Is UK Punjabi singer Jay Sean married?

by Guest3281  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Is UK Punjabi singer Jay Sean married? i mean he was somewhat famous but his move to the usa took his fame to the next level. since i like people with money and i would like to find out if he is single so i can make my money move.

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  1. wholemkt17


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  2. Jesus Fair

    Well if it is true it will take a couple of days for it to be signed and documented since the rev that married them will have to sign it and it will be taken to the county clerk office and stamped.

  3. lsly91


  4. Guest23320245

    I know for a fact that he is not married. He is with a women that he has been dating for almost 6 months now. He refrains from putting her name out to keep her out of the spotlight. Thara is a coworker nothing more. I know this because I know the woman he is secretly dating personally I see her everyday in the mirror.  He asked her to marry on a radio station but it isn't known because he wants them to be able to live a private and normal life. People he only allows you to know what he wants to tell you. He will never tell you everything about his life. I know Jaysean better then anyone ever will and sometimes according to him better then he knows himself. So those of you who think he is married get a life you have no clue.

  5. Guest23320245

    He is not married. My understanding is he is pretty serious with this woman the media claims is a secret lover and hopes to one day marry her. He refrains from making her name known because he wants to keep her out of the spotlight. I think he is very sweet an obviously loves her very much. I wish them the best of luck in journeying through life together with Jesus Christ as the center of their relationship.

  6. Guest23138890


  7. Guest23120742

    d**n... what should i really believe? I mean I dont really care if he's married or not. But why hide it to ur fans?

  8. Guest22894626


    HE IS MARRIED as ive seen his pictures and he is far farr related.. i would even say related but yh HE 110% is married :))))

  9. Guest22690166

    all this stuff about Jay Sean being married is not true..........whoever saying he is STOP LYING......and if you think you are not please give me some proof

  10. Guest22689741

     THARA is Jay Seans Manager! SNM

  11. Guest22681010

     my friends........ they are married.......... but they hide it coz of growing popularity of jay sean.. and thara's full name is thara prashad.... she's half indian.

  12. Guest22581437

    JAY SEAN is not married & if he was why would he marry a american girl i mean to say he LOVES his Religion, his Parents & his Culture. He is a SIKH & as my point of view he would never marry a girl who will him away from his culture & religion & that's for sure

  13. Guest22532441

    When will the proof of their marriage show up then?

  14. Guest22517064

    This is disgusting. i love Jay Sean and despise that female

  15. Guest22497012

    Jay Sean is married to a grgeous women called Thara, they are both a very happy couple and anyone who doesn't think they're right is completely retarted. Jay Sean is a gorgeous guy with a very kind heart whereas Thara is an amazing young woman with a great personality, the best couple I have come across yet :)

  16. Guest22418285

    oh common man aint u guys justtt doin it too much acttually my bf told me dat his fav singe was jaysean so i was chekin if how gud his choice was and am dam so happy knowin dat ma  bf is so dam like jaysean and specially an araian lukin like an indian is just so cooooooool i know itt aint no a big deal i swearr i luvv them both like h**l ma bf waseem and ma favv singa jay sean.................,nd im a gr8, gr8 gr8 fan of jaysean i wish he aint gott marrrrrrrrrrrrrrried itts so cool jaysean has his fans evven as arabbians , eggyptians and saudi arabians yeah am an arabian with me and ma bf havin ourr moms as indians so dats how we know hindi and our dads as arrrabians............ luvv jaysean hes vvvery sweet kinda guy u cn c dat througggh his ffface......................

  17. Guest22400158

    wtf hus thara ????? neva heard ov her

  18. Guest21837909


  19. Guest21110287
    to Guest 18937267.....just because it sells, doesnt' mean it's talent. get a clue, moron.
  20. Guest20984899
    Yes he is married to Thara Natalie because they are ALWAYS together and i saw pictures of their wedding and it wasn't just a photoshoot :D. He also admitted that he is' dating' someone (he means married)... If he is 'dating' why is Thara 24/24 with Jay... they also go together on holiday... and They also have a mutual dog called TyTy, it's both their dog because they share an appartment
  21. Guest20785584
    I really don't know about his marriage as I live in india.The only thing I know is that I really like Jay Sean and his vioce.He is a fantastic singer and he is sooooooooooo cute and good looking.I just hope that his marriage proves to be a rumour.
  22. Guest20431890
    won't be long before some s***k is going "down, down, down, down" on his marriage.
  23. Guest20375750
    With Thara Natalie yes, I had an arguement with her on Twitter accidently. But she forgave me. Anyway yes Jay Sean fans on Twitter said they are married. They had a wedding pic that got leaked but they reported it, so It was taken off. =)
  24. Guest20206673
    it wont last just like her parents marrage
  25. Guest19963553
    They DO know it, idiot. They've been asked to keep it quiet because he has a single, female fan base.
  26. Guest19787097
    Noooooo he is not married because if he was the media would know about it and post it somewhere.He is not married to Thara.
  27. Guest19513062
    ok so my friends jay sean'z cosin and she was invied to his wedding n isaw the pics SORRY he is married to that thara girl
  28. Guest19495807
    the photo of the catering hall in garfield is just that, a picture of a wedding hall. do you see them anywhere in the pic? as for the one of him and thara in full wedding regalia, if that's not photoshopped i don't know what is !! PEOPLE, GET LIVES!!
  29. Guest19267018
    No no he is NOT MARRIED To THARA!!!!!! If they were, there would be proof but no!!!!!! Jay Sean doesn't even want to get married yet he said so himself!! He wants to focus on his music career!!!!!! And plus why would he marry thara?!! He is ONLY doing a MUSIC ALBUM with her called MURDER!!!!!! Ok?!!!!!!!!
  30. Guest18978073
    YES- HE IS MARRIED. He is married to Thara Prashad - aka Thara Natalie on Twitter. They are always together and they live together (she is also his manager). He got married In New Jersey - and I know people who attended his wedding - and vendors who worked with them. He is not saying anything because he thinks he's a star now and that will hurt his fan base - but the truth is the truth.
  31. Guest18937267
    I dont give a freakin s###t whether he is married or not,but what annoys me is the comment of guest no 18818883. This a####le dosn't have a clue what talent is. Jay Seans' farting may be better that any talent he /she has.
  32. Guest18818883
    L O S E R S, him and his s***k wife. neither of them will ever amount to anything in this country, because neither of them have any real talent.
  33. Guest18557210
    no he's not married...i know his cousin (for privacy and protection, i will not say his name) and he said he is not married or engaged and that these r all stupid rumors...and he's an extremely accurate source for sure--he works with him, so hope that answers the question
  34. Guest18511874
    To: Guest18095064 You dont have to use your real name when you're registering,I'm sure on their marriage license, it's his real name. Do you really think it's a coincedence and there's another Thara Prashad married to another Nick Jhooti? Those are not common names. People believe what you want, the guy has a lot of you fooled. He's great at what he does but needs to stop lying. That doesnt mean tell his fans every bit of his personal life but to say he's not married is a big fat lie.
  35. rihana828
    I do not think so. I have never read that anywhere that he is married.
  36. Guest18095064
    well i doubt that he is, because i have seen many interviews with him and he said that he was single, however just recently (about two weeks ago, or maybe longer) i heard an interview on the radio with him and he said that he was seeing someone. if he was married, it wouldnt make any sense to say that he only had a girlfriend. oh and also, people are talking about the nick jhooti being on a wedding registry. although nick jhooti may have been his stage name isnt it compulosary to use your real nam ewhen you get married?
  37. Guest18037705
    i've heard lots aswell, he turned 28 this year :| i hope he isnt married to thara prasad!!!!!
  38. Guest17983568
    I doubt he is cause he's only 23 years old why would he get married at such a young age???
  39. Guest17789033
    Guys if anyone is a true jay sean fan you guys wouldnt write this stuff!!!!!Thara is jay sean's manager and that's it.She is his manager and thats why everyone thinks they are in love and stuff.If you search thara prashad wiki it says that she is involved with someone and that jay is unmaried and he is looking for a indian girl to marry.!!!! Sooo love jay and thara alone!! jay is the best singer ever!<3
  40. Guest17693021
    few week ago thara Wikipedia said that he was her boyfriend . now they change everthing
  41. Guest17662660
    i dont think jay sean is married because if he was then the papparzi would know all about it and it would be all over the news.. and ii loove hiimm tooo
  42. Guest17589303
    is there anyone who DOESN'T have a cousin or brother's friend or sister's boyfriend who DIDN'T go to this friggin' wedding. gimme a break people.
  43. Guest17589129
    you think she's bad? you haven't met the rest of her arrogant family.
  44. Guest17568532
    Yes he is married.. and when i met the pair i was disgusted, ive never met such an arrogant, stuck up and selfish woman in my life. jay sean on the other hand was busy but humble and kind, his wife (who definately is his wife as my boyfriends sister went to the wedding) is a cow.
  45. Guest17508492
    search Jay Sean reveals secreton google or yahoo and in that article he says that he has a american girlfriend and that he is not mariied. He dosen't want to reveal the girl because she is not in the industry.
  46. Guest16969837
    Jay Sean is soooo good looking and has a great voice. I don't think he is married but the girl Thara goes eveywere with him.On a indian show AVS Thara was with jay again,and the host sid that Thara was part of jay's management team. But you never no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. kitkat kiran
    Guys!!!!!!!!!1 hold it!!! sumone is sayin he's married..sumone sayin no hes not.. what the heck is going on??? just tell me whether he's married or not... and if he really is... I wanna kill himmm
  48. Guest16731429
    yes he is - he defo needs to stop lying to his fans!
  49. Guest16680182
    He is defintely 100% married. There was a picture up on their wedding photographer's website but they took it down. Google Thara Prashad and Nick Jhooti and you'll see they were registered at Macy's. They were married in New Jersey in August 2009. There's also tons of pics on facebook on their friends and family's albums. Thara wears a ring and is at all his shows. Who cares if he's married or not but he should stop lying about it. Be real with your fans! When it all comes out, and it will... everyone will see what a liar Jay Sean is.
  50. Guest16617913
    dj kucha? i've seen this guy dj and it's more like dj kootchie!
  51. Guest16537735
    yes he is! i have some mutual friends- and seen loads of pics of the two of them 2gether!
  52. Guest16501301
    IS there any actuall proof of the wedding photots? do you actually expect me to believe you? Yeah right? I'm not going to believe that he's married unless theres a picture of proof! :( xx
  53. Guest16358771
    Yes thara natalie prashad and jay sean (kamaljit singh jhooti) got maried last yearin new jersey
  54. Guest16139870
    he could be married, im not sure , he is not married to thara well hopefulli not fingers crossed! (no offence pple)she is pretty but u noooooo they dont go its a different story tht they lyke each other.
  55. Guest16138294
    image? what image? the one of him being a liar or a player? i hope for her sake he's NOT married.
  56. Guest16109780
    Search Thara Prashad on yahoo and it tells you the truth. Guys Jay Sean has got to stop lying. Face the truth.
  57. Guest16108904
    LMAO there are so many people sayin: "my firend's unlce is related to Thara" or "My friend's cousin's friend was invited to his wedding" or: "My another cousin has a friend who knows somebody who was invited" . That is crazy. If these were all true then all the Indian world should be related.
  58. Guest16046819
    OMG!!! im sooo fucken confused!! i just wana know the truth!! llike s**t
  59. Guest16030057
    My friends uncle is related to thara and they did get married! I saw pictures!! Jay Sean dosent want girls to know because it will ruin his image! I want jay sean to be ruined now!!
  60. Guest15922852
    I heard from DJ Kucha that he DJ'd Jay Sean's wedding to Thara. However, today on the Wendy Williams show he said he wasn't married but he has someone special. Is it an image thing he's trying to uphold? Or did he get separated, I don't know.
  61. Guest15790801
    yes! he's married. google nicky jhooti (jay sean's name) and thara prashad. they registered for their wedding which was held on june 20, 2009 in NJ.
  62. Guest15671135
    Hi I'm tote I'm 19 yaers old from saudi Arabia I'm big fan of jay sean when I hear his song(DOWN) I love it just I shakt to know his Married but I wish him lauk.
  63. Guest15484461
    Yes hes Actullay Married to thara natalie/prasad if you dont believe it check both of their twitters out.. as they both talk about going on holiday and arriving bak 2 new York on the same day check it jay sean twitter with a different search.. and TharaNatalie twitter Put ur minds to Rest!
  64. Guest15357031
    jay sean is a good singer but he just dosen't tell the truth.He is driving me nuts...
  65. Guest15319105
  66. Guest15311826
    sorry guys he is married, most of his fans are young girls, being married would mess up his image thats why its easier being single, and well thara is getting that $$$ so shes not going to complain either lol its kinda sad though that people will say anything just to make that $$$ hes letting his fans down by lying
  67. Guest15307415
    Jay Sean is MARRIED we had Ladoo's from his family..anyways it should not matter after all fans like him and his music...being married does not change the person your a fan of also GOOD LUCK TO HIM..his music rocks THAT is CASE CLOSED.
  68. Guest15273502
    ii swear he recently marriied a chick called Zahra or Sara or suink like that .. thats wah i heard :S
  69. Guest15163065
    Yes again, he's married. And to Thara! I was invited to the wedding, summer '09. Thara is my cousin, i have wedding pictures of family with him at THE WEDDING. I didn't get to go because there was another death in the family. You people can believe whatever you want too, but Thara is gorgeous if you've ever talked to or met her in person. So please please stop saying he's not married based off of some rumors floating around he's engaged to a random girl and ran off to Paris like I've heard this morning. He's married to Thara case closed idiots.
  70. Guest15162954
    No he`s not and in a celebrity tv programme he said thara is a friend who he was brought up with and that ring is on his right in panjabi culture left hand is the marrige one anyway he`s focasing on his career
  71. Guest15162954
    No he`s not and in a celebrity tv programme he said thara is a friend who he was brought up with and that ring is on his right in panjabi culture left hand is the marrige one anyway he`s focasing on his career
  72. Guest14960176
  73. Guest14922716
    guys he is married to Angelie Jolie..i went to their marriage.
  74. Guest14868153
    noooooooo way hez married with thara i luv him and he luvs me were geting married soon in my dreams.not ugly thara
  75. Guest14824907
    He isn't married, he is engaged. If you read I'm the booklet of his new album, All Or Nothing, he states that Thara is just a great friend. The girl he us engaged to, I believe, is named Sara.
  76. Guest14823582
    Jay Sean is married retards. Thara is my cousin lol i was at their wedding in Jersey in the summer. Believe what you may, but they ARE married.
  77. Guest14619545
    I Don't think he is married. If he is married he is a liar and he is lying to his fans about him not being marrieed to Thara.
  78. Guest14537011
    Um excuse me? he is married, my teacher is jay sean's friend and he personally invited her to his wedding.
  79. Guest14286883
  80. Guest14022020
    f**k no Jay is not married to Thara plus shes not even all that cute, he is currently single!!!!!!
  81. Guest13985540
    Know for a fact that he's married. Why they hide it? I don't know.
  82. Guest13973285
    Its seems that Jay is lying to his fans. If you watch the youtube snippet of Cash money heroes Thara sits behind him and is wearing a massive ring. Jay is a fraudster lying to his loyal fans who have supported him from the start.
  83. Guest13972974
    Jay Sean is not married f**k that i just ran into him in NYC and he asked me for my # ..there for hes not married to thara or at least faithful ...than he asked me to "Ride It" ..and i did..
  84. Guest13204112
    I dont think he is married. He is either planning to get married or engaged. & Dont get freaked out by that ring on his finger! It could be a girt from his sister's/brother's in - laws. If your PUNJABI you know what i'm talking about. MILNI!
  85. Guest13204112
    I dont think he is married. He is either planning to get married or engaged. & Dont get freaked out by that ring on his finger! It could be a girt from his sister's/brother's in - laws. If your PUNJABI you know what i'm talking about. MILNI!
  86. Guest13150643
    Yehh hes married to my friends cousin thara prashad
  87. Guest13150395 is a rumor
  88. Guest12926661
    y get married to black girl?
  89. Guest12521785
    well i love jay sean..........i think he is married i saw a youtube video...!! not sure...!!!!!!!!! ♥
  90. Guest12294649
    Hes married to thara natile an his parents live in Hounslow however after he signed up to cash money has moved 2 america
  91. Guest12293745
    no u lot are stupid this is a rumour
  92. Guest12220197
    yes he is married.... married in bergen county nj
  93. Guest12123215
    Yes he's married, my cousin is far related to him and went to his wedding.
  94. Guest12024449
    for you guys that say he got married, how did you know he did???
  95. Guest11921983
    nooo hes not married...those are rumors
  96. Guest11811689
    yes.:( He got married in New Jersy in August 2009 sometime.
  97. Guest11598859
    Jay Sean got married in August 2009 to Thara Prashad.
  98. Guest11155122
    But her name is Thara Natalie ... I mean that girls name who sung M.U.R.D.E.R with Jay, isn't it?
  99. Guest10873036
    yes jay sean is married. He got married to Thara Prasad(yes the girl who sang M.U.R.D.E.R) on August 8th 2009 at New Jersey
  100. Guest9913123
    jay sean is indian. but he is born and brought up there. he is sikh by reliogn and loves his parents and a well cultured

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