Is Lisa Robertson of QVC engaged to be married?

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Is Lisa Robertson of QVC engaged to be married? Does she have a boyfriend? Some people say she is g*y, is that true?

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  1. Guest28167387

    Is Lisa still with QVC?

  2. Guest28151990

     Lisa Robertson is far from gorgeous, she IS stuck on herself (as proved by the way she is always looking at herself on the camera monitor)  and she is obviously  g*y.  Can't stand the way she talks. She either needs her adenoids removed or just needs to clean out her nose.

  3. Guest28103590

    Those of you who have the time to question anything about Lisa Robertson - need to Get a Life of your own -

  4. Guest28050651

     We are so glad Lisa herself decided to respond, round of applause everyone for the giddess

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  6. Guest25006046

    Yes she is married but little people realize this even though it is obvious.   Lisa is married to QVC (the company).  Have you even noted all the different hours she puts in at QVC?   All hours and at all different times, she is nearly an icon for the company.  Her on air time like most host is only part of the time they are working, they have to meet with vendors, other staff members and some other business meetings.  How can anyone find the time to have a decent relationship with all those hours over the years.

    In all honesty she is a hard working person (not that the other host aren't, they are too) but as for as Lisa's personal life.   Well let's just say it is personal and leave it at that, repsect the woman and all the work she does.  Whether she is g*y or straight (I personally think she is staight) she is a good person.   I have met her and she is a fine individual, friendly and courteous with no arrogant qualities, at times she can be quiet and reseve but always friendly.  Yes she is  gorgeous but not stuck up like some other women with her looks can be.  If she has a mate that is her business and if you are a fan than just wish her happiness and a good life.  If you are attracted to her then admire her on TV and respect her privacy, she has earned the rights to that!




  7. Guest23818636

    WHO CARES????

  8. Guest8333837
    Not yet. We will Marry in Decemfer of 2009.

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