Is James Martin single again?

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Is James Martin single again?

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  1. Guest23142117

    Ive got my new s**y dress, G string, s**y shoes and booster bra all ready for him!


    Im sure he will be bowled over by that vision! a 6ft hairy assed rugby player with moobs dressed´╗┐ like a tart he willl be falling at your feet x*x

  2. Guest23141241

    I hope he is single because im gunning for him  *!*!   He`s bloody gorgeous !   Ive got my new s**y dress, G string, s**y shoes and booster bra all ready for him!   He is gonna get it BIG TIME !   Whe he signs my book im gonna slip him my cleavage LOL !   Here I come Mr Martin

  3. Guest23136998

    hand on heart truthful answer?



    no sadly im not

  4. Guest23136854

    FYI    James is with Louise -  James took Louise to the Savoy Hotel Chefs Gala dinner tonight.

    Happy  ???

  5. Guest23132556

     Lets hope for James sake he IS single.  Who is this Louise anyway  ?   Cinder f****n Rella ???

  6. Guest23114390

    Think you will find this said friend said he was not alone, NOT that he was with Louise.........he could have been with any one of his girlfriends! And I am sorry but.....slim, blonde......that accounts for at least the last 3 we have known about!

    We will not know truth until HE decides he wants to share with his fans, anything else is just hearsay

  7. Guest23111771

    friend of mine tweeted me today saying he saw James and Louise buying chocolate at Tescos in Leeds last night.

    Hope that settles the arguing.  Leave them be

  8. Guest23107715

    yes from the bottom of my heart sadly indeed

  9. Guest23107864

    Seems he has made a lot of proposals in his life!! He had been with Julia 8 months when she shared in an interview that they had talked marriage! He was suposidly engaged to Sally after 'whilrlwind' and who was Jessica he was engaged to at xmas?!! Lol! its a joke but sadly people are gertting hurt along the way.

  10. Guest23105496

    No he`s not single.  He is most definately in a serious relationship with Louise Davies. They are very much in love and already discussing their engagement.  They have had the most sublime whirlwind relationship and they are inseperable.

    Last seen together in Leeds in the past 2 days.

  11. Guest23022044

    he appears to be a gentleman yet I feel for the woman in his life as he seems to be entertaining a few ladies at the same time may be we should consider their feelings more so here. these women have done nothing wrong other than share their time with someone who no doubt feel they are the one. 

    People with success and money do tend to feel they can do as they please Consider the girlfriends in this matter. James appears to be a private person  a lot of what is written will be people interferring to hurt others.

    Let’s do hope he is not a womaniser that we appear to read about. 

  12. Guest22942106

    James is on the back of 2 'committed' relationships with Sally and then Julia - Maybe he is just enjoying being himself for a while and possibly some of the many offers which present themselves to such a good looking guy. Leave him be. We dont all have to be in full on long term relationships to be happy.

  13. Guest22941842

    Well if thats true, the man is a complete t**t

  14. Guest22940626

    God that makes him sound like a cockeral keeping his hens in order

  15. Guest22941070

    James is 'entertaining' a number of lady friends

  16. Guest22936782

    Dont think James is single, just that he does not consider himself to be in a serious relationship with anyone at this present time.  When he meets the right lady for him im sure he will proudly let us all know how happy he is.

  17. Guest22833135

    Daily Telegraph Interview seems to imply single again and happy with it.

    Or maybe to throw off scent from all the pressure?

    Who knows???

  18. Guest22807070

    Martinis good answer 'he is with Louise'not Rebecca

  19. Guest22803864

    Last seen with a stunning model by the name of Rebecca at an airfield this week and also leaving in his car together. They were certainly behaving like a couple so Im guessing he`s definitely not single. 

  20. Guest22723138

    no! he isnt! Next question?

  21. Guest22643692

    surely not single again?? does he know how to love a woman he seems a nice guy with a  nice lifestyle time for a nice woman to share your life with time is ticking Martin. have to say wish it was me !!as for all these many women he has been with who cares there all old news onto pastures need a real woman now who puts your breakfast on the table and looks after you( like me) !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lavera
    Yes , I think
  23. Guest18759651
    The two have split but are good friends. She is returning to uk as she wants her son to have a british education and will stay with James until ahe finds a property but nothing more,but I guess it depends on what you read as right now I am confussed!
  24. Guest16659767
    Here's someone that cares!!!!
  25. Guest15456528
    Single or not, Im sure he has plenty of girls to choose from. I think we should just leave the poor man alone, and leave him to get on with his womanising ways. The mans a millionairre for goodness sake and can have whoever he wants. He has a different girlfriend every time you open the papers or read these blogs.
  26. Guest15449735
    No he isn't.

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