Is Infertility The Irreversible Result of Endometriosis?

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To know whether infertility is irreversible for endometriosis, first of all you should figure out, what are the irreversible symptoms of endometriosis. Below are symptoms that you cannot avoid once you got endometriosis.


Pain during intercourse

Bladder symptoms: more common in endometriosis to bladder who have cyclical or urinary symptoms; when violations of the bladder mucosa, hematuria can occur periodically.

Endometriosis patients are often accompanied by infertility. Causality infertility and endometriosis remains controversial. Pelvic endometriosis can cause tubal adhesions around often affect oocyte pick up or cause luminal blockage. Or because of ovarian lesions affect normal ovulation and cause infertility. But some people think that long-term infertility, menstrual period no closed only, chance can cause endometriosis; and once pregnant, the ectopic endometrium is suppressed and atrophy.
From above content, it is not difficult to find that, infertility is not irreversible for endometriosis. However, to avoid infertility completely, you should seek for suitable treatment for endometriosis.
Fuyan pill, from
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