Is Northwestern Theological Seminary a legitimate school?

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Is Northwestern Theological Seminary a legitimate school? there are lots of these colleges around and i'm thinking of joining the northwestern but would it help and is it legal?

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  1. Guest28415271

    NTS is a cubersom online system. Having said that, I finished my THD prgram and was awarded a degree. Grades were posted and the administration responded to my emails. My advisor Dr. Galloza also responed to my email. It can be frustrating not being able to speak to a person. This seminary gives you the ability to project Jesus Christ in your writings. The program does not make you a faithfull servant of Jesus Christ. Word and Spirit does.

  2. Guest28267966
  3. Guest28160202

     Totally a hoax. Once I paid the money, all communication stopped. No return emails or phone calls. What a waste. I can't get anyone to contact me and I doubt I'll ever see my money again. Can't believe I fell for it. 

  4. Guest28114695

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  6. Guest28113852

    I just got shamed myself when they decided to do a catch 22.  I was unable to contact my advisor Dr. Samuel Gonzales who is also the president of the company.  I never got a grade for all the 12 classes I had was always the excuse that they had problems with the email.  I tried to contact the Admin, but they never responded and gave a phone number which I called and referred to Admin to tell you to email them....the catch 22.  I guess they would hope that I would be going away.  I gave upfront $3000.00 and when I first went in.....I did not hear from them for 3 days.  

         I wished I found this sight before which I did a look up and found no information about anything. is not legitimate in the eyes of God if they are taking money from people and not fullfilling their obligations.  When there is a communications problem, then there is a high probable cause of Scam, but one can always complaine not only to the BBB, but also to the FBI.  I do not think there would be a problem is there is an investigation. If they are ligatimate, then their business standerds should be higher than that which is among the Gentile people or the none believers.  unfortunatly, it is not due to the lack of communication and the catch 22 thing....

         It does bring ones attention however that people are hungry to know Gods word and desire to go into ministry.  Perhaps I can make something set up a web page and start my own school of ministry.  One that would be complient to the Department of Education which would be Accredited for Associates and for a BA degree.  With low cost!  For the Glory of God.

    This makes me look at what happened to Abraham of those who took his wife.  Abraham was a man who saw what was happening and protected himself to be alive from those who sought to kill him for his wife.....he ended up to be prosperious and it was God who Blessed him.

    Forgive, but also know those who seek to do one harm.  Realize this is that God will always bring Justice!





  7. Guest28083268

     RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN from this program! It is a total scam. After paying $1700 with no grades and no communication, I finally came to my senses and closed my Paypal acct. I have reported this "school" to the Better Business Bureau, to Paypal and to the Florida fraud law enforcement agencies. My "advisor" was the mysterious Samuel Galloza, who seems to be every student's advisor. Plus he is the "president" of the "school." It would be impossible for one person to fulfill both of these positions, esp since he claims to have thousands of NTS students throughout the world. Do not expect to get grades, feedback, emails, communication from this "school." The only response you will get is if you close your account and they stop getting their money from you.

  8. Guest28074435

    the guest that claims to be a doctorate student with a seem to make a lot of typos to make that claim.   payed instead of paid for example

  9. Guest28070864

    The school is not viable. I know and have been a student for over three years. I typed a much detailed comment as to why but the site did not post it. Not bad mouthing the school but I highly recommend you look somewhere else. You will be disappointed after you send your money.

  10. Guest28029292

    I have a problem with the accrediting agency. The Federal Gov't list shows it to be located in Pakistan. The grammar and spelling errors on the accrediting site are a TOTAL discouragement.

  11. Guest27942601

     Truth be told both the poisitive and negative comments about Northwestern Theological Seminary are null and void. Since everyone who comments is labled as: "guest", thter is no credibility to any of your or my cooments. Both negative, positive and false comments may be placed and published online by anyone. If this is a scam, one of the scammers may give a great testtimony of his/her NWTS experience just as a hoax to help save the scam! On the other hand, on-line competeters could be offering negative feedback to cause disruption for business. Anything anyone states about this school is null and void if the identity of the commentator remains anonymous!


  12. Guest27931747

    Don't enroll in this seminary, raising the dead is easier than getting any response out of these people. Fax aftrer fax email after email and nothing but crickets. Don't waste your time or money!

  13. Guest27926009

    I am well aware of the quality educational programs offered at NTS. They are a legitiamte Christ centered, worldwide educational ministry. Northwestern Thological Seminary is a 33- year old educational ministry with approximately 1,000 branches worldwide. NTS is headquartered in Florida for their online program. Their Administrative headquarters is located in Mt. Dora, Florida at Solid Rock Worship Center, an Affiliate of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ which is also part of the Northwestern Theological Seminary worldwide ministry network. Bishop; Larry Stutzman is Senior Bishop of WCJC in Mt. Dora, Florida at the Solid Rock Worship center location. Dr. Samuel Galloza is NTS President. Northwestern also has a mail box service in Port Richey, Florida, to handle volume mail from it's worldwide branches. Graduates have been ordained by major denominations and NTS has numerous students and alumni from major Colleges and University such as Liberty University. Northwestern offers a quaity curriculum and is not a degree mill as substantial work is required to earn a degree. It has been uncovered that unscrupulous competitors have been making false statements in blog posts in an attempt to sabotage NTS. However, NTS remains one of the oldest and largent online seminaries worldwide and recognized in the Christian community for providing quality, Christ centered, education to thousands worldwide. There costs are 98% less than private universities and paid based on a minimum suggested Love Offer which potential students enter on the online application through the NTS website. NTS was investigated by a former U.S. Federal Agent and found to be a quality educational program. Former Fed. Agent Miguel Contreras' review is available through the site topics menu of the NTS website as are numerous positive student testimonials.  this is a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ reponsible for the making of thousands of Christian disciples soine 1980.   *This is a review by IACEA, a Christian school accreditor.  Remember; Only Satan by the Spirit of the Anti-Christ, launches evil attacks on God's ministries with the intention to cause harm. He is defeated! We pray for those who in a lost state, would attack a ministry of the Lord. May they repent and surrender to Christ.


  14. Guest27926009

    Northwestern Thological Seminary is a 33- year old educational ministry with approximately 1,000 branches worldwide. NTS is headquartered in Florida for thier online program. Their Administrative headquarters is located in Mt. Dora, Florida at Solid Rock Worship Center, an Affiliat of the Worldiwde Church of Jeuss Christ which is also part of the Northwestern Theological Seminary worldwide ministry network. Bishop; Larry Stutzman is Senior Biishop of WCJC in Mt. Dora, Florida at the Solid Rock Worship center location. Northwestern also has a mail box service in Port Richey, Florida, to handle volume mail from it's worldwide branches. Graduates have been ordained by major denominations and NTS has numerous students and alumni from major Colleges and University such as Liberty University. Northwestern offers a quaity curriculum and is not a degree mill as substantial work is required to earn a degree. It has been uncovered that unscrupulous competitors has been making false statemkent in blog posts in an attempt to sabotage NTS. However, NTS remains one of the oldest and largent online seminaries worldwide and recognized in the Christian communit for providing quality, Christ centered, education to thousands worldwide. There costs are 98% less than private universities and paid based on a minimum suggested Love Offer which potential studnets enter on the online application through NTS website. NTS was investigated by a former U.S. Federal Agent and found to be a quality educational program. Former Fed. Agent Contreras review is available on the site topics menu of the NTS website as are numerous positive student testimonials.  thsi is a ministry fo the Lord jesus Christ reponsible for the making of thousands of Christian disciples soine 1980.   *This review by Christian school accreditor.  Remember; Only Satan by the Spirit of the Anti-Christ posts evil attacks on God's ministries.


  15. Guest27922840

    I am one of those disgruntled NTS students.  I have been working feverishly to read and complete assignments.  I have been a student for a year and a half with only a few minor glitches in communication.  However, grades have not been received for about a year.  My advisor reassures me that everything is in line.  After numerous daily emails, new course keys have been impossible to receive.  I am told he can't gain access to my PLP!  Ridiculous!!  Does anyone have information that can help me resolve my dilema?

  16. Guest27881959

    I am a part of the collage ( go somewhere else) This place have not responded to any of my assignments or questions for 3 to 6 months at a time ( im sorry but i am very upset and hurt that i have been foolish in the was i stewarted the money i have given these plp. I looked up the address they have listed and its a empty strip mall. Dont waste your time on this place


  17. Guest27849517

    Unfortunately, I do think this is a scam. I enrolled in the PhD program, paid the fee & have been paying monthly for a couple+ months. I have never had any of my assignments graded, although I rec's auto-confirmation of receipt. I have e-mailed ad nauseum, sent USPS & tried to fax - rec'd error message to find out what was going on - no responses. My account balance never reflected more than the first payment & non of my inquiries about whether or not my transcript was received were ever answered. I gave them 3 last weeks to respond - nothing. I have now filed compaints w/ PayPal, BBB & the internet crime branch of the FBI. I am really disappointed as I was very much looking forward to participating in the advertised program.

  18. Guest27798260

    I have read alot of comments about NTS(both good and bad) either way...facts are facts. I have personally attended major university and recieved  a B.A. in Political Science/double minor in Psycology/Religious Studies and I also attented and graduted from a 1 year bible school w/ a certificate in Biblical Studies. I have research NTS like I was the irs and everything was sound. People, No school secular or regilious is perfect, so if you are looking for some perfect school...let me tell you, their is'nt one. I am planning to attented NTS in  a couple of months...because the Holy Spirt told me to, that's it. NTS is accredited by the state of florida(that's a fact) religious school can opt out to regionally accredited(that's a fact)..No Secular school ackowledge any religous from anywhere reglious school unless they are a secular University of High learning that teaches some religious coures or programs(maybe,it depends). People remember "separation between chruch and state". I am a minister and Ceo/Founder of a worldwide ministry, so I say this with love...if you don't like NTS don't go, but if you profess to a Christian and are spreading lie,rumors or acts of the sinful nature about anything,person etc... then you need more then a seminary, you need to be delievered from your carnal ways. God Bless, you all....I'll see you soon NTS 

  19. Don Terry

    All I can tell you is that Northwestern Theological Seminary is not listed in the U.S. Department of Education database of accredited schools.  The link is  See for yourself.  I attended Western Kentucky University and Vanderbilt Divinity School and am considering Asbury Theological Seminary.  All of these are listed on the database.  I was about to apply to NTS because of finances, but my red alert flag is waving too hard to proceed.

  20. Guest24225082

    I am a Northwestern Theological Seminary D.Min. student and I love my program.  I have finished all of my core courses, and am humbled to say that I have a 4.0 GPA. I had to work very hard in my text readings and assignments,but it has payed off. I am now on my doctoral dissertation, and my advisors are extremely helpful, approachable, and filled with Godly wisdom and counsel.  I highly recommend this on-line seminary to busy professional Christians called to God's work.  If you choose Northwestern for your bachelors, masters, or doctortate, you will not be dissappointed.

  21. Guest23950701

    Surely I have put all what you mentioned in my email. I was also aware of the weekend issue.  Otherwise I will not be so bothered.  Thanks anyway.

  22. Guest23942193

    I do not see why you should worry about getting your PhD, if you are in the process of completing your requirements. The fact that you have not received a reply to an email sent would not disqualify you from receiving your degree, if you have met all requirements. There could be many reasons why you may not have received a reply, including the reply may have been received into your SPAM or Junk folder and having been deleted without your knowledge. Communications are very simple with Northwestern as long as you follow the instructions given in communicating with the staff of the school. You must be sure that your full name and student number have been provided. Sending an email to the school should include all that is necessary for a proper identification of who is the student. Most schools have measures in place to assure that the communications taking place are between the actual student and the school in order to avoid spammers and hackers. I would recommend sending the school your communication with your full name and student number included. Also, be aware that the school is closed on weekends and holidays, so you must not include these days in your response time.


  23. Guest23942174

    I am a student of Northwestern Theological Semianry and NTS is always promopt with their online communications. Any student can interact with staff by the MOODLE online educational management system without even sending an e-mail. I am concerned that negative, deceptive posts are being placed by an unethical competitor.

    The only way that the NTS Seminary would not reply to any e-mail, is if it was sent with NO subject line. Viruses are often sent in e-mails that fail to display a subject line and I happen to know that it is NTS policy not to open such e-mails. The best way for students to communicate with NTS Seminary is through the MOODLE, but then again any student at NTS should already know that...


  24. Guest23942174

    Northwestern Theological, Seminary is a quality 31-year old Christian seminary.

    Just go to their website and read the student testimonials.

  25. Guest23937667

    Anyone can help??

    I am a AADP student and I almost finish my thesis. But I have sent email twice to Admin office without reply for a week.  I am quite worrying about if I can really get the PhD degree.

  26. Guest23557086

    Well, in regards to them not answering emails - I am considering this Seminary and so I sent them an email. I got a response very quickly and was very detailed and answered my questions fully, for the most part. I even asked about this very issue, and they do admit prior to their Moodle implementation, they had issues. Not so now. Just FYI!

  27. Guest23140873

    But they say they offer degrees by thesis: "AADP is a degree by research program. Based on student qualifications, the AADP is designed to be accomplished in as little as (12) twelve weeks to (1) one year from enrollment. Upon completion the student will receive, based on their program, a Master of Theology by thesis-only in the established major, or a Doctorate of Philosophy by dissertation-only in the established major. The AADP student transcripts will reflect a grade based on the submission of their thesis or dissertation only, and if required, the five core courses and two major courses.

    "The AADP degree program is a well known and accepted method in which many students are obtaining advance graduate level degrees in a variety of different majors at educational institutions around the world. The thesis-only and dissertation-only degree programs are also known by the term ‘degree by research’. There are a number of well known universities in the USA and internationally that offer this type of degree by research-only program."




  28. Guest22698201

    Sorry.. Northwesterns URL was entered incorrectly. Please note correction.

    The seminary name is Northwestern Theological Seminary. However, their web address is;  Students can save as much as 98% over regionally accredited schools by enrolling with NTS. Initial fee to enroll is just $299. Be prepared to work as no degree will be awarded unless all coursework is completed. Graduate programs require core curriculum and thesis for the masters and core courses and a dissertation for the doctorate with challenge. Course requirements are similar to that of government approved colleges and universities. They also offer a state of the art online library with all books and ministry resources provided 100% free of charge. This online library is well known worldwide and used by numerous other Bible centerd schools, students, pastors and ministers.

  29. Guest22698201

    Statement form a graduate:

     On the issue of accreditation, I was curious as to the legitimacy the institution had prior to enrolling. I'm southern Baptist and have also ministered in A/G churches, both of which are large denominations and have their own top-notch seminaries. I called Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as Assembly of God Theological Seminary and they both told me that they accept NTS grads into their various programs. My NTS bachelors degree was good enough to get me into SBTS this coming fall. All I can say is that other well respected regionally accredited schools know of them and have good opinions of them. Call around yourself and talk to people in admissions offices, they'll tell you the same thing.

    Academically they are solid, but wouldn't recommend them to just anyone. You really should be somewhat grounded in what you believe and be able to explain yourself. NTS does not really teach a specific doctrine, they expect you to present a position and be able to defend it. If you already know what you believe and why you believe it, you'll be fine. If not, its probably not the best place to be. I wrote more than one term-paper that was highly critical of of the course text and, because I vigorously presented my position, I did well. For me, not being forced into a doctrinal mold was very refreshing. Others might struggle with that.

  30. Guest22691849

    Guest21985296   Has made a false, desceptive and misleadingly malicious post that should be removed form this bolg.

    This guest is trying to smear NTS by associating them with an accreditor for which NTS is not accredited. I researched all of the links in the posting and could not find ONE reference to Northwestern Theological Seminary. PLEASE REMOVE THIS POSTING AS IT IS VER DECEPTIVE and ATTEMPTS TO DISCREDIT A GOOD SEMINARY.


  31. Guest22691849

    Another mean spirited attack by the enemy where someone is attacking the ligitiimacy of NTS seminary a 31- year old worldwide educatiuonal ministry, while claiming to have earned a PHD there, by Thesis.. First of all, Northwestern does not award PHD degrees by Thesis. Any legitimate student of NTS would know this. All PHD degree programs at NTS require a core curriculum, research assignments and a Dissertation. This proves that some organization is represeting itself as a ficticious student and making false postings in an attempt to injure the reputation of Northwestern, to draw enrollments to their school. NTS is aware of this and has been informed that a particular school, based in the USA, is using such an evil strategy motivated by greed. God will never allow such evil practices to succeed.

    This ficticious student also claims that they sent a copy of their diploma to the board of education and that they were advised that no one would acept such a degree? This is obvioulsy false, deceptive and rediculous, since being regionally accredited is not the only requirement to be recognized or to have credits accepted by other schools.

    Over the past 31-years, Northwestern Theological Seminary degrees and credits have been accepted by numerous other institutions of higher learning and major denominations. So such a misleading statement is also an obvious lie. It is a FACT that almost every college and university began without having regional accrditation, or for that matter any accreditation. Yet, students who graduate from such schools are still able to transfer credits to other institutions and even have their degrees recognized by some, although the decision to accept such is an arbitrary dicision and depends on the institution.

    My knowledge of NTS is that they are a absolutely a legitimate and recognized seminary which provides quality educational content and that students must work to earn their degrees from NTS. NTS seminary is also are possibly the only online seminary which offers the MOODLE online eduational management system which is the same system used by majory colleges and universities. Northwestern Theological Seminary was investigated by a U.S. Federal Agent several years ago and found to be a ligitimate school. In fact, the Federal Agent was so impressed that he later enrolled with Northwestern and earned a degree with NTS. You can read his report on the seminary website at NTS degree programs are for those who seek a future in ministry related avocations such as teaching in a Christain school, Missionary work, Pastoral counseling and social work, Pastoral ministries, Evangelism, Apologetics, Church administration and other ministry related avocations. Northwestern does not prepare people for the secular workforce and the NTS Bible centered. Educational degree programs are up to 98% less costly then secular college and university programs. Even their books are free through their online seminary library at  By the way other schools, ministries and students worldwide are making use of the many free resources of this state of the art free online seminary library.



  32. Guest22683501

    Another false, deceptive and malicious attack on a fine seminary. I am a student at NTS and very pleased with this quality educational program. I don't get it?

    Numerous lies are stated in a most recent malicious message.
    In defense of NTS; No State Dept. of Education would ever make such a libelous statement about a school, saying that no one would accept a degree form NTS is ludicrous and false.
    Northwestern Theological Seminary degrees and credits have been accepted by major institutions.

    As stated, I am a current student at NTS and I have verified with NTS administration that no such student or graduate has complained about lack of quality in this educational program. Nor has any graduate complained about ministry related job placement difficulty after graduation. This education is not for the secular world it is ministry related preperation. NTS offers an entire page on the seminary website at to explain NTS Theological Accrditation and at no time is it ever represented as regional or secular accreditation. NTS seminary prepares students for ministry related vocations which include positions as ministers, missionaries, pastoral counselors, teachers and administrators of Christian schools where NTS degrees are recognized. I cannot imagine anyone enrolling with NTS to earn a secuar degree? It is a seminary? Duh?

    This is just one more malicious attack on a fine school. I have been informed that NTS knows that another school is attempoting to sabatoge NTS through such malicious postings, since they have been losing market share to NTS in recent months. It is very sad that Christians would do this and attack God's ministry over money.

    Anyone who enrols at NTS knows that is it not a secular degree prgram and knows that NTS offers theological accreditation for ministry related avocations after graduation and that the purpose of NTS is not to prepare people to go into the secular workforce. Nothing is hidden or disguised. NTS is very open in describing their peosition on the seminary website. Such malicious and libelous attacks should not be allowed as they are not based in fact but rather from a mean spirit with false motivations. Let's pray for the evil doers who would seek to hurt a good 31- year old worldwide seminary.

  33. Guest22666174

    I received a Ph.D. from Northwestern Theological Seminary, having researched and wriien a thesis.

    However, when I went to apply for a teaching position I was informed that the degree is not recognized. I was told that they are accredited by a Christian organization only because they pay a fee to be listed as theologically accredited. I sent a copy of my diploma to the State Department of Education and was told that no American institution of higher education would recognize it as an honest earned doctorate.

  34. Guest22591057

    It has recently been discovered that a unscupulous competitor may be posting false and malicious statements in an attempt to hurt the image of Northwestern Theological Seminary a quality and highly respected online seminary. I am a student at Northwestern Theological Seminary and this is a very professional seminary. I have always been treated with Christian courtesy and all of my communications during the application and enrollment process were always answered promptly and courteously. Consider how illegitimate the statements made by the malicious poster are: They clam that the seminary would not communciate with them during the application process? Just ask yourself how can a school like NTS have existed for over 31 years and have hundereds of branches worldwide, if they do not communicate promptly and properly with applicants for enrollment? I assure you all communications with NTS are handled promptly and courteously. Futhermore this is probably the most professional online seminary in the world with their state of the art online libnrary and even the MOODLE online eduational management system which is the same system used by the major universities. I am very happy that I enrolled with NTS. I have attended major universities and I find that the quality of education provided me at NTS is just as good or better than some brick and mortar universities. I am enroled in a Ph.D. program and all prior appropriate credits were transferable, a core currciculum of Bible centeered courses as well as 2 -essays, 2 -book research papers and a dissertation were my degree program requirements and the total cost is just $2,300 with NO additinal costs or fees. Cost to enroll was just a $299 initial payment and $99 per month. Even my books are free through the NTS online library. I highly recommend this fine seminary.

  35. Guest22580845

     All I know is that I could never get any reply to my emails during the application process. It became so frustrating that I finally gave up on Northwestern. I had completed the app. process and needed some questions answered about prior knowledge credits and "how to pay". Also how the relationship would work with the "mentor" or whoever would be working with me. Not one question was ever answered. Not one of my many emails were replied to. Very strange. As I said...I had already completed their app. process and was accepted, sooooo, dont know what happened. Sorry, but I wouldn't recommend.

  36. Guest21985296

    Check out the Degree Mill Police article- the second to last "fake or unrecognized" accreditor listed is World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC). 

    Fake or just unrecognized?  You be the judge, but this comes from a very reputable source:

    "Unrecognized and Fake Agencies for Online College Accreditation
    Diploma Mill Police > Degree Mills, What They Are and How To Avoid Them
    February 13, 2009

    Here is a list of 30-plus distance learning accrediting agencies that claim to oversee a variety of online and distance learning college and university degree programs. Most "accredit" diploma mills or degree mills.

    Consumers Beware - NONE of these accrediting agencies are recognized as college accreditors in the U.S. by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education. As such, colleges claiming “accreditation” by these agencies are not widely accepted as valid providers of higher education online and should be approached with great caution if online college credibility is important to you.

    Remember - Most diploma mills and degree mills are accredited -- but by fake or phony agencies that the degree mills themselves own and operate!"

  37. Guest21942231

    What is accredidiation? Does government recognition translate to a good education? I have my reservations on that one.

    For example, the DETC is a recognized accrediting body, in addition to the 6 regional bodies. Both the DETC and regional accrediating bodies endorse educational institutions with substandard academic policies and procedures. For example, I graduated with a BA degree in psychology from a well-established private college (in existence since 1871) with REGIONAL accredidation. Every single test I took was OPEN-BOOK. A joke, but the degree is well recieved all around the world.

    I have written numerous research articles regarding the substandard education endorsed by the  regional accrediditing bodies. That particular college is not the only-one I have attended. I have attended many other programs, all with regional accredidation, leveraging the same lackluster standards, even at the graduate level.

    Here's the kicker. I have also attended some unaccrediated schools with much more rigourous standards. No open-book tests, much of the programs had no examinations, but instead required written research papers for every darn subject. Your one grade for the course semester. You have one shot to learn the material and talk about it competenly. The professors in many cases were very critical in reviewing and grading those papers. They didn't want to know how many facts your can memorize; they wanted to know you could apply what you learned.

    Now that is what I would call an education, regardless of accredidation or lack thereof.

    On the other hand, we do have some fake colleges and seminaries hiding behind legal loopholes that operate exactly the same as some of these regionally accredited schools, offering the same lackluster education. In other cases they simply issue degrees.

    What the US need is a publicly funded, impartial accrediting body that understands both distance education and on-campus education. This accreditor should not charge fees to the schools they review, allowing any educational insitution to apply for accredidation.  Rather funding must come from the American public through tax dollars or direct donations from the public, but without input from any government entity.

    There-in lies the problem. Current accreditors answer to far too many people with competing interests.

  38. Guest21433775
    Northwestern Theological Seminary Accreditation I have observed a few very biased and unfair posts concerning Northwestern Theological Seminary on this site... Some are making a major false assumption, that if a school is not regionally accredited, it is therefore not accreditated at all and this simply is not the truth. Northwestern Theological Seminary provides a quality education and is accredited by IACEA a Christian accreditor not affiliated or dictated to by government/ DOE influenced accreditors. Accreditation must not be controlled by the Government or Department of Education in the USA as it is in communist countries. NTS is offering a quality education. Take a moment to visit their website and open their online degrees page. Read their Catalog and handbook. NTS even provides the MOODLE online educational management system which is the same system used by major universities.The Northwestern Theological Seminary educational ministry has been in existence for over 30 years while educating and making Christian disciples. NTS has students who have graduated or left Liberty, Fuller and Dallas and who have chosen to enroll at NTS for their doctorate and even M.Div. degrees because of the financial savings. Everyone I have communicated with feels that the NTS educational standards are excellent. The fact is; God is filling a major need by making seminaries like NTS available for those who cannot afford to pay $50,000 to $150,000 for college of university level education. Without seminaries like Northwestern thousands of students would not be able to receive a seminary education. So we should never attack or seek to persecute and degrade Northwestern Theological Seminary just because they refuse to align with accrediting agencies that are influenced by the Government and for offering education at a fraction of the cost of such government approved seminaries. There are quality seminaries available online to students who cannot afford to attend major schools with regional accreditation. Acquiring government approved DOE sanctioned accreditation does not just involve filling out paperwork, such accreditation is very very expensive. Regional and other government influenced accreditation is BIG business costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Smaller seminaries and online seminaries cannot afford to pay such high costs and still fill the gap in providing quality Christ centered education for those who are financially disadvantaged. Northwestern Theological Seminary is one of the oldest and largest online seminaries because the Lord has blessed NTS for being obedient and offering quality, low cost education to the masses. Furthermore, NTS has hundreds of physical branch seminaries all over the world. Just go to their seminary website to view NTS graduation ceremonies and NTS class pictures in Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, India and South America. many of these over seas branch seminary students attend NTS branches for free. At NTS their goal; is to obey the Great Commission and they are thus far doing a wonderful job worldwide. Why would you or any Christian seek to verbally discredit them for making disciples through Christ centered seminary education worldwide. We are proud to have accredited Northwestern Theological Seminary through The International Association for Christian Educational Accountability. There are numerous schools with Northwestern in their name. Someone on this site is mistakenly calling Northwestern Theological Seminary a scam that issues vanity degrees? This must be a misunderstanding or mis identification since NTS seminary has never issued such fraudulent degrees in it's 30 years of ministry. I was personally involved with the approval of theological accreditatin through IACEA for NTS and all degrees at NTS are earned through completion of an intense curriculum and all masters and doctorate level degrees require core courses, research papers and a thesis or dissertation. Furthermore, 120 credit hours is required for all bachelor degrees and 90 crdit hours for the M.Div. NTS requires a minimum of 48 credit hours for the masters and doctorate. Let's ignore those who are attempting to smear this fine school with lies and miss information with no supporting evidence. The scripture says that we shall know them by thier fruit. NTS has been producing good fruit in the form of Christian disciples, trained in the word of God, worldwide for over 30-years. In His Service, Churchill Maghanoy IACEA Administrator
  39. Guest21377778

    Northwestern Theological Seminary is a 30 year old educational ministry with hundreds of branches worldwide. They are theologically accredited and approved by both the US Government and the State of Florida.

  40. Guest20153577

    Northwestern Theological Seminary was rated number one in an online college degree article:

  41. Guest20116332
    I have just read through the posts and found numerous lies being posted to attack Northwestern Theological Seminary. These attacks are nothing less than mean spirited attacks or persecution against a ministry of God. Northwestern has been in existence for over 30-years and has never issued vanity degrees. All degrees are earned through compliance with a demanding curicculum. Furthermore all graduate level programs require either a Thesis or Dissertation as well as a core-curicculum. Northwestern Theological Seminary has over 900 physical branches in 40 countries and is educating people in preperation for ministry. It is dangerous to attack a ministry of the Lord. Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay; Romans 12:19. I will pray for you who have attacked this ministry and ask other Christian readers to also pray for those individuals who would attack a sincere educational ministry of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  42. Guest20031499
    Northwestern Theological Seminary: As a theologically accredited biblical seminary, we are not required, by the U.S. Dept. of Education or any other agency, to have regional accreditation nor are we subject to governmental or secular oversight. As such, our educational programs are not required to qualify our students for either governmental or secular certification." TRANSLATION: We can say anything, without accountability and issue you very nice NOVELTY DEGREES suitable for framing.
  43. Guest20022259
    It was founded on selling fake degrees via you writing an essay on your life experience in order to provide you the physiological need of "earning" a degree, while it did not matter what you wrote as long as your check cleared the bank you got a degree with a nice seal on it; a very nice novelty item. The founder created all his own degrees after "buying a degree" (John Bear Degree Mills was the father of degree scams), and has since added as many more letters after his name that space allows. Even if it started as a scam, if he is using your money in a positive way to advance Christianity, and you feel important after getting a piece of paper without spending a great deal of money or effort than it's a Win-Win. You get what you want and he gets to play dress up and call himself a Bishop or Pope and fell important too. Call it what it is, and stop blowing all the smoke. It works, for the underachievers in the world, and some of the money does actual do good for others. Just be thankful your degree doesn't say "Made in China" on the back. I know him, I sold medical billing software with him in Florida 20 years ago, and yes it was an over priced scam.
  44. Guest19883543
    I wanted to reply to the question someone had regarding not being able to call and speak to anyone at the school. I was able to reach the registrar by phone and email. I have also had prompt replies to my email questions regarding coursework. I have just completed my first course. It took a little over a month and I feel that I have learned a lot through the reading and assignments. I am waiting to receive my first set of grades, and plan to start my second course immediately.
  45. Guest19228264

    Northwestern Theological Seminary was rated number one in an online college degree article:

  46. Guest18810833

    The Seminary does post their phone number and other contact information on the seminary website at: In fact, Northwestern Theological Seminary posts their FAX number, Phone number, addresses and even a google link to an arial view of their world headquarters building on the CONTACT page. Most websites post their contact information on the CONTACT page.

  47. Guest18556677
    is there a reason they don't post a phone number for interested to call and speak to someone? They only accept e-mail questions. Why is that?
  48. Guest18232148
    Federal Agent's Report From 2004 A Report From Miguel A. Contreras, a U.S. Federal Agent, concerning: Northwestern Theological Seminary Dear Christian Friends: It is with great appreciation for this educational ministry and as an encouragement to you, that I write this short message in response to your interest in attending Northwestern Theological Seminary. I can attest that Northwestern Theological Seminary has very stringent standards and expectations from the students. This theological seminary is state authorized and theologically accredited and should definitively not be compared with deceptive organizations, many of which are headquartered overseas, which are advertising on the Internet and are nothing less than diploma mills, granting valueless degrees. As a Federal Agent attached to several bureaus of the Department of the Treasury, I have over twenty-four years of working as an agent with the US federal government, BATF, DEA, CUSTOMS and INTERNAL AFFAIRS and I have traveled all over the world specializing in Internet fraud and other types of investigations. In fact, I have visited and developed fellowships with high-ranking officials of well-known higher education institutions all over the world. I had the opportunity of having attended Michigan State University (MSU) where I obtained my BA, and completed one year of graduate work in criminal justice administration in 1981, the year I accepted a job with the US government on the West coast and had to relocate. MSU was one of the top universities offering under-graduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice. I also attended the University of Leicester's graduate program in security management, in the UK. In 2002, I engaged in extensive biblical studies and received ordinations as a minister/reverend from Christian organizations after passing rigorous written examinations. Later, I decided to look for a theological institution offering quality education. After spending considerable time researching the Internet looking for what I considered a good graduate school offering Master and Doctoral degrees at a reasonable expense, I found Northwestern Theological Seminary (NTS). In comparison with other schools which charged anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to complete a graduate degree programs in theology, I opted for Northwestern Theological Seminary, which provided the quality of a state authorized educational program with theological accreditation at a cost that was affordable, by Love Offer to the ministry. Believe me, I prayed to the Lord for days before I applied with Northwestern. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me and show me the way.....Then finally, as a test, I wrote to Northwestern Theological Seminary and offered a complex theological question which was immediately answered.....this was not a one single line response...... Dr. Sarkela's response took almost one full page, single spaced....He quoted the Bible extensively and what he wrote made sense.....I was convinced as a servant and follower of our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ, that Northwestern Theological Seminary, was a good school. Therefore, without any reservation, I highly recommend Northwestern Theological Seminary and Christian Alliance Ministries, Worldwide Ministries. IN HIM, Miguel A. Contreras Note: Agent Contreras is a former U.S. Federal Agent and has served over 25 years with the The US Government. He announced his retirement in October of 2006.
  49. Guest18113153
    If you review the requirements for a PhD with NTS you will notice that there are specific requirements for completion of the degree program. (1) The student must have a Master's Degree (2) The student must complete Core and Major Courses, if they have not completed them in their previous education (3) A dissertation is mandatory. Since the Seminary prepares men and women for ministerial vocations, all the courses required are non-secular. This reduces time and money for the programs. The programs are self-paced. Students can complete their programs in less than a year, depending on their commitment and ability to fulfill the academic requirements. However, there may be students who will take between 1 - 3 years to complete their programs. Keep in mind the objective of attending Seminary. ALWAYS seek God's wisdom and leading in your decision when choosing to enroll in a Seminary. Remember, ministerial vocations are a calling not career choices.
  50. Guest18097110
    In my opinion, this school smells of scam. What kind of school offers PHD's for just a couple months work and for less than $10,000?
  51. Guest15540705
    Northwestern Theological Seminary is a legitimate seminary and has been in existence for 30 years. The school has hundreds of physical branches around the world. Dr. Miguel Contreras is a man of God, an ordained minister who was a former federal agent who investigated the legitimacy of NTS before enrolling years ago. After he graduated from NTS and retired from the U.S. Government, he was appointed in a leadership position with NTS. This school has a flawless record of honesty, integrity and professionalism. They have an online library,, that is state of the art and used by students from many other schools as well as pastors and ministers for it's free ministry resources. The online library eliminates the cost of books for NTS students. This seminary provides a quality, Christ centered education for up to 98% less than total of expenses of attending a private college or university. I am a Pastor and graduate and highly recommend this school to anyone who seeks a quality education. It is not a degree mill and requires 120 credit hours for a bachelor degree as well as a Thesis for the masters and Dissertation for the doctorate.
  52. Guest15311245
    Thank you for the valuable information. I had initial reservations, even after seeing endorsements from Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and the late Oral Roberts. The online testimonial from Mr. Contreraswas not acceptable with him being a graduate of the institution.This takes away any reservations I might have had regarding this institution. Thanks again.
  53. Guest1549068 is the correct website. My apologies.
  54. Guest1549068 is a legitimate school. Having been an active student under NTS for almost 2 years now it is NOT a crappy "tell us your work experience and we'll give you a degree" school. They only allow for a maximum of 12 credits awarded for life experience. 120 credits are required for a Bachelors Degree. The school work is pretty tough, I would not recommend it to someone who is not interested in Religious topics. Also, Please realize that this is a school intended for a religious degree, that is intended to be accepted by religious institutions. Although it is legal to place on your resume for other non-religious jobs as they are state-authorized to give degrees. However they are not regionally accredited like State Universities. So do not expect Yale/Harvard to accept your degree if your looking to continue to higher education. Their primary goal is to train and accredit (through their third party theological accrediation: WORLD-WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (WWAC) those interested in a field of religious instruction, training, or equiping.

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