Is Pakistan in a dire need of Real Leaders like Imran Khan and/or Musharraf?

by Syed Badar Abbas  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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A recent survey report published by Gallop reveals that Imran Khan and Musharraf do have the potential to emerge as real-life leaders that can be relied on. My questions is if Pakistan is currently in a dire need of any one of these two leaders or the nation may still walk along the current corrupt government?

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  1. Marie

    Yes, Pakistan is in the dire need of real leaders like Musharraf or Imran Khan. Musharaf also took some wrong decisions as a president of Pakistan but he was still much better than other leaders and politicians. Musharaf was concerned about country’s progress too. He has the ability to deal with country’s serious matters. Similarly Imran Khan is also seemed sincere towards country’s progress.

  2. Guest23256322

    Yes, Pakistan needs more real leaders who loves their country and bring the prosperity in our great home land.


  3. James Augustus

    Definitely,Pakistan really needs a leadership who can drive it according to the wishes of the people of Pakistn.

  4. ZZ

     Yes Pakistan do need leaders like this because if we look upon the time duration when Mr. Musharaf was the president of Pakistan at that time Pakistan was going very much towards progress. No matter how he gained the power but he was the man who despite all other facts kept the aim in mind to do some thing for Pakistan. 

    Same way Imran Khan is also among those people who are truly loyal to their country. He wants to work for Pakistan and wants to take Pakistan into progressed nations. 
    But due the the political setup here in Pakistan He has not been able to be in the front. Well above these two names the real thing which is taking Pakistan to the present situation is corruption. We need to get this thing out form our selves and lead our country as a model to others. I know it is not an easy thing to achieve but when i look towards India then i change my thinking. If they can change themselves and lead their country to progress then why can't us. It is the time when Youth has to play their part.  
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