Is James Martin engaged?

by Guest18995293  |  10 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Is James Martin engaged?

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  1. Guest22740501

    We all know it is never going to happen! He is a batchelor at heart,

  2. Guest22735749

    would like to see him in a wedding suit yes please

  3. Guest22615134

    do you reckon he will get engaged in 2011 place your bets

  4. Guest22550720

    James Martin engaged ?  he was once with an old bag and has had many other women. James Martin wont settle unless he is with a down to earth lass because at heart, he is a yorkshire lad, all these business women it wont work. 

  5. Guest19014373
    Did you just see that pig fly over?
  6. Guest18996427
    So rumour has it

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