Is Pacific Coast Academy Boarding School from Zoey 101 a real school?

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Is Pacific Coast Academy Boarding School from Zoey 101 a real school? i have a friend she is thinking of attending it and i can't seem to find much about pacific coast academy boarding school.

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  1. Guest28114695

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  3. Guest27902984

    hey guess22 or what ever your name is you need to calm your horses really and yes it is a real school and really your the only one that answered 54 times so i think you should stop.

  4. Guest26697543

    pca is a real school because it is at a college

  5. Guest26100969

    yes it is real it is in california and it is a very nice school accpeting now. It is under construction. I actually am going to the school  right now and it is amazing. tthere is entertainment, lounges for every dorm complex, gym, nice classrooms , boys and girls dorms and snacks available whenevr you want them and you get a mini fridge in your dorm. to see pics visit: and it has prep classes for ages 5-11 and high school class for 11 and up. please send in your stuff i would love to meet new people next year at my school.

  6. Guest24960871

    b*****s and dogs who wrote thisare idiots as to what they class us who are trying to find out a little info. on this f------ place i can find other souces

  7. Guest23334404

    come on please people i hate you


  8. Guest23290029

    no its not its filmed at Pepperdine University in california. zoey is not real zoey is an actor played by Jamie Lynn Spears. every1 who says their signing up up 2 go there are LYING! they just called it something diff. in the show

  9. Guest23248192

    They might have just made it a real school just for the show Zoey 101.

  10. Guest22936719

    Yes. It's in Pepperdine University

  11. Guest22741936


  12. Guest22724900

    its not a real school it is a bluff


  13. Guest22704965


  14. Guest22602532

    is PCA a real school

  15. Guest22597873

    Yeah it is i called and its real(:

  16. Guest22586452

    does the campus have the same things has the campus on tv

  17. Guest22574783

    mabe there is a real school and then again maby not.

  18. Guest22562743

    Yes it is a real <a href=>girl boarding schools</a> but its called pepperdine university. Furthermore, Pacific Coast Academy doesn't really exist but the actually school they shot it in does. The inside does not look like what they show on Zoey 101 since it is only a set.

  19. Guest22527575


    Whoever doesn't know what Cali STUPID!



  20. Guest22527109

    Listen up all you idiots out there who think PCA is a real school. And whoever says "yes it is I go there' Is lying. PCA is a few diffrent places shot together. And it IS in California but it is not real. You see, The actual pca is fictional but, it is filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu. So in reality, it is not really a real place. They just shoot it there during the summer vacation when college is not in session for students.
    So to find your answer, just go to the Pepperdine university homepage & you'll find out all the things that are there in zoey 101.

    There Now get it staright

  21. Guest22522285

    yeah ,all the dumb butt cracks out there,pca is a real school....................dumb bucketsss

  22. Guest22502310 a great boarding school.

  23. Guest22496222


  24. Guest22466450

    yes it is

  25. Guest22462384

    you guys are freakin dumb all you liars  there is no PCA and people saying they know zoey she isnt even real and all the charachters arent real its something called acting its JUST A SHOW the were filmed at pepperdine UNIVERSITY and the dorms were sets think reality people is there really going to be a school like that even if there was a school like that it would probably be alot of money and be overflooded with people

  26. Guest22453079

    of corse it is a real school! DUH i go there!


  27. Guest22445101

    I've been researching it because I'm really interested too... but, it's a real school, but not as fascinating as the one used on Zoey 101 or anything. It basicly looks NOTHING like the school used in Zoey 101...Zoey 101 is actually filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, which is unfortunatly a college, not a a boarding school. But the dorms and everything that appear on the show are filmed on the set of Zoey 101, not inside Pepperdine. So instead, here are some boarding schools that I personally am considering:






    Hope this helps! :)

  28. Guest22431541

    really???  if so send me a link cuz me nd my sister wants go not becuz of zoey101 we want to go nd explore the world 

  29. Guest22385681

    i bieble everybody that said yes

  30. Guest22379978

     i think it's a real school..maybe in real it's not the same name..but i hope it's a real school..but the point is,it's just an amazing school!!

  31. Guest22379978

     i think it's a real school..maybe in real it's not the same name..but i hope it's a real school..but the point is,it's just an amazing school!!

  32. Guest22379978

     i think it's a real school..maybe in real it's not the same name..but i hope it's a real school..but the point is,it's just an amazuing school!!

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  34. Guest22209470

    were the heck is cali that dosen't even sound like a real place! 

  35. Guest22022114

    no one can say they saw  the crew at pca cuz they dont even go there they go to pepperdine uni. they make the school look like pca pepperdine a collage and pca a carter school. and yes pca a rl school


  36. Guest21632295

     yes, it is

  37. Guest21632033

    yes pca is a real boarding school.


  38. Guest21586949

    sure it is i've seen it

  39. Guest20327121
    PCA is a real school but the school where zoey, logan, chase and who ever else went there is a college campus.
  40. Guest19985304
    i really think is real it look real to me look it up on google and see for yourself
  41. Guest19583106
    the location of pca/pacific coast academy is is filmed on a campus. however its a colledge campus named pepperdine university.pacific coast academy is not an real school for children to attend. pca was just a name the cast and crew of the show zoey101 had chosen to make into an bording school to tell the story of a young girl named zoey brooks attending a bording school where she tells her life of going to a bording school.this is the official answer.i called and visited the university my self. along with pacific coast academy neither does mystic beach, sushi rox,or the scene decorations/props exist.these are all just names and items the cast and crew came up with to put toghether the show of no one in the show realy has those pca shirts, those stingray shirts, and pca back packs. they all are just scene decorations from the show. so all the others who say pacific coast academy exist are not telling the truth. this is the real true final answer to this question.
  42. Guest19497041
    what is youll school real number
  43. Guest18904984
    Yes,its filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu,California
  44. Guest18113880
    yes because i saw it online go to Google and type in pca boarding school
  45. Guest17172806
    yo i so wanna go to this school i come from the uk but i would love to go there plus ur allways with ur mates so cool
  46. Guest16568277
    yes it is it a real school i am at the school you can see zoey me and her are friend and logn is so hot he my boyfriend he so cute
  47. Guest15466661
    hey.. can you give me the link? because I can't see it in google, only with zoey 101 and I want the phone number ..
  48. Guest15360844
    Yes it is a real school because i Have been going their for a year already
  49. Guest15336199
    yes of course it i seen young children go there come on i might there.IT IS REAL
  50. Guest15130245
    technicaly it is becasuse my parents might be sending me to the campus
  51. Guest14116262
    It is because i went there
  52. Guest13377295
    yes gon on pca you will see i saw pictures
  53. Guest13377295
    yeah if zoey goes to it then it is
  54. Guest12086649
    yes it is I'm signing up tomorrow
  55. Guest11565462
  56. Guest11472781
  57. Guest2828104
    yes it is. it's in cali.

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