Is James Martin using Media to promote new Restaurant ?

by Guest23105324  |  9 years ago

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Is James Martin using Media to promote new Restaurant ?

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  1. mae mole

     Probably, because using media is the only way to advertise and promote something. I've heard he used business brochure printing to further promote his restaurant.

  2. Guest23213438

    3 minutes to go til opening........

  3. Guest23212036

    In answer to the actual question posed - yes of course he is like everyone else does. All the guests on his show use that opportunity to plug something or another. He has had several interviews over last week on radio and TV and even managed to plug it twice on todays Saturday Kitchen.


    And if anyone wants more details on his restuarant (Gee doing his work for him here)


    Official Facebook!/photo.php?fbid=109391325803064&set=a.109391255803071.15126.109381285804068&theater


    or official website:


    Dam I am in the wrong job (but there is no escape from it unless someone would care to offer me a job elsewhere)




  4. Guest23105415

    Apparently lied to reporter to get a story in national newspaper that he was single.  Speculation arisen that he is still with his latest girlfriend.  Poor attempt to boost sales for his new restaurant.

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