Is Sushi Cat an online arcade game?

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I, usually, play yahoo online game in my spare time. These games are very interesting and increase my abilities to sense other things. Currently, I play solitaires on yahoo games. I find it boring. Please tell me about Sushi Cat and about moving to next level. Please share information if know about it.

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  1. James Augustus

    Sushi Cat is an online arcade game. It is very simple and easy to play. A person of any age who is feeling bore at home can enjoy Sushi Cat.

    In Sushi Cat player has a few bouncy, round cats, a playing area having sushi and peg obstacles, and there is box at the bottom. Players must drop their cats to complete a level, one at a time, so that cats eat a good amount of sushi on the way down. By filling up the belly of the cat you can clear the level and move the next round. After clearing several rounds of sushi stupidity you again join the same story of the increasingly fatter cat and his pursuit for companionship. Does he find the gal of his dreams? You gotta play to find out. Each round makes the level more difficult for its player to play and obstacles get bigger in size in every passing round. At every passing level, you fortunately get more power by giving you extra cats; allow your hero to gasp the sushi in the surrounding area; or you can blast your cat out of cannon to area of your choice of the screen.


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