Is QVC host Lisa Robertson dating anyone?

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Lisa Robertson, is my favorite QVC programme host, I have been watching this programme, since 1995 when Lisa became part of this show. I have been looking for Lisa’s personal life information, but could not get the details on net. I want to know, is she married, or is she currently seeing anyone.

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  1. Guest23880598

    As of late fall 2010 and early spring of 2011 she was seen with designer Bradley Bayou.

  2. Guest23220307

    i would she is a babe

  3. Mitchel
    Lisa Robertson, hosts the QVC program, she joined this program in the year 1995. In this program, Lisa gives presentations regarding the product information, demonstrates different features of the products, and conducts interactive sessions with on–air guests, celebrities, and viewers. Lisa Robertson is a brilliant and dynamic lady, who has multiple talents. She was crowned, Miss Tennessee in the Miss America pageant, back in 1989. She has a B.S. degree in Long–Term Health Care Administration from Southern College, Collegedale, TN. She keeps her personal life a purely private matter; she has never talked about her romantic relationships on media. It clearly shows that she doesn’t wish to make her private life details public. So, her fans should respect their star’s desire for privacy, it’s better not to be nosy. If someone is popular and pretty, it doesn’t make him/her, a matter of public scrutiny.
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    Who would want to????
  5. Guest10873498
    Who is Lisa Robertson Dating

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