Is LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis Married?

by Guest2856  |  12 years ago

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Is LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis Married? Is it true that they are married or is it a rumour?

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  1. Guest28091939
    Ughhhhh... Yes guest they are married, he was joking on the Neely's.... Smdh, Wikipedia is not the answer it's always wrong.... They are MARRIED... Thank ya...

  2. Guest23194173

    Yall are getting on my nerves, r they married or not.

  3. Guest22722798

    Hey Guest 10074115,

      Not only are the NOT married.  So you really should check your facts first.  Also check your spelling... Especially when posting on sites all can read!

     It's "married" or present tense: "marry"

     I see a dictionary in your future.


    It's a great show.  I love the way he closes the door with that backward kick.

  4. Guest22694794
    If u don't know the truth about there relation shut the h**l up
  5. Guest22445753

    the are not married they just have the same name people out there yell wroung accpet of the people said they not married

  6. Guest21549366
    they are not married. they are good friends. But it is funny to see people on here arguing that are. where did you get your info from because i did see the food network show down home with the neely's and they said we are not married.They have no reason to lie. lol
  7. Guest19996874
    watching "Down home with the Neely's". Today they have Lavan & Cassi Davis on their show. Gina Neely, co host of the show, asked Lavan directly are they married. Lavan himself said that everybody thinks that they are, but they are not. He said they just have very good chemistry together.
  8. Guest17584027
    Yes they are, they have been mariied for 18 years now, marrie in her home town, after they met on the set of a play. So Yall wrong people.
  9. Guest17375427
    No they are not. All you have to do is google his name and several sites will state this fact. Especially the one from Wikipedia.
  10. Guest15892728
    no they are not married, it just so happened the have the same name. the were on down home with the neely's and he stated he is not married to cassi abut he was looking for love!
  11. Guest15568418
    no they r not married
  12. Guest14667385
    i think so.
  13. Guest12765285
    dont none of yall know what the h**l yall talking abou...... i'm confused
  14. Guest11623953
    No they are not married...Whoever say they are need to do some more research.
  15. Guest10836303
    No the are NOT married, if anyone happen the watch the food network you could have seen that Lavon Davis is singal and looking for love on the tv show Down Home with the Neelys. It is a common mistake seeing that Mr. Perry do have a real life married couple working for him which are thew Mann's
  16. Guest10418112
    10105916 they R married do ur research sweetie den u culd tlk... Thank U!!!!
  17. Guest10105916
    Actually Guest10074115 they are NOT Married and there is NO relation between them at all. They just have the same last name and work together. You need to do your research before you try and prove someone wrong. And you need to answer correct or not at all.
  18. Guest10074115
    YES cassi and LaVan Davis are married in real life they was also marrie on 'House Of Payne'. Whoever said they wasn't married doesn't know what there talkin about. PLEASE answer correctly or DO NOT answer at all!!
  19. Guest7716852
    no not in real life they just have the same last name

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