Is NAB Verified by Visa easy to use?

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I want to know that if is it possible to use National Australia Bank Verified by Visa easily. Can anyone easily use it or there is a procedure to use National Australia Bank Verified by Visa service.

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  1. Banking Expert
    By registering for Verified by Visa via you will be able to create a Password and a Personal Assurance Message to use when shopping online with participating Verified by Visa retailers. By registering for the service whilst making a purchase at a participating online retailer, your Personal Assurance Message will be preset to display "Welcome". Once you have registered for Verified by Visa, your Personal Assurance Message will display the first line of your address. This provides you with the assurance that you are shopping with a participating Verified by Visa online retailer. Your Verified by Visa Password will be as easy to use as your PIN at an ATM.

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