Is Lady Gaga a Transgender?

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Rumors are in the air about the gender of Lady Gaga. Is it true? I have heard a lot of stuff in recent months and still confused. Should I believe it or not. Please let me know if you have some useful information regarding Lady Gagas gender.

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  1. John

    Even the famous singer, Lady Gaga confirmed that she had sexual relations with several women but she is in love with men. Furthermore she denied the notion of being a transgender. Really, it feels very awkward when someone is placing such baseless allegations on a well known star.

    I have seen her recent interview in which she depicted her bitter feelings about these baseless allegations. According to her she believes in herself and feels comfortable with what she is. Still if someone believes that she was a man before her successful career than he is just living is fool’s paradise. The truth is that she is totally devoted to love and art. One should never forget what media and some interest groups have done in the past with various famous artists. To name a few, Michael Jackson and Marlin Monroe are on the top. No doubt, we do believe on such atrocity stories without detecting the hidden truth.

    Trust me I am quite fed up of this negative attitude of critiques and media. I hope I have answered your question. But still if you need to know something then feel free to ask here. our experts and live support will sort out all of your queries.


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