Is Nicole Renee Campbell Watson Jaden Smith's Girlfriend?

by Guest21221703  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Hey fans it is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith.Oh and NO that stupid bitchy nicole is not my girlfriend.If she is making up rumors i am her boyfriend then i am gonna kick her a** and tell her to shut the f*** up maybe even tell her parents she is doing that rumor cuz she is not my girlfriend.i have not even met her.i don't even know what she looks like.HOPE U READ THIS NICOLE CAUZ UR IN FOR TROUBLE,GIRL!

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  1. Guest22466081

    dose he even no were that bitchy even lives so she aint real busted

  2. Guest22451828

    Is Really You Jaden Smith ? :0.

  3. Guest21529024
    nicole got BUSTED
  4. Guest21272954
    This message is to A.M.: well people are betting it is eliza enid garza or madison pettis.nicole being his girlfirend is highly unlikely.Eliza enid garza and jaden smith r even on google so that's y people r betting it is eliza.But no one knows who the real girlfriend is...
  5. Guest21272954
    well nobody really knows who the real girlfriend is people are betting it is Elzia Enid garza.Jaden even told me himself.i no him cuz were friends.
  6. Education Expert
    According to our knowledge, yes Nicole Renee Campbell Watson is girlfriend of Jaden Smith.

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