079

    oh and another thing is it helps that when you bend that you should face the way you live. example: if you live up north (south east west) in your continent then face north (south east west) while you try to make your chi visible. chi is what helps you bend. its the energy inside you. oh and theres a channel on youtube (BendingLessons) that tells you the basics. how i and most everyone started out.

     -lexi (again)


  26. Guest21645079

    it is possible, i am an airbender, no lie. we dont use 100% of our brains and you just have to really try and open up. be part of the air. when you airbend its an extension of you. im just a minor airbender right now (like i can control how hard and soft air currents are and make it windy etc.) but if you really practice then you can get it. trust me. if you want more info on it look up how to airbend on google or something. hope this helped!


  27. Guest21543174
    It is definitly possible.I can waterbend it is the truth i was running a bath then i thought just for a laugh i will circle my hands over the bath. then the water started to circle round i got really creeped and i was like omg i can waterbend i think i am starting to airbend so... its deffinitly possible. I am only 10 as well so i think i am the youngest to discover that i can do it.
  28. Katara
    Yes it is!!!! :D anything is possible if you believe it is :3 I cant tell you a form of waterbending since there are SO MANY, but i WILL give you some very good bending sites: I hope that helps :) Im a beginner so i cant prove to anyone that Im a waterbender, even if i was, i wouldnt go around telling everyone on the internet that. lol GOOD LUCK!! :3
  29. Guest21214188
    Yes, yes its possible, i'm a waterbender (well, sort of,i can only make a ripple, and once i made the water wabble) so manny people are answering in diffrent ways, it must be hard to know which ones are true and which ones are not, i'm going to tell you how to waterbend, it's up to you wether you believe me or not, i really hope you do though. First you need to do some excersises, it sounds really stupid, yeah but it really helps First, get your bowl of water (try getting rain water its much easier to bend) than imagine yourself at a place where theres lots of water, like a rock in the middle of the ocean or infront of a lake, this example is going to be using the meditation I use. so Imagine yourself sitting on a dark rain cloud, floating high above the earth with billions other clouds surrounding you (remember your ON a cloud so you won't be getting rained on), if your a girl its good to imagine your hair flapping about (i have no idea why it helps but it does)anyway, imagine theres a bowl full of rain water infront of you, now, this is the hardest part, do you know what Chi is? Chi is energy that flows through the bod you can imagine it in what ever way you like, some people imagine it as water some imagine it as fire some imagine it as thread, some imagine it as light, you chi lives inside your stomach but you can use your chi to control the elements and do other things like that, some say you can even use your chi to fly! anyway, so, this next part is what you do in your meditation AND in real life, have your hands hovering just above the water and imagine your chi flowing from you stomach and spliting and then out through your arms (please try NOT to let the chi go through your heart)and flowing into your fingers, let the energy flow out of your finger tips and into the water (imagine your chi as what ever colour you like) make sure youve filled the bowl completely with chi and that you KEEP THE FLOW GOING as you lift your hands slowly and try to lift the water, NEVER try to make a ripple when your a beginner, ALWAYS aim to LIFT the water, even if the water just ripples when you try, when you just aim to make a ripple, you'll never know if you were about to lift it, so always aim to LIFT the water, this way just works a WHOLE lot better, Just keep trying again and again
  30. Guest21061397
    Yes water bending is possible. Go to the beach and get in a karate stance. then start moving your hands back and fourth. You should then find that every time you pull your hands back and fourth you should find that the waves are at the same speed as your hands and at the same time. After you have done this go to and go to images and type "waterbending scroll". Hope that helped anyone who wanted to learn how to water bend.
  31. Guest20890238
    it is possible. the correct erm for it however is called hydrokinesis. i'm not sure if everyone can do this tho. i think a few ppl are born with this ability, and maybe, just maybe other ppl can do it if they have the patience, time and instruction to do so.
  32. Guest20597357
    I beleive that being able to bend elements isn't true as most people have got the idead from Avatar The Last Airbender cartoon. As much as I would love to Earth bend I have tried the rock idea when you place a rock outside and jump quickly and hard but the rock didn't move at all so all the people that think there are these special abilities all i can say is I hope your not mental in the head and keep up the fantasy's if you have any other ways that actually works or if there is a website that tells real history about people being able to bend elements then email me at this email please:
  33. Guest20541854
    Ok, so bending is possible!!! How do I know? CUZ I CAN BEND!!(dun dun duuun!)Though Ican only bend air.A good website is called (right know it's down but it should come back up soon.) :)
  34. Guest20454882
    First You Need To Master Water Then Earth Then Fire Then Air The Four Elements
  35. Guest20431788
    Yes, waterbending is real. To waterbend the first move you must master is pushing and pulling the water.This move is simple and should take around a couple of weeks to a month to master. Ok hears what you do, first you get into a possison to mediate in what ever makes you relaxed.Make sure you have a source of water like a bowel or lake as long as its water. Picture the moon pushing and pulling the water.Now fouces on the water pushing it and pulling it with your mind.Now once you get that down try lifting the water. The next move is a little harder, lifting the water.Picture you sitting on the beach or lake and a wall of water lifting out of the water. Then make it dissconnect from the waters surface. then allow it to drop once you hear a splash in the water sourde you got the you have gotton the water lift down.Practice on this move till you can do it with your eyes open.
  36. Guest20211530
    It's not possible unless your a cartoon
  37. Guest19873416
    Why offcourse it is! :D
  38. Guest19694753
    yes it is
  39. Guest19653058
    i tink it is
  40. Guest19641616
    it kinda is. I love avatar! I went to this website. trust me it works! I went on my dock and practiced. it was low tide so i made a fast moving motion with my hand like katara. the waves got bigger and bigger over the boat ramp. so i slowed down and the waves got smaller. Than i cut it off and it stopped. another time i was on my dock again. (it relaxes me) and i was curling my hands. the water was still and i heard a splash and i turned around to see a wave curl! there you have it waterbending is real! im not sure of the other elements but try them out...
  41. Guest19550528
    yes it is possible i myself am a air bender im only at a beginer level but i am makeing good progress EARTH:take a round rock and sit it out side (never close your eyes)jump quickly and hard if the rock moves your a nautural earth benfer if not u need more practice dont worry earth bending is the hardiset if u ask me. WATER:not sure...AIR:sit doun relaz move your hands in circular movements big ones not small ask a friend if they feel a current hit them at all if so u are a nautural air bender if not just practice it may take time.FIRE:(if u r a child ask for apoval from a parent)light a candel move your hands over the flame dont get to close if the flame changes in size your a nautural fire bender thats all i know THANKS!!!!:)
  42. Guest19532246
    If you belive you can you can tou can do it.
  43. Guest19365782
    anything in life is possible
  44. Guest19226511
    doe sanybody know of any1 that can do it thank you add my msn
  45. Guest19181384
    Yes, not like in Avatar. It is a way to get in touch with a stronger power using Chi.
  46. Guest18515910
    Anything is possible on earth. If you let people tell you other wise then you will never achieve your goal. People who tell you no have a negative energy that sucks away your positive energy, and if you let them effect you than you will be weak and unsuccessful. So if you think it is real, than it is possible.
  47. Guest17513277
    Well earthflame is a good site if your interesed in water earth fire or air bending ?
  48. Guest17138013
    Yes it is go to
  49. Guest16896536
    i dont think so
  50. Guest16392492
    People say it is. I don't really know, though. Time bending is possible!
  51. Guest16061079
    Course it is, you just need a proper master.
  52. Guest15595437
    Waterbending is possible, though it is not as extreme as the show avatar portrays it. Also known as hydrokinetics, its a form of telekinetics that anybody can learn, if they are dedicated. I am able to do aerokinetics, or air bending, and i have tought a few of my friends to do other forms of it. Try to look it up, there are plenty of sites out there that have some very good info. You could always start at: Hope this helps you!!
  53. Guest15331178
    of course not. In could be under enourmous meditation in some far flung jungle monastary but no, all physics point to it being immpossible. Sorry. I really would like to water bend as well. It would be awesome (especially in life saving :)
  54. Guest15211320
    i reckon it is if u try really hard and focus on it
  55. Guest15211320
    i reckon it is if u try really hard and focus on it
  56. Guest14672256
    it is possible if u can concentrate just imagine small droplets of water bonding to each other i hope it works but of course it wouldn't for me good luck
  57. Guest12913361
    its possible if you really try! put your hands on the water and slowly move them back and forth. im really not sure if this works but you could try! it may also be possible at the beach at 12:00 midnight with a full moon out. some people are born with a strange power like this (which is VERY rare) i hope this helps!!
  58. Guest7612




    IT'S a CARTOON!!!!!
  59. Guest8973
    Dear Victoria....

    I had a snarky answer all thought out, but reread your question and just couldn't bring myself to type it. It's actually really quite ... enchanting how earnest you seem about this. And I feel horribly crushing your hopes and dreams, but... better now than later, I suppose.

    Nope. Bending isn't real.

    But... y'know... that's not to say that other 'magic' or 'psychic' things aren't real. It's a big world out there.


  60. Guest2418
    not that i know of

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